How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Clothes?

How to remove cat urine from clothes using 6 methods + 4 pieces of advice on how to remove the smell + 4 ways how to clean your shoes + 6 general tips?


Not all cats are equally neat and well-bred.

Sometimes it happens that a small kitten that has not been housebroken yet can pee anywhere it wants.

Some pets mark clothes and shoes on purpose while the old animals can pee even on the blanket.

Read our article on how to remove cat urine from clothes.

How can you fail to remove cat urine from clothes?

  1. When you begin cleaning or try to wash off the marked things, you cannot use products which contain chloride because it increases the smell instead of removing it.
  2. Moreover, you are likely to fail if you apply the softener for machine wash.

    First of all, the stain must be processed and the particles that make urine stink must be removed.

    Only then you can put the clothes and bedding items in a washing machine.

  3. Besides, this is the reason why various air fresheners and flavoring materials are not suitable.

    They will temporary mask this stench for the human nose but a cat is sure to feel it and pee again at the same place.

  4. Some people pour perfumes on those spots.

    Surely, it will kill the stench for a couple of minutes but it won’t eliminate the problem.

    Half an hour later it will stink even more.

6 effective methods, how to remove cat urine

  1. The solution of vinegar will probably help.

    Mix 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 liter of water and clean the dirty place.

    If you have no possibility to wet the object completely, you should wipe the dirty area with a cotton pad or cloth which was soaked with the mixture.

    After the procedure, you should wash everything with clean water.

  2. Are you eager to find out how to remove cat urine from clothes using soap?

    Simply wash the dirty zone with soap and rinse it with clean water.

  3. Dissolve in a little water some soda and rinse the dirty place with the solution.

    It may leave some stroke marks, that’s why you need to wipe it with a wet cloth in the end.

  4. Pour cold water into a basin, enough to drown the dirty area.

    Add there the juice from 1 lemon, stir and put the stain in it.

    One hour later you should wash clothes in a usual way.

  5. The clothes can be washed in a washing machine or with hands.

    Just add 1 spoon of soda or vinegar to the washing powder.

    You may even presoak the things for some time.

  6. In case it has recently appeared on the clothes, you must wash the spot immediately with water and soap.

    There will be no traces of the stink.

    Nevertheless, it usually requires much time to remove the old stench.

    Very often one method may be not enough.

    That’s why you’d better combine them or use them in turns.

4 useful tips, how to remove cat urine smell from clothes

  1. Firstly, you’d better take a huge amount of water to wash the clothes several times and then soak the stains with hydrogen peroxide, the mixture of water and lemon juice (in proportion 1:1) or manganese solution.

    However, you should firstly be certain the cloth won’t fade and/nor will be painted by such procedure.

  2. In order to study how to get rid of this unpleasant situation, you should take the washing powder that contains enzymes for your bedding items, blankets, and clothes from thick materials.

    Moreover, you should add apple cider vinegar in the water.

  3. Chemical compounds wash and destroy the smells.

    Nevertheless, they do not always help.

    There is a risk that after washing you’ll stop feeling the unpleasant stench but your animal will still feel it.

  4. The simplest way is to take the clothes to the dry-cleaning.

    In this case, you must tell the cleaner about the source of the stain so that the worker picked the best washing product.

Professional products to remove cat urine smell from clothes

The stores also offer products, which help to eliminate the problem, and they are mostly the fermentative products.

They contain special ferments which decompose the chemical composition of urine.

They are rather effective in coping with such situations. Some products may be used even on leather.

The manufacturers offer the wide choice of products, using which you can easily learn how to remove the nasty consequences of the cat’s crimes.

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Here are only some of them:

  • Complete Pet Stain&Odor Remover;
  • Urine-Off;
  • BioSource Solutions Inc;
  • Odorgone Animal Gold;
  • Anti-Icky Poo;
  • Petfresh;
  • Hartz Nodor Litter Spray;
  • Just for cats Stain&Odor Remover.

So that you could clean the spoiled piece of clothing, you must stick to the instruction.

When buying the product, you must pay attention to its composition.
It must have enzymes (ferments) and bacteria.

You won’t cope with the stain without them!

How to remove cat urine smell from the shoes?

  1. You must clean your leather shoes from inside and outside and then wipe them with the huge amount of vodka or water-diluted alcohol.

    If it already soaked into the leather, this technique would not help: when it is warmed by the feet and when the weather is wet you are likely to feel the smell.

  2. If your shoes are made of the smooth leather or thick faux leather, process them by the liquid glycerin and leave in the room temperature to soak in.

    You may apply glycerin to the shoes from suede and nubuck only from the inside and rinse it from the outside with the solution of water and the lemon juice.

  3. Manganese solution, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are able to cope with the situation but you must be careful with these liquids and check their reaction on a small unnoticeable area first.
  4. The shoes from textile can be processed with vodka, alcohol, and/or vinegar and washed with the washing powder which does not contain chloride.

    Perhaps, you’ll have to repeat the procedure a few times to remove the problem completely.

Anyway, if you decided to leave the shoes and plan to wear them, you should lavishly process them and the rest of the shoes with a special spray that scares the cats away.

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6 General pieces of advice, how to remove cat urine from clothes

All products which are said to be able to eliminate such problem are divided into two groups – the ones that can be made at home and the professional ones which are manufactured by the industrial companies.

  1. The homemade remedies are appealing because they are cheap and easily accessible, while the professional ones are good because they may be used at once as necessary (you do not need to mix or stir anything).
  2. Regardless of which products you choose, you should always try to fight the stain immediately, sometimes, you fail to notice it at once and it gets dry.

    However, it does not mean you must throw this thing away.

    You should do your best to save it.

  3. As soon as you discover the wet stain, you should take paper towels and try to make them soak as much moistness as possible.

    For this purpose, bentonitic or zeolitic absorbent for the litter-box will do, too.

  4. Under no circumstances, you can rub the stain, lest it became even bigger.

    Just sponge it.

    This is also the reason why you should not try to wash it at once.

    Otherwise, you might make the whole item smell like cat urine.

  5. It is not desirable to use products which contain chloride because you risk spoiling the clothes or change the color.
  6. Moreover, you must not use the products with ammonia to remove urine or smell because you might attract the pet to this place again.

    In this case, you risk losing the favorite item.

How to remove cat urine from clothes?

Every house definitely has some products to remove these unpleasant smells of the pets but the most significant thing is to use them in time.

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