How to Let Go of Someone Who You Deeply Loved?

Some good advice on how to let go of a person you deeply loved. The life is not over. Everything is still ahead!


Life is an unpredictable thing and you can never guess when it’s going to have a turning point.

Letting go someone you deeply loved, unrequited love, insurmountable obstacles between the lovers…

Such turns can deprive you of peace for long.

Then a reasonable question arises – how to let go of someone you deeply loved?

It may seem there is nothing difficult about it.

Let him go, put him out of your head, throw away all presents and letters, delete all contacts and phone numbers – generally speaking, set up a barricade around yourself and calm down.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Painful memories start to crash you in the most unsuitable moment and destroy the barricade on its way.

Tortures begin again.

 How to let him go and why is it so hard?

Where is this terrible inability to let go of your deeply loved one coming from?

At first, let’s do a thorough inspection of your head and find all your whims and worries.

  1. Possessiveness.

    No matter what situation you are in, remember – a person is not your property.

    You didn’t buy him in the shop, you didn’t receive him like a birthday present, and you have no rights over him which are proved by notarial certification.

    He is free in his choice the same way you are.

    Try to realize it.

    If you parted and your deeply loved young man does actually nothing to change it, this is his right.

  2. Offence.

    The pain from the unshared love is very often provoked by the feeling of offence.

    You may have some reasonable and weighty arguments or may have none of them, but if there are some reasons why you are apart, there is always a light temptation to make your deeply loved person responsible and start feeling offended.

    Though, you can offend only those, who want to be offended.

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  3. Expectations and false images.

    Where is the offence coming from?

    What triggers it?

    The answer is in your unjustified expectations.

    You meet a man who wins you over by some traits of his character.

    You fall in love with the primary image.

    The rest of his qualities and traits of character don’t matter.

    Neither do the unpleasant situations which pop-up unexpectedly.

    It happens because you look at your deeply loved man in the light of the image which you’ve fallen in love with.

    Then you try to change a living person so that he will fit the existing image.

    When you fail to do it and everything happens not the way you’ve expected, your faith in love collapses like a house of cards.

    That’s where you start feeling deceived.

    Get rid of this pressure.

How to let go of a man you deeply loved?

  1. Give vent to your feelings.

    Emotions are extremely good things. It’s fine and even useful to cry.

    Whatever you feel you need to express it.

    As soon as you are through letting out your feelings, you will start to recover.

  2. Never embellish your past.

    You may start reproducing in your mind the best moments you had together.

    They will be like a stuck record.

    Though, if your deeply loved one came back, 10 minutes later you would think “It is true.

    It is the reason we couldn’t make it”.

    When you deal with such strong feelings, it’s really hard to remember all the bad.

    Remind yourself that if you think about all good days you spent together, you can’t see what’s going on at this very moment.

  3. Keep away from the one you deeply loved as far away as possible.

    To let him go” is a euphemism which means “to forget”.

    It’s when you don’t give a damn about him. It may sound a bit harsh, so a softer word was invented.

    So, keeping away from such a man is the quickest way to forget him.

    Out of sight, out of mind.

  4. Don’t push yourself to the sidelines.

    After you are done getting anger and sad, few days or weeks which would seem eternity to you will come.

    Your only wish will be to keep aloof from everything, but you can’t let yourself do it.

    You have to move on just for yourself, for your better future.

    This is the very moment you can do anything you want.

    It’s high time to devote to yourself and your needs.

    Your mantra should sound like “me, me, me”.

  5. Do not blame the wide world.

    Soon you’ll get better and mantra “me, me, me” will change itself on “me, you, me, you”.

    You don’t need to be angry with everyone.

    Do your best by noticing the good in people.

    Not all men are bastards and not all women are bitches.

    You may attract such kinds of people, but it is a completely different story.

    Look at all people surrounding you attentively and you’ll see how different they are.

  6. Turn to your friends for some support.

    Your support team is extremely important in situations of such kind.

    They are able to distract you and help you overcome problems.

    Don’t be afraid to ask them for help, they probably had such situations, too!

  7. Find yourself and love yourself.

    You are actually cool and what happened is just a simple misunderstanding. It’s the reality.

    Maybe, you have found yourself in such situations before and survive it. So, what is different this time?

    If you did it once, you are sure to do it again.

    You are a strong personality.

How to let go of the one who don’t love you?

  1. Revaluate the one you deeply loved.

    The man has never valued you and doesn’t deserve your time.

    He is just an idol you provided with definite traits and worshiped.

    You deserve to have a man who wants to see you just the way you are, who values you and wants to make a difference in your life.

    Those who don’t want it can go to the winds.

  2. Think about your happiness.

    It doesn’t matter whether you fell in love with a married man or just feel strong affection towards him.

    Think whether you were as happy with him as you could?

    Probably, you desired relations you had pictured in your head. Such relationships are not what you wish for and new really your relations will
    definitely come.

  3. Don’t live your expectations.

    Don’t wait for something to change, because you’ll have to wait long.

    Life is too short to waste present moment.

    A man you deeply and unrequitedly love enjoys his life. Why can’t you let him go and do the same thing?

    It will be fair, though it does not necessarily mean you are to start new relationships.

    It just means you must communicate with other people and do everything you need to enjoy your life.

  4. Don’t blame yourself.

    It’s useless to dream of what it would be like if you said something different then.

    You are unique and if something went wrong it was meant to be so.

    This isn’t a defeat, it’s just life.

    So, let it go and learn a lesson from it.

  5. Focus on yourself.

    Try to think of at least 5 things to do (those you like) and do them for 2 weeks.

    Eventually you’ll let go of the man you deeply loved and won’t even notice it.

    You’ll be too busy living your life to notice it.

    Then you’ll realize that many months had passed and you don’t think of the man any more.

    It will bring you such a pleasant feeling.

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How to let go the deeply loved one and start over without him?


  1. Give yourself some time to grieve after losing your deeply loved man and then start a new life, chose your own way.

    Make new friends and do everything you find interesting and exciting.

    Starting a new life alone will probably be difficult at first, though this path can bring you joy and satisfaction.

  2. Remember! There is no definite time to spend grieving.

    Don’t feel guilty if you would like to go to the restaurant with somebody after 4 or 6 months after losing your spouse.

    Everyone has his own path and his own time to renewal and reaching a feeling that it’s time to start a new life.

    You must go on living for the sake of your deeply loved spouse and it’s for you to decide when you are ready.

  3. Letting go do not always mean allowing someone to let you go.

    Sometimes letting go means to continue being with the person, taking care of him, but never letting him devastate, offend you or deprive you of living your own life.

  4. You must always love yourself and believe in yourself no matter what.

    Everything happens for a reason and people always come and go.

    Don’t suffer for the rest of your life.

    You should also know, your man is probably waiting for you behind the new corner of your life.

Yes, it’s often very difficult letting go of the relationships with a close person.

Make up your mind to let him go and move on.

Eventually you can become stronger, smarter and happier.

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