How to materialize thoughts: 5 effective tips

5 useful recommendations from psychologists that will teach you how to materialize your thoughts. Keep them in mind!


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The issue of materialization of thoughts is constantly brought up by many people around us, including parents, psychologists, doctors, officials, priests, and so on, and so forth…

The topic “How to materialize your thoughts” is in top-10 on different websites, despite the fact that many of them have nothing to do with psychology and self-development.

Amateurs will have difficulties while trying to study this issue and get useful information out of the billions of trash. I did my best to do that for you!

How the heck to materialize these thoughts?

About a month ago I accidentally witnessed a talk of two friends on the public transport.

One of the girls was loudly and emotionally telling her friend that she got very tired of failures and lack of love and money, and that’s why she decided to apply for a two-week psychological training.

The topic that stood out as the main issue of all ten meetings was called “Materialize your thoughts and they will surely come true!”

The girl, who attended the trainings, said: “I had put down all the recommendations and had been following them for 6 months already, but nothing had changed!”

Obviously, her friend tried to console her, telling her that everything would be OK, and I thought that I had often heard similar complaints from people who were ready to change their lives, but for some reason had not succeeded.

I don’t know what was wrong with that girl from the minibus, either she had a bad coach, or she had not used the recommendations correctly, but I guess that there was a whole complex of problems on her way to success.

Psychologists and article writers sometimes express their recommendations how to materialize your thoughts not very explicitly, and as a result, their readers don’t get at the route of things, and thus, they simply adjust them to themselves.

What happens next?

The Universe doesn’t understand your demands properly!

What prevents you from materializing your thoughts?

A man is made happy or miserable only by his thoughts, not by the outer circumstances. When he rules his thoughts, he rules his happiness.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

There is a certain type of quite interesting people in our world, and I can say, that there are quite many of them.

These men and women are clever enough and not lazy; they are willing to study and even try something new in their lives. However, they always lack something for becoming successful, either persistence and bravery, or a bit of riskiness.

They prefer to stay aside from the problem and choose to live by the principle “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

These people belong to the category of constant complainers, they like to say: “Your psychological methods are useless! My friend Vasya and I tried them, but nothing has changed!”

I’ve chosen three typical mistakes which are usually made by such people, and I would like them (and everybody else) to keep these mistakes in mind, if they want to materialize their thoughts.

3 mistakes that prevent you from materializing your thoughts

  1. Wrong message.

    For example, you haven’t succeeded in maintaining personal relationships yet.

    However, instead of sending such message to the Universe, as “I want to meet a decent guy” you are constantly complaining “I’m so lonely.

    This is just miserable”.The Universe hears only the word “lonely”, and voilà – your personal life leaves much to be desired!

  2. Wrong attitude.

    Even those doctors that doubt everything except official medicine strongly believe in the fact that the patient, who truly believes in himself, has more chances to recover from the illness than the patient with pessimistic thoughts.

    If you really want to have something, first of all, you have to persuade yourself that you will achieve it.

    Stop thinking: “Oh, but I’m such a skeptic! I believe only in those things which I can see and touch on my own! Then why don’t my thoughts materialize?”

  3. Wrong statement.

    Tell me, why do you always spend a lot of time studying the whole choice of goods in the store, and only then you come up to the salesperson and say: “Give me 500 g of that shortbread with condensed milk”?

    I can explain this to you. You are giving a certain statement to the salesperson because you know that if you babble: “I’d like something sweet, or maybe something sour, well, I’m not sure what I’d really like to have”, you’ll waste more than half an hour in the store and end up being killed by people who stand behind you in the queue.

    So why do you think that the Universe is obliged to understand your obscure babbling and give you the desired?

How to materialize your thoughts: 5 effective tips

We have already learned what mistakes prevent people from achieving their goals, and now I would like to teach you what you should do in order to materialize your thoughts.

  1. Visualize your dreams.

    Nothing more effective has been invented yet.

    If you have a rich imagination, you can make plans in your head.

    For example, you are dreaming about going to Italy. Then you have to imagine your trip in details every single day.

    You will not even notice how soon you’ll be buying the desired tour.

    An effective method of visualizing dreams includes the expression of your thoughts on the paper, that’s why you should create a collage of your dreams, draw the things which you desire, write your dreams into your diary etc.

    Do at least something instead of complaining that the Universe ignores you!

  2. Express your thoughts correctly!

    Try to avoid the “not” particle, because it’s often misinterpreted by the Universe.

    Instead of hearing you saying “I don’t want to be ill anymore”, higher forces will hear that you are fond of lying in bed with a sore throat.You’d better say: “I want to be always healthy!”

  3. Avoid negative emotions!

    If you wish for your evil boss to break a leg and leave you alone, it may come true.

    However, this wish may have a negative effect not only on your boss, but on you as well.

    Negative words and emotions always return, haven’t you heard about the boomerang effect?

  4. Don’t try to be the ruler of somebody else’s life!

    Keep in mind that you can materialize only your own thoughts.

    The Universe will never react to the phrases “I want my husband to receive a huge salary” or “I want my mom to win in the lottery”.

    Instead of making wishes for somebody else, you’d better teach your relatives and friends how to materialize their thoughts correctly.

  5. Dream about something real!

    Fairy-tales about Cinderella who turned into a princess are truly wonderful, and many more generations of girls will be brought up on these stories.

    However, not every girl can become a princess, but absolutely every girl in the world can become successful and rich, if she makes a lot of efforts for this!

    You can meditate dreaming about a three-storied villa in Spain, but I think that you should start with a purchase of one-bedroom apartment in your home town.

I highly recommend you to watch a small fragment from the movie,
called “The Secret”,
which tells how to materialize your thoughts correctly and make your dreams come true!

I hope that this article will prevent you from becoming one of these constantly complaining people, who never stop crying “How to materialize thoughts?!”

The methods mentioned above really work!

I’m sure that you will also succeed in fulfilling your dreams, just try to do everything properly!

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