How to Get Rid of Paint Smell: Ways and Recommendations

You’ve fixed your house and now you think how to get rid of paint smell? In the article below you will find plenty of recommendations.


If during repair you are going to use paints and varnishes, be ready to have your house filled with specific smell of fresh paint, not only unpleasant, but very harmful for your health.

It is widely known that if a person smells paint for a long time, he might acquire such symptoms as weakness, headache, nausea, dizziness.

Moreover, your blood pressure may rapidly grow as well.

That’s why it’s so important to know beforehand how to get rid of fresh paint smell.

Let’s try to figure out how to answer this question.

Why is it so important to get rid of paint smell in the house?

Every one of us has a unique reaction on the paint or varnish smell, but especially well understand the whole danger those, who are tight to them by the profession.

Usually at this moment a person:

  • gets unpleasant feelings;
  • sometimes lacks oxygen;
  • has fast heart beating;
  • has wrong heart contraction rhythm.

However, it’s not so terrible, because breathing in the fresh paint smell often, the brain cells are injured, which eventually influence on how fast a person is able to think.

Besides, you can get poisoned by the smell of paint or lacquer.

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For example, as soon as you come in the recently painted room, which was not aired, you are likely to feel:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • vomit;
  • inadequate perception of reality.

That’s why our piece of advice will be the following: lest you got poisoned by the paints or lacquers smell, you should use gauze face veil when working, or even a better option – respirator.

How to get rid of fresh paint smell beforehand?

If you are not eager to be haunted by the awful paint smell at once after the repair, you may take a number of precautions beforehand.

What you can do to get rid of fresh paint smell beforehand:

  • You may add to the paint a few drops of vanilla, mint or lemon essence in order to eliminate the horrible chemical smell at least a little.
  • Mind that paint has a strong smell in its liquid state.

    When the humidity is increased it gets dry longer and, logically thinking, smells longer, too.

    That’s why before you do any work you need to think how to dry the air first: use desiccators, turn on the heating or conditioning for a short time.

  • When you do the painting, open all windows, turn on the blowing machine and set it in the direction towards a window.

    Let the fresh air freely travel around the room: it is sure to take the fresh paint smell from the house to the street.

  • During the painting, put in the room, where the work is being done, several basins full of salty water – it’ll help you prevent too big concentration of unpleasant smell, because salt is known to absorb the aromas very well.

How to get rid of paint smell: 4 materials at hand

Learning how to get rid of paint smell in the house, you are sure to find out that materials at hand, which are present in almost every house, can easily help.

Especially these methods will be topical in periods between seasons and in winter, when there is no possibility to air the room.

Materials at hand, which are able to help you to get rid of paint smell:

  • Natural coffee, surely, won’t eliminate the smell from the house, but it is able to mask it easily due to the strong aroma.

    Pour freshly made coffee in the glasses and set around the rooms.

    Besides, you may use tea with the same intention.

  • Lemon should be sliced into thin pieces and put in the room, where you did the painting.

    Let it lie there for a couple of days.
    Then, throw it away (and never eat it!).

  • Onions and garlic can be used the same way as lemon – cut them in pieces, put on the flat pan and set around the room.

    Smell of onion and garlic will gradually eliminate the stench of paint.

    Nevertheless, remember to switch the vegetables with fresh ones from time to time.

    As soon as you gained the precise goal, open the doors and windows for 3-4 hours (or even more) to evaporate the specific smell.

  • Mustard is the spice, which should be added in the pail with water to wash the furniture, walls, floor or windows.

    Surely, it won’t cope with the paint smell completely, but will definitely allow you make it less strong.

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Using these products you should remember that coffee won’t “expel” from the house the effluvium, which is harmful for your health.

Placing onions and garlic in the rooms can soak all your furniture and clothes with their odor.

Mustard is categorically forbidden to mix with vinegar or ammonia liquor.

Lest you had the unwanted reaction, you should use it separately from one another.

How to get rid of the fresh paint smell?

To get rid of fresh paint smell you should better open all your doors and windows and throw away the brushes and pails you used for painting.

However, you may still have no opportunity to make draft.

That’s why there are several ways, which are sure to remove the smell of fresh paint from the house.

Pick the suitable one for your situation.

4 ways how to get rid of fresh paint smell:

  • The first option will be the mint essential oil.

    Nowadays, you are able to buy it in any drugstore.

    In order to use oil, you should add it (not more than 3-4 drops!) in the right moment in the bowl with water and let it stay in the room.

    Another option will be to soak cotton disks in it and put them near the painted surface.

    If you do it, the flat will be filled with pleasant mint aroma soon.

  • One more remedy is woody coal.

    It’s a great absorbent, which is able to eliminate the fresh paint smell for the shortest time.

    You do not need to do anything special with it.

    Just place its pieces in several containers and leave them in the painted room.

  • Besides, you can use candles – both usual and aroma.

    Their smell is said to kill unpleasant stench, which comes from fresh paint and the space will be filled with odor.

    Be extremely careful and remember to watch after the burning candles, lest you started a fire in the house.

  • Moreover, bed sheets and towels can also help you to get rid of the unpleasant paint smell.

    Put them in water (it’ll be great, if you add 3-4 drops of essential oil there beforehand) and then hang out in the room.

    When the sheets and towels get dry a little (almost in an hour), you should wash them in the clear water again and hang out where they were.

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How to get rid of paint smell in the house?

If you are done renewing your house, but the paint smell is still present, you should learn how to take urgent measures, or otherwise it’ll stay in the walls and furniture.

In order to get rid of paint smell in the house, you should not be afraid to use several methods at once.

4 ways how to eliminate paint smell from the house:

  1. Firstly, you should acknowledge at once that airing is the best option to get rid of any smell.

    Open all windows and make draft.

    If there is a possibility, air room as much as possible.

    Without active airing you won’t get rid of fresh paint smell in the house for long, especially if it stays there long.

  2. You can try to get rid of paint smell by means of air ionizer or air saturator.

    They attract the paint particles and advance their precipitation.

    Further wet cleaning will help you to cope with the problem completely.

    Put the device in the room for some time and close all windows and doors.

  3. Remember to take away all brushes and containers as soon as you finish painting, otherwise all attempts to get rid of paint smell will be in vain.

    Do not pour the water you used to clean the brushes in the toilet.


    Otherwise, the particles of paint are likely to stay in the tube and become another source of such unpleasant smell, which will cover the whole house.

  4. When the repair is over, you can hang out the wet cloth – they’ll become the filters for the harmful combinations in the gaseous state.

    From time to time you should take them off and wash in clean water, and then hang them out again.

    This is quite an effective way, which will come in handy, if you wish to clean the air quickly and airing is impossible due to some reasons.

All pieces of advice, which were given above, taught you how to get rid of paint smell and clean the air in the room from various toxins, which usually appear when the paint gets dry.

Besides, these ways may be easily implemented to keep the atmosphere of freshness in any place.

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