How to Apologize to a Girl?

A few pieces of advice and methods how to apologize to a girl. Save your relationships!


Relationships are very complicated things. It seems everything is perfect between you and her, until a definite moment, when an argument happens.

The reasons for it may be different, but the result is common for all of them – this is the grudge of one person and the feeling of guilt of the other one, and, as a result, the breakup.

Sometimes a quarrel about trifles leads to the complete breakup of the relations. It’s quite unpleasant to be at odds with a girlfriend.

On the one hand – there is a feeling of guilt and desire to be with her, on the other hand – your own pride, which, regardless of how you believe to be the right or wrong one, doesn’t let you apologize to a girl.

Moreover, not everyone knows how to apologize to a girl, so that it was nice and beautiful.

Every man, despite of the age, thinks about this question rather frequently, because everyone makes mistakes.

So, why does a girl refuse to forgive? She is probably too hurt by your behavior. She relives this quarrel in her head thousands of times, and boils and feels deep inside that she deserves a better treatment.

However, there is no such girl, who can never forgive.

Everything depends only on your wish to achieve results on this matter.

Is it really so difficult to apologize to a girl?

Apologizing to a girl is a very important step, which can save your relationships.

Nevertheless, it’s very difficult for many men.

It’s made this way that we – “the representatives of the strong sex”, even in a battle can’t show the white flag. This is the way many men see the apology to their girl.

Understand that having enough courage to understand and accept that you are wrong and apologize – this is the real men’s action.

It may seem that in case you apologize, you’ll look like a “wimp” in your girlfriend’s eyes, like a one-year-old puppy, who left droppings in the wrong place, and then she is going to use you the way she wants.

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Such development of events is possible only if you don’t know how to apologize in a masculine way, with dignity, showing that you are the major in relationships, always control the situation and is able to bring the relations on the new level.

8 rules how to apologize to a girl

  1. Don’t hurry.

    Let some time pass after the quarrel.

    There is no need to hurry, because women are very emotional creatures and they need some time to be alone and calm down, interpret the whole situation clearly. Besides, you could use it too.

    Also, the time spent apart from each other will show you how much you need each other.

    Usually after 3 days pass you want to forget everything and just hug your beloved one, realizing that the quarrel wasn’t meaningful at all.

  2. Eyes in eyes.

    Never apologize to a girl over the phone or by the message in the network. It will look as if you want to apologize to get a “tick”.

    From the girl’s point of view it may be estimated as indifference, cowardice or wish to “hush up” a problem.

    Even if you are too busy, make sure you find time to meet with the girlfriend or come to her home.

    Remember, the eyes are the mirror of the soul and there she can read even things you can’t express with words at the meeting.

  3. Simple and sincere.

    There is no need to think up many long phrases and practice them in front of the mirror. Don’t think how your apology will look like.

    As soon as you see your beautiful lady, you’ll just start saying simple sincere phrases, which will come from your soul. This way you’ll be yourself and girls value it in men a lot.

  4. Compliments.

    Compliments, said to your girlfriend with love, will never be out of place, but instead they’ll heat the passion again.

    Mind that girl love with their ears. Say a few kind and sincere compliments. This way you’ll melt the heart of the “Snow Queen”.

  5. Admit your mistakes.

    Tell her that you are responsible for the argument which happened and you completely realize your mistake.

    There is no need to say it’ll never happen again. Saying this you’ll remind the girl of the quarrel and it’ll make the situation still worse.

  6. Don’t look for the guilty parties.

    You have already argued about things you try to figure out.

    So, why review them again? Otherwise, you may have another quarrel.

    Work on yourself in the similar situations, which bring new arguments.

    It may help you to avoid further conflicts and complications.

  7. Go back to the past.

    Think how well you spent time in the past. How you walked on the seashore, holding hands and admiring the moon…

    How you laughed, when you painted a picture together in order to hand it over the bed…

    How you repaired your house and helped each other in everything…

    The main thing of this journey is to make a girl switch the negative emotions on the positive ones.

  8. Show her meaningfulness.

    Say to the girl how important she is in your life.

    Tell her all your plans on the future, when you see both of you in an own house with two children. Draw the tale she wants to have.

    She may have had a wish to fly to an exotic country with you or buy something meaningful for both of you.

    Paint the reality, where you two are together and very happy because of it. She is sure to like it.

5 reliable ways to apologize to a girl


  • Banal.

    Buy a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers, a box of tasty sweets and a bottle of campaign.

    This method will be suitable, if the quarrel isn’t very serious.

    For better efficiency you may go to the loan of nature, to a beautiful spot she has never visited before.

  • Romantic.

    Make a romantic dinner, but only at home. Cook the meal on your own and shape it in the form of a heart.

    Candles, music, balloons and sincerity will do their thing.

  • Advertising.

    Make an apology, for example, on an advertising poster panel, which she passes on the way home or to the work.

    You may make it by the bright letters on the glass of the shop, where she buys food in the evening. Besides, you can paint the entrance door with graffiti)…

    A nice way will be to ask for the girl’s forgiveness over the radio.

  • Creative.

    If you can do poetry, that’s really great.

    Describe all your feelings on your own. Don’t take the “dry” poems from the Internet.

    Decorate your poem, make a hand-made thing and put it before the front door. Surely, you must know when she comes home and sees your apology, and then send her a text: “In this gift there is all my love and I want to be with you…”.

    There is no need to mention the quarrel or apologies.

    It’s also cool if you can play the guitar or at least sing. Record a song and send it over in the network.

    Describe in the lyrics of the song how sad you are and how much you want to be together again.

    A nice apology will make the music video or a slide show made on your own with your common photos. Such method won’t be left without attention and forgiveness from the beloved one.

  • A surprise.

    Act unconventionally! It may help to get the positive reaction.

    What kind of surprise it may be?

    A toy, flowers, sweets, her favorite chocolate and so on.

    Where to put it secretly: to the bag, before the front door, on the working place, or you may send it by another person (her friend, schoolmate, group mate, colleague, etc.).

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Several important warnings


  • Ask yourself why you want to apologize.

    If you are actually serious, your method will fully depend on it.

  • Don’t start apologizing for everything just to calm down the person.

    It will open to question the relationships you have and you may break up because someone will get offended.

  • There are no guarantees!

    Eventually, it must be important to you to express your feelings towards your beloved one.

  • You mustn’t apologize for every trifle only because your girl got offended.

    Think about your behavior and hers.

  • Don’t push your girl.

    Give her some time and personal space!

So that you won’t have to think how to apologize to a girl, avoid the occurrence of the situations, where she may get offended.

Be more attentive to her, understand the character and how to behave in this or that situation, react on her words and requests in time. Then you won’t apologize and “settle down”, but will only enjoy the pleasant surprises.

Live in peace, argue less, love and value each other!

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