How to Choose a Husband?

We give you 10 advices how to choose your husband and a good father for your future children.


Every woman needs her soulmate to start a family. Parents used to choose a husband for their daughter, but they didn’t take into account such an important factor as feelings. Nowadays womankind itself is free to choose the partner.

We all know that love is something irrational, and at the peak of emotions we make the wrong decision.

Love is a wonderful thing, but the marriage is a thing for long and for real.

Is it interesting for you to know how to find the very man right, so he could match you as your husband and at the same time could be a good father?

What should you do to choose your future husband? – Avoid inadequate candidates

It’s important to remember that such people seldom change.

That’s why it’s necessary to assess your potential spouse more rational, and issue from a point who he is at this moment but not who he may be in the future.

Some recommendations below may help you to avoid the mistakes while choosing your husband:

Keep clear men who have bad habits.

If your potential spouse suffers from chronic dependence on drugs, alcohol or gambling, the reasonable settlement is to escape romantic contacts with him.

Bad habits control person’s life and people’s beside them.

Many women have already gained this painful experience spending time, energy and feelings on inappropriate candidates.

How to Get him to Marry You?

In order to choose your partner, don’t look at those who have serious temperamental deficiency.

The temper is a basis of every person.

This is a result of hundreds of the decisions which little by little made the man as he is now. Nowadays a lot of women increasingly meet those men who have evident defects with temper and can’t be a reliable standby for love.

The temper is a thing which has been forming during the long time and it is really difficult to change it.

That’s why a wise woman more likely will avoid close contacts with those guys who have obvious defects of character than will try to correct them.

Don’t meet with men who don’t arouse you.

The first step you have done.

You want to choose your husband.

Nothing can take the place of attraction or lust in romantic relations.

If attraction doesn’t cease it’s better to refuse from the further closing.

Otherwise your relations with your potential husband won’t be passionate and won’t satisfy both partners.

If you want to meet “the only one” — say «No! » to mean men.

Women are often brought to a nonplus by those, who are tender in one moment and hostile in another.

A lot of women at the beginning of their relationship focus on the positive features and close their eyes on the negative features.

When you are talking to a double-faced male, soon or later he will direct his aggression against you.

What do you have to do to get married?

Be able to discover a potential clash of values when you choose your husband.

Such values as love, honesty and a family are ideals which we respect. When two people don’t have common values, they often upset each other.

Conflicts between responsibility and entertainments ripen long, and very often can hardly be seen till they boil over into the feeling of deep insult.

The values being the deep-rooted priorities may be changed under the influence of very serious circumstances.

What do you need before you choose a husband: 10 items which you should take into account

Let imagine as if you have a potential candidate to ask your hand and heart. In general you feel a warm spot and interest to him.

But if you want to have a close-knit and happy family, you will have to involve your attention and analyze if he answers your purpose.

Just being in love isn’t enough for hearth and home. There should be understanding, respect and similar interests between its members.

If you want to choose a good husband you should:

  1. Look closely to his family.

    We adopt many things from our parents’ lifestyle.

    Children from their early childhood imitate adults and learn from them, don’t they?

    If you want to know a man whom you like and to understand him, you should get acquainted with his family and then to choose him as a future husband.

    Relationship between his relatives may help you to understand what model of the behavior between the partners he has.

    Such values as respect for elder people and women, mutual help and a habit to share with someone are often cultivated by their parents.

    If they are a usual thing between his parents, then most probably all these values will be put into your future unit.

  2. There are cases in modern history when a woman got both a prince with a horse and half of the kingdom into the bargain!

    Anyway different status is one of the reasons to divorce.

    Social misalliance creates the situation where one partner feels ashamed for another one if the second “falls short of” the first.

    And the point is not just the financial standing but an educational level, belonging to different nations and religions.

    Try to choose a husband with the same social status.

  3. Attitude to children.

    You need a man who will take a responsibility for child-rearing on equal terms with you.

    But how to choose a husband who is ready to become a father. Not all the men are willing to speak directly about it.

    Then warm relationship with little nephews and godchildren may show it.

    If you don’t have them, then ask your friend to invite you with your future husband to the noise children party.

    There you will see his real attitude to children, and if you can choose not just a husband but a father of your common children.

  4. Genetic approach.

    Be pragmatic if you and your future husband want to have a healthy offspring.

    When you trust each other, ask your partner whether he or his relatives have any chronic diseases, or how often he gets sick (if he has a strong immunity), if he plays sports.

    Very few can boast of total absence of diseases, but the habit to take care of one’s health is a good feature of a responsible person and an adult.

  5. Interests and hobbies likeness.

    They say that opposites attract, but soon they can repel because of common activities lack.

    If his dream is to sit in front of the TV and you want to climb up the hills with your backpack, you will necessarily spend the time apart.

    You don’t need to have absolutely similar interests with your potential partner.

    A good thing is if you have both common and different two or three hobbies.

    Thus you are able to spend your time joyfully together, but along with this not to lose your social circle and share different impressions with each other.

  6. Behavior in everyday life.

    A very important thing to choose the only one husband is to see how he behaves in everyday life.

    Because very often married couples meet a lot of difficulties.

    Pay attention if this guy whom you liked is neat and if he got used to household duties.

    The best way to check if to choose this person as your soulmate is to come without an invitation.

  7. Attitude to money.

    Male attitude to money may tell much about his temper.

    It’s flattering when your potential husband is ready to spend all his salary on you in the expensive restaurant, but the attitude of the family’s head to money should be responsible and sparing.

    Watch if he:

    • keeps cheques after shopping
    • compares prices while searching the items
    • makes the budget
    • has cash in case of unforeseen circumstances
    • invests
  8. Attitude to life.

    Before making your final decision, make sure if you choose a husband who clearly knows what he wants in this life.

    Find out his future plans, his aim and whether he has a wish to grow as a personality.

    If he wants to have his own family.

    If you have the same life approaches you may go ahead together.

    If they are different you are to let him go keeping his right to live as he wishes. Don’t hope to change him.

  9. Social contacts.

    So you have chosen your future husband. Has he already get acquainted you with his friends?

    Take a closer look at them and at his relatives. Who are those people? Are they irrepressible singles or young husbands? Do they only need attention or do they help? Do they respect you? Draw a conclusion!

  10. Who you are.

    It’s impossible to choose your partner without understanding who you are beside him.

    If he makes you happy, if he inspires you, if you become better beside him and you develop yourself, it means he has a chance to be your real husband!

Knowing what to do to choose a husband you are able to build a happy and a close-knit social unit, you may guard yourself against the further disappointments and difficulties in the family life. Treat this subject with all your responsibility!

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