How Do You Know if You Love Somebody?

When you cannot say for sure about your feelings, there are some means to find out if you actually love him or her. Analyze your thoughts and listen to your heart.


Every human is created in a way that he needs to know certainly what he feels and what’s happening with the relationships.

People need it to make right decisions: stay together, built a house, plant a tree and bring up a child or do not waste their time.

When you can’t make head or tale of your feelings, or suppose it’s not love, but simply an infatuation, there is a sure fire way (even several of them) how to know whether you really love somebody.

Biological processes of love trigger some side effects.

They also include behavior changes. Having analyzed how you behave and relate to somebody, you can know for sure whether you feel love towards him.

How do you analyze your feelings to learn if you really love somebody?

  1. Think over your relation to the beloved one.

    When you finished analyzing, you can easily define whether you feel love.

    However, you shouldn’t be ruled only by this.

    In addition to having butterflies in your stomach, realize how well you know him, what kind of person your future spouse is and what your attitude to this is.

    • Do you consider your beloved one special?

      People in love usually believe their partner is perfect, never pay attention to the drawbacks and exaggerate the merits.

      If you fall in love, you might believe that your second half differs a lot from the others.

    • Would you miss him even if you saw him not long ago?

      If two people love each other, the only wish is to spend time together, as much as possible, especially at the beginning of the relationships.

      Think of how much you miss your sweetheart. It can be an indicator of your being in love or not.

    • How much do you like somebody as a personality?

      Sometimes a person can feel passion towards somebody and at the same moment do not sympathize with him as a personality.

      If you are truly in love, you must like the personality.

      Friendship or at least mutual sympathy are crucial predecessors of love.

  2. Do you help your beloved one to gain success in life?

    When you really know and love somebody, you always know how to do the very best and help your partner achieve success in life.

    Besides, a person who is deeply in love is happy for the success of the other one.

    Sometimes, when somebody succeeds in life, e.g. close friends, people may feel inferiority. A person cannot have such feeling, when it concerns love. He is happy for somebody’s advance instead.

    Even if you can’t be called a successful person and you’ve made few serious mistakes lately, you will still feel happy for your lover’s success. Only if love is sincere.

    It reflects close connection between you.

    Your partner’s success is your own success.

  3. Ask yourself whether you take into account your lover’s opinion when making decisions?

    A person in love always takes into consideration his second half.

    It concerns not only some global issues, e.g. moving into a different city or changing a job.

    Making some small decisions you can care to think about the partner’s approval.

    You establish the priorities judging by the opinion of the one you deeply love.

    For example, you will cheerfully go camping, if your sweetheart enjoys it, even if you know how boring or terrifying this is for you.

    You’ll do it only for the sake of your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend.

  4. Think about your future.

    People in love often imagine a lot how to spend their future.

    While imagining your future, e.g. getting a new job or moving to another city, you are confident you can spare some place to your beloved one.

    Dreaming about having kids, do you see your partner as a father or mother of the child?

    Do you believe he or she will be a good parent?

    Can you imagine having children from anybody else? Or do you eliminate this thought?

    If your answer is positive, it is probably love.

  5. How do you treat your partner’s drawbacks?

    At first, you’ll probably think your partner cannot have any drawbacks, unfortunately with a lapse of time you are bound to get to know that he or she is a human who has both highs and lows.

    Your attitude towards somebody’s drawbacks can show the depth of love.

    If you accept a person as he is, you most likely love him.

  6. Are you ready for a compromise?

    When you cannot agree on an issue, you must learn how to find decisions that are capable of satisfying you both.

    If you find your real love, you must know how to please a close person so that he feels comfortable and happy.

How do you know if you deeply love somebody judging by your behavior?

  1. Do you require your friends and relatives like your boyfriend or girlfriend?

    You make everything possible for him to produce great impression on your family and friends.

    You are not indifferent to how they treat him.

    You must love him!

  2. Are you jealous?

    Jealousy is an integral part of love affairs.

    However it is very meaningful what you feel when you are jealous.Generally speaking, jealousy has a deep sense. It denotes that you are suspicious about every single threat.

    This speaks a lot about your hope to succeed in the relations.

    You might feel jealous while he or she is communicating with other people or when you are in public.

    Though, jealousy can be toxic if it reveals itself in suspicion. Distrust is not a signal of love.

    Do you check your partner’s texts and e-mails? If it is true, you’d better reconsider your behavior and your relations.

  3. Ask your close people if you changed after starting dating with this person.

    You must develop as a personality, if you actually feel love.

    You can change your assessment on some insignificant issues, like the change of your tastes, in addition to changes in your life values and priorities.

    You must also acquire new qualities, when you love. Moreover, your sense of humor and style can change, too.

    At the same time, you can be the one who cannot feel this slight difference, unlike people who surround you.

  4. Do you watch your behavior when you are with him?

    If you love somebody, you also need to know that you are loved.

    People who describe their feelings say that their beloved person entirely understands them.

    If you experience the same feeling, there is no necessity to worry about some trifles you can do wrong in front of your lover.

  5. Are you happy with this man?

    Though you can consider it obvious, but try to analyze your feelings.

    You may conclude that you are not as happy as you believe.

    Feeling of happiness is based not only on your lover; you should feel a bit aroused and fully satisfied in his presence in any case.

    You shouldn’t wait euphoria every day. However, you must wait impatiently for the meetings. You must look forward to spending time together.

    Even watching TV shows together may become a pleasant pastime, if you are with a person you deeply love. Some other feelings like sadness or depression, which are evoked by the loved one, signify problems in the relations.

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with Your Spell?

How do you know if you love somebody? – Pay attention to physical signs.

  1. Notice the way your psychic reacts.

    Brains of a person in love are known to produce three chemicals: phenyl ethylamine, dopamine and oxytocin.

    These chemicals influence a lot on our emotions and behavior. How?

    At the starting point of your relationships, when you fall in love, you can have expansive mood as well as overrated self-assessment.

    Moreover, you may start doing something, you haven’t found interesting before.

    You may as well make yourself busy by checking your phone, e-mail or pages in social networks, hoping your lover sent you a message or tried to contact you.

    However, you may sense some negative emotions.

    Few examples:

    • You may fear to be rejected and it is sure to affect your mood.
    • You may constantly reproduce some situations in your mind, thinking that your first kiss was not perfect or that you said something wrong at dinner.

    Your psychic’s reaction can lead to the feeling of depression.

    If you are impatient to see a person you have just seen, this may show that you’ve fallen in love.

  2. Watch your physical changes.
    • Feeling spur;
    • Appetite loss;
    • Trembling;
    • Palpitation;
    • Heavy breathing.

    How many symptoms do you have? More than 1? You are in love with somebody beyond any doubt!

  3. Be careful with your wishes.

    Physically, you’ll desire for intimacy with your partner.

    The intimacy does not necessarily mean only sexual desire but also reveals itself in the itch for touches and embraces.

    Oxytocin is the major hormone which is responsible for physical desire, when you are truly in love. Sometimes it is even called “embrace hormone”.

    Thanks to this hormone you want to kiss, embrace and touch your partner all the time.

    Do you need it? Perhaps, you are in love.

Now, you can easily escape all difficulties getting to know if you love somebody. Listen to your heart; it won’t give you bad advice.

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