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How to Look Classy: 20 Tips

Useful recommendations for men and women on how to look classy. Pick your clothes and accessories with taste and embrace your individuality.


To look classy does not necessarily mean you must wear what other people do and look the same way.

Classy means originally and individually.

It means you should choose clothes that fit you and express your personality.

If you find it difficult to find the perfect outfit and accessories to match it, perhaps, you need some guidance on how to look classy.

There are several wonderful pieces of advice, which may be very useful for you and teach you how to create your own style.

You can learn them from our article.

How to look classy: 12 tips for women

  1. Get naked with measure

    It order to look attractive, you must not show at once all perfections, which the nature gave you.

    If you put on a top with a low neckline, your legs must be closed.

    If you put on a mini, pick the closed top.

    In case you uncover both, you risk a lot to look vulgarly.

  2. Provide yourself with plenty of blouses

    White classic blouses are essential part of women’s wardrobe.

    This item can easily make your jeans look classy and add business-like style to you, if you wear it with a full skirt.

    However, white blouses have one drawback: white color too quickly turns into grey or yellow.

    That’s why, when you find a blouse, which fits you perfectly, do not be grudge on money and buy two or three blouses of the same model.

  3. Pick bright accessories in order to look classy

    If your wardrobe has mostly neutral colors, combine it with bright accessories.

    You should agree that a green handbag looks much classier than the boring black.

    Moreover, you’ll be surprised how good it looks with absolutely different things.

  4. Pick a proper pair of jeans

    The secret formula of jeans, which fit perfectly, is 95% cotton plus 5% lycra.

    So that the jeans kept their form, they must have at least 2% of elastic material.

    If you cannot choose between two sizes, you’d better take the smaller size.

    A small pair of jeans will stretch, but a big one will look like a sack on you.

  5. Adjust the pants’ length to your shoes

    The main mistake, which most women do, is to put on pants of the wrong length.

    If skinny and pegs are likely to be shortened, wide pants must end only 1 cm from the floor.

    That’s why you must adjust your pants to the shoes you usually wear them with: either with the heels or with flat sole – there is no coming back.

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  6. Wear a scarf on your neck

    A scarf is a unique accessory, which may add a zest to your everyday look. It’s better to invest money in a beautiful silk shawl, which will serve you long and look very expensive.

    Besides, you should learn a few ways how to tie it.

  7. Pick a bag that has the chain in order to look classy at any party

    A wonderful choice will be to take a small clutch with a chain when going out in the evening.

    It will not only free your hands for cocktails and snacks.

    It will also help you to create a more harmonious image, especially if you put it over your shoulder.

  8. When you hesitate, choose beige heels.

    In case you are unaware how to choose heels to match your attire, pick beige court shoes.

    These shoes will perfectly fit clothes of any color and are likely to make the legs visually longer.

    The main trick is to choose the heels, the color of which is the closest to your skin tone.

  9. Make only one emphasis in your look

    Mind that your outfit must have only one active element.

    If you put on a dress with spectacular trimming, there should be very little accessories and visa verse.

  10. Wear jackets to look classy

    A jacket or a blazer can add readiness to the everyday relaxed look.

    Learn how to combine a leather jacket with wool pants, a jean blazer with a silk blouse and a military jacket will fit almost everything.

  11. Find a good dress-maker

    Another option is to learn how to sew on your own.

    Nothing ruins your appearance more than the clothes, which don’t fit you.

    Things you bought at the store might also need small adjustments to your figure.

  12. Combine loose and tight clothes

    Only few people can combine successfully loose pants and a baggy blouse.

    Most regular people will look silly in such outfit.

    On the other hand, if you put on too tight outfit, you are sure to receive improper sexy combination.

    So, combine loose items with form-fitting things and it’ll be a wonderful option.

8 tips for men on how to look classy

  1. Do not forget about the shoes

    Shoes of high quality are the ground for a classy style.

    An accustomed thought that one can judge about a person by looking at his shoes is still topical nowadays.

    In case you never had good shoes, save some money and be ready to spend a pretty penny on the classy shoes of high quality.

  2. Prefer clothes in which you’ll look older

    People see you by how you dress yourself.

    If you still wear clothes, which remind of the “student’s life”, the people around will see you as a boy, who has no actual life experience.

    If you are eager to learn how to look classy, you’d better observe what older men wear.

    Follow the trend, which adds you a couple of years, and you are most likely to receive the earned appreciation by older people.

    It means you must bring your wardrobe to order by disposing of most of too casual clothes: trousers, jeans shorts, hoodies, T-shirts, track pants, baseball caps.

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  3. Take good care of your clothes

    In case you spent fortune to buy a couple of items of high qualities – a suit to order, a pair of really expensive shoes – it would cost you a hundred or two more to preserve them in good condition.

    It means that you must use proper shoulders and shoetrees to save your clothes, and delicate wash with the washing machine.

    Some items from your wardrobe may be bought on the outlets, if you are really lucky to find your size.

    This is a nice opportunity to buy good clothes cheaper.

    A couple of improvements at the tailor’s will turn a low-budget suit from the store may in a really wonderful piece of your wardrobe.

    You only have to learn how to take good care of your things and save your investments by the proper care and service.

  4. Add at least one perfect suit to your wardrobe

    It does not mean which profession you have; you still must have a suit for a special occasion.

    If you work in the sphere, which often requires wearing suits, you need to buy different colors and styles.

    In case you need only one suit for rare special events, you’d better prefer a classic single-breasted suit with two buttons.

    The color may be dark grey or dark blue.

    When you buy a men’s classy suit from the store, but not to order, you must devote some of your free time to bring it to the tailor and improve it.

    Some big stores provide with such service, though you’d better find a tailor on your own.

  5. Start with white and light blue shirts

    Cotton shirts of white and light blue colors have become the basic items in every classy wardrobe.

    Such idea is proved by the fact that such shirts make 90% of all shirts sold in the world and that both colors will look good on the most men’s builds and figures.

    Due to being so popular, classy shirts exist in the widest range of sizes and styles in any store and mall, including outlets.

    Different details are able to refresh the major white and blue colors, and there is nothing bad about adding other colors, which your own style dictates.

    Nevertheless, you simply must have shirts of white and light blue colors for sure.

  6. Buy a pair of jeans, which perfectly fit you, and learn how and where to wear them

    Jeans’ styles change very quickly – destroyed, whitened, tight, loose, low risers, sloppy and so on.

    Stick to the simple style of jeans, which fit you well and have denim or dark color.

    You may combine them with the suitable T-shirt of casual style or with a shirt and sporty coat in business-casual style.

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  7. Do not get fixated on your jeans

    Nicely sewed trousers in classic reserved style are sure to make you look classier at the public events than in case you wear jeans.

    Trousers are less widespread among young people, so you are sure to stand out.

    Moreover, you’d better buy a pair of trousers made of wool or cotton than blue jeans.

  8. Switch your T-shirts on polo and sports shirts

    One may put on a T-shirt to go to the gym or to work in it at home, but one must never pick it to go to the public holidays or work, especially in case it’s too large.

    Moreover, if it’s made of the low quality material or has a logo of any company.

    A good polo shirt in any dark color looks always presentable classy, if it fits you.

    You may also pick a shirt with the buttons and short sleeves for summer, beginning with casual shirts from linen to the striped pr checked shirts.

    Still, if you wear a T-shirt, you must make sure it’s new, clean, is of a dark color and fits you perfectly.

To look classy and wear fashionable and beautiful clothes does not necessarily mean to buy clothes in expensive boutiques.

In order to do it you simply need a good sense of taste and style, which far from all people have.

However, you can learn how to choose the items for your wardrobe and set the needed emphasis.

We hope that our pieces of advice on how to look classy will help you.

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