How to Become Elegant: the Best Rules

Pieces of advice and tips on how to become elegant for men and women. Work on your inner and outer world.


Elegant does not mean just beautiful.

Elegant means beautiful, but with the sense of taste and measure, according to the figure, place and time, and matching the age, because true elegance is always discreet.

The seed of elegance is hidden in the individuality, because clothes, shoes, accessories must become the one unity with a person, his manners, posture, walk and gestures.

How to become elegant?

Due to being observant, working on yourself or, at least, making some efforts, you will be able to become elegant.

Elegance depends a lot on the taste, the sense of measure, walk and good manners.

7 Tips on how to become elegant for men

In order to look like a gentleman you are to remember several simple rules.

Thanks to obeying them you will always look classy disregarding any situation – at work, during significant holidays and the dates.

For all these purposes it is desirable you look classy and dress yourself with taste.

Learn 7 rules on how to become an elegant and classy man:

  1. The suit is your second skin.

    A suit is said to be the most important element of the men’s wardrobe, which will repeatedly come in handy in your life.

    There is nothing more attractive than a man in the sartorial triumph.

    Never try to save money when buying a suit – you’d better buy one good suit than several suits of worse quality.

    Moreover, it’s better to have your suit sewed to order.

    If you do not want to turn to the tailor, spend some time to find the perfect suit in the store.

    Regardless of the cliché, black color won’t become the most functional.

    Black suit for everyday wear may look depressing or too festive.

    You’d better pick a dark gray or dark blue suit.

  2. Remember to wear the belt with your suit.

    In case you put on a suit, you should remember about the belt.

    Without it you will definitely look odd.

    You should pick the belt, which is made of leather and has a soft buckle.

    A belt must match your shoes.

    If you wear smooth black shoes, your belt must look the same way.

    However, if you take the alligator shoes, the belt’s style has to repeat the idea.

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  3. A tie puts an end to the men’s dress code.

    A tie is considered to be the most vulnerable element of men’s wardrobe. With the help of a tie, one is able to break the classic character of the suit, demonstrate its taste and personality.

    You should not save money when buying a tie, because a cheap tie is unlikely to look good.

    You’d better buy a tie, which is made of the real silk, because such it’s easier to tie it.

    The most classic models are the dark, wide ties, in average 7-8 cm.

    However, there is a wide range of different kinds: narrow, stamped with geometric prints and floral motifs.

    First of all, you must like your tie.

    You should mind that a tie looks best with the single-tone shirt and a smooth one will become the perfect match the printed shirt.

  4. Not too long, not too short.

    This principle concerns both the tie and the pants.

    Let’s start from the first element.

    A tie’s length is very important, because it cannot be too long, neither it can be short. It must end on the line of the belt.

    How long should the pants be?

    Too short pants are unacceptable as well as those, which are dragging on the ground.

    Their length must go to the heel’s beginning.

  5. A jacket.

    Many men face the problem of how to wear a jacket.

    How many buttons should there be?

    If you have a jacket with three buttons, leave the last one unbuttoned.

    Lately the most fashionable have been the jackets with two buttons.

    Mind that when you sit down, you must unbutton your jacket.

  6. Your socks must be hidden, but not opened.

    This is a very important principle.

    Your socks are supposed to be long enough, so that the shank was tightly closed, and its owner did not show his hairy leg.

    The socks’ color must be close to the suit’s color or one tone darker.

    The best option will become cotton, thin and smooth socks.

  7. Leave the jewelry for women.

    Regardless that more and more men begin to wear all possible jewelry, dress code eliminates such kind of accompaniment.

    The true gentleman can only wear a watch, French cuffs and a wedding ring.

    An elegant watch should have a leather belt.

    You should pick silver French cuffs, but may also consider an option of having them from wood or dark stones.

    Golden cuffs are acceptable only in the evening.

7 Tips on how to become elegant for women

Speaking about how to become elegant beside the clothes we imply woman’s behavior, manners and her inner essence.

Firstly, in order to become elegant, you are to devote enough attention and time to your hair and manicure – take good care of them maintain clean; if you have a possibility, regularly attend beauty salons.

Then you can get down to following the next pieces of advice on how to become elegant.

  1. Becoming elegant means having a thought over outfit in the first place.

    Things must perfectly match each other, that’s why you should pay attention even to the tiniest details.

    That’s why it’ll be great, if you learn how to combine your wardrobe a whole week ahead.

    You should try to create your personal “uniform”, about which you would not have to think long, specifically in the morning.

  2. Learn the following rules.

    Never ignore that straight pants, single tone, deep neckline, thin seldom lines, a light scarf visually make you higher, while the pants and shoes of the identical color make your legs longer.

    Everybody knows the best option is to mix black with beige or cream colors.

    Adding another color you should pick 2 or 3 items of the identical tone.

    Picking a classic suit, keep in mind the length of your jacket has to be one hand higher the widest point of your hips, if you wear it with the pants or long skirts.

    If you wear a skirt over the knee, the elegant jacket has to be one hand lower.

    Do not forget that under the transparent and white close you’d better wear flash underwear.

  3. An obligatory condition must be the choice of the clothes, which matches your figure and totally emphasizes your merits.

    For instance, blouses of satin, soft tones demand the pampered face and perfect skin, and the single-tone clothes of neutral colors and simple design is the base of the wardrobe and always shows to advantage.

    It’s unacceptable to repeat the form of the figure in clothes (if you have a round face, you must never wear round earrings, or have round necklines).

  4. Right accents in picking an outfit will demonstrate you how to become elegant and graceful.

    Only one part of an outfit may drive the attention and it’s crucial to remember it choosing between the deep décolleté and a short skirt.

    The border of the clothes constantly attracts attention to the places of its location, and you should not make it go on the biggest points of your body.

    You cannot neglect a pattern: the shorter skirt you wear, the lower heels you pick; the longer skirt you put on, the higher heels you choose.

  5. The most important principle of the make-up, when creating an elegant picture, is preserving the harmony.

    In case you lay emphasis on your eyes, use a neutral lipstick or a transparent lip-gloss.

    However, if you decided to make your lips red (or of another bright color), you should pick pastel eye shadows.

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  6. Surely, there is not a single elegant woman, who can live without a drop of her favorite perfumes.

    Use only perfumes of high quality and take into account the points of view of your close people and friends – if they say this smell is not very good, putting it lightly, you should get rid of the precious bottle without hesitation, no matter how valuable for you it is!

  7. Details create the image everywhere, even in your appearance.

    Surely, speaking about how to become elegant, you cannot fail to mention how important accessories are.

    Double and elegant accessories look very classy.

    They entirely finish the image and will definitely embellish even the simplest dress.

    For instance, a hat, a shawl, a bag, mittens, a belt, which match in color and in pair (a hat- mittens, a belt – a bag, a hat – a bag and so on), will definitely add more personality to the classical image.

    If your accessory is of an active color, which matches a couple, is taken off in a room, you should include a third detail (a belt – a bag, a hat).

    Additions (boots, a bag, mittens, a belt) must have identical texture.

    The rules of how to choose accessories:

    • A printed shawl with single-tone clothes, a single-tone scarf with the printed clothes,
    • A contrast belt makes you slimmer,
    • Picking the glasses you should take into consideration that the light arm makes the space between the eyes bigger, while a darker one – makes it smaller,
    • A low arm makes your nose shorter, while a high one makes it longer,
    • Brooches must attract attention to the face, but not the chest,
    • Mind that accessories must always look more valuable than clothes, but not visa verse.

How to become elegant learning the behavior rules?

  • Talk only well.

    When speaking use only proper grammar and wide vocabulary, eliminate contractions and colloquial forms, and formulate the sentences correctly.

    In case you are not used to fine speech, you should practice, when you stay alone, perhaps, in front of the mirror.

  • Maintain calmness under any circumstances.

    Do not become too emotional, sad, angry (never yell at people and go in for dramatics).

    It will destroy all elegant notes at once.

    On the contrary, be always calm and relaxed.

    If you cannot maintain calmness, apologize and spend some time alone till you calm down.

  • Be at ease.

    Expressing no strong emotions, you will create free and easy atmosphere around you.

    This is how you’ll look more elegant and classy.

  • Be polite towards all people you meet on your way, regardless of your opinion of whether he deserves it.

    Do not show how sarcastic or aggressive you can be, if something goes wrong. Behave yourself perfectly well and polite in any situation.

Becoming elegant is more that catching up with the latest fashion trends.

Its ground is the feeling of taste and style, moderation, sophistication and dedication to high quality.

We hope that our pieces of advice on how to become elegant will be helpful.

Mind that perfect appearance must be completed with the inner filling, because even the most expensive outfit won’t carry off the unceremonious and tactless behavior.

It’s the harmony of the inner and outer that make you elegant.

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