How to Remove Gum from Clothes: 16 Effective Ways

16 simple and effective ways how to remove gum from clothes.


Are you eager to find out how to remove chewing gum from clothes which stuck to the cloth and penetrated into it?

There are plenty of various effective ways how to get rid of the problem at home.

How to remove gum from clothing using heat?

You are able to learn how to remove chewing gum from clothing by heating it in several ways.

5 ways how to remove gum from clothing with heat:

  1. A hairdryer can help you eliminate this sticky substance from jeans and other clothing.

    You heat it by a hairdryer and then take a soft toothbrush to get rid of it.

  2. Steam will easily cope with chewing gum.

    This interesting method presupposes heating the clothes on the steam from the boiling water in a teapot or a saucepan.

    Then you can easily clean and remove soft chewing gum from the clothes fast.

  3. Hot vinegar may be implemented if the clothes are not made of a delicate fabric.

    Heat it in the oven or in the microwave oven.

    Until the vinegar gets cold, you must take a brush, soak it with the liquid and get rid of the problem.

  4. Boiling water can also become a method how to remove this sticky substance.

    In this situation, you’d better call for a helper, so that he poured boiling water on the area with the sticky substance.

    The second person will clean the clothes with an unnecessary toothbrush.

    Before you get rid of the gum, you must put the dirty area in the boiling water and wait for a couple of minutes.

    Then you are able to get rid of the problem using a sharp object.

    If you failed to cope with the problem this way, you may put the clothing in the boiling water and repeat the procedure again.

  5. An iron may be implemented to get rid of the problem at home, too.

    The dirty zone is ironed through the gauze, napkin or blotting paper.

    Set the iron on the medium temperature and iron a piece of a cardboard on which you put the clothes with gum down.

    It must stick to the cardboards and stay there.

How to remove gum from clothes using some cold methods: 3 methods

  1. A freezer is said to be the most effective and reliable way which allows cleaning the clothes from chewing gum.

    You need to stow clothes so that the sticky substance was at the top and the whole item could fit a plastic bag.

    Put it in the freezer and wait for an hour or more.

    When the gum is completely frozen, you are allowed to get the item from the refrigerator.

    If it does not fall away on its own, you can cope with it using a sharp object or just try another method.

    It’s important to do it fast till everything is still cold. In case you fail, you should repeat the procedure again.

  2. Ice will be suitable for large items of clothing.

    If it’s hard to put it in the freezer, you can put a piece of ice on the damaged area.

    When the gum is frozen, you should take a hard brush and remove it.

    This method will be suitable to get rid of chewing gum from coats, fur coats, and other large things.

  3. Gas is also one of the ways how to remove chewing gum from clothing.

    You should spring the gum from a device which fills the lighters.

    The gas flow will freeze the sticky substance and you’ll be able to remove it with your nail or another sharp object.

    There will be no trace after using gas.

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You should mind that before you decide how to remove gum from clothes with cold, you should not do any attempts to remove it mechanically.

Some time later it will turn into a small stone which you’ll easily remove using any sharp object.

There should be left no traces and this is significantly important not only for the stockings but for the everyday clothes as well.

4 ways, how to remove gum from clothes using a dissolvent

  1. Lacquer, gasoline or kerosene, and suchlike liquids are said to be effective to get rid of chewing gums.

    Before you try it on fur, you should soak the fabrics in the dissolvent and wipe the needed place with it.

    Then you carefully remove the sticky substance with a brush.

    After the procedure, you should comb the fur with a hairbrush with thick teeth.

    If you wish to remove the old traces of gum and be confident in the results, you can use petrol.

    The traces will be eliminated after you soak the dirty area.

    You need to wait for 5-10 minutes and then take a cotton pad or a piece of paper in order to eliminate the stain very carefully.

    In order to get rid of the unpleasant smell, you’ll have to wash the item.

    Mind that this method is suitable only for the natural fabrics and you cannot apply it to the synthetics.

  2. Nail polish remover may be implemented if the cloth does not lose color.

    Nail polish remover will leave no traces.

  3. Chewing gum removers is a spray which can be bought and used to remove it from your clothing.

    This product acts like the ice and freezes, cools down the surface with the stain.

    Applying the spray you should wait for a couple of minutes and scrape out the gum using the things at hand.

  4. Hair spray can be applied to the stuck gum.

    When it hardens, you should take a dull knife.

How to remove the gum from clothes with the oil?

  1. Orange oil can be used.

    Try it if you’ve got it.

    Apply to the sponge some orange oil and erase the gum with a toothbrush.

  2. Peanut oil can be implemented very careful and with great attention.

    It cannot get to the clean clothing.

    It may be applied only to the sticky substance which is stuck to the clothes.

The product must completely cover the chewing gum and stay there for a minute.
Do not let it get to the clean areas and pollute them.

When the gum is weakened, you are able to erase it by a dull object lest you damaged the fabrics.

The tool must have a thin surface.

The cleaned piece of clothes must be washed at once either with hands or in a washing machine using a washing powder or stain remover.

These products may also become separate ways to eliminate this situation.

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2 ways, how to remove gum from clothes by washing

  1. Liquid washing powders.

    Pour a spoon of the liquid washing product directly to the gum and use an old toothbrush to get rid of it.

    Besides, you can also use a scraper.

  2. Stain remover which consists of de-oil ingredients will also easily eliminate a gum.

    The product must soak into it and only then you should take a scrubber.

    You are allowed to use the stain remover if the peanut oil got to the clothes.

    Moreover, it is applied only before you begin to wash the clothes.

We hope that you found a suitable option of how to remove gum from clothes and you succeeded doing it.

Undoubtedly, the clean item will make you happy again.

Later be more careful and try not to sit on dirty benches or chairs!

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