How to create a collage: 7 best recommendations

If you want to fulfill your dreams, try to make this happen! Effective tips how to create a photo collage! Start acting right now, leaving all doubts aside!


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Do you remember a poem “Awakening” by Alexander Pushkin and its words: “Dreams, dreams, where are your sweetness?”

Indeed, the ability to dream is wonderful, because it adds bright colors to your life.

People, who have a great power of imagination, mentally write multivolume variants of their fairy-tale lives.

Those who aren’t very imaginative, confine themselves to simpler dreams, but still are quite happy. Probably, there are no such people who live without dreams.

When we make a wish, we send a signal to the Universe.

Not all dreams come true, of course, but in most cases people have to blame themselves if this happens.

Just imagine, how many billions of people live on Earth, and they all dream about something! The Universe hasn’t realized your dreams because higher forces might have been listening to somebody else in that very moment when you made your wish.

What should you do in order to help the Universe? That’s right, you have to visualize your dreams, and in this case you will not be the only person able to see it, the Universe will see it as well.

Today I’ll teach you how to create a collage that will help you to fulfill your dreams.

How to create a collage: what do you need it for?

If you wake up seeing beautiful pictures of countries that you would like to visit or fancy cars and expensive jewelry that you would like to have, you will have more stimuli to get these things!

There are different types of photo collages: annual collages, when you plan your dreams for a year, and thematic collages, when you plan dreams in a certain sphere.

There can be also family collages and personal collages.

What I’d really advise you to do is: don’t do family collages!

Don’t try to divide your happiness between all family members.

Try to make your own visualization of dreams, while your spouse can make his/her own, and even your children can make their own collages.

Just imagine how successful you will become next year, if you do everything right!

Thinking processes are very important in everybody’s life.

If you program your life for success and fulfillment of your dreams, you will surely achieve everything you want.

If you continue whining: “Come on, this is useless, there is no point doing that!” the result will be corresponding.

Whiners, skeptics and idlers who are not willing to change – don’t even bother to waste your time! As for the others, I’m glad to teach you how to create a photo collage!

Create photo collage correctly!

«A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album.»

Bo Bennett.

First of all, you have to buy a big sheet of clean whatman. Resist the temptation of using an old calendar or, God forbid, an agitation poster!
You must admit that it’s a little stupid to save 5$, if we are talking about the fulfillment of your dreams.

You don’t need somebody else’s faces with strange energy, animals and landscapes on the back side of your collage!

Choose your best photo and glue it into the middle of your collage. Try to follow these rules:

  • You should really like this photo, because you will be looking at it every single morning!
  • You have to be happy or at least smiling on that picture;
  • It’s better to choose a photo where you stand on an eminence, for example, on a hill.

Choice of the other material for your collage should be profound and well-thought.

You will need glossy magazines, pictures from the Internet (printed out) and ads.

Pictures should meet the following requirements:

  • All pictures should be colorful;
  • Spend some time for selection of the material. Don’t choose the first house you see, look for a place where you would really like to live;
  • Don’t put pictures of people. If you want to find your soulmate next year, don’t use a picture of the famous actor, look for some symbolic pictures (hearts etc.);
  • Photos should be in perfect condition – no scratches or stains;
  • Don’t use pictures with somebody else’s hands. If you want to receive a gold bracelet or ring, choose a picture without a model.

Life is a fairy-tale, and we are its writers.

You shouldn’t hurry, however you shouldn’t also postpone the creation of your collage. Try to do it in a month.

Create your collage correctly!

You have already found all pictures, bought a sheet of whatman and chosen a photo of yourself for the collage. Now it’s high time to start working on it!

How to create a collage: follow these tips!

  1. Don’t leave blank spaces on your collage; your whatman should be full with pictures.
  2. Don’t try to make straight edges, let your photos hang down from your collage. Your dreams shouldn’t have any limits!
  3. Place pictures around your photo in the centre. The most important photos should be as close to your picture as possible.
  4. Add your own notes, such as: “My car”, “My salary” and so on.
  5. Don’t start making collage when you are in a bad mood.
  6. The best time for collage making is holidays with a coat of magic, such as the Day before your Birthday, New Year’s Eve, Name Day, Christmas Eve etc.
  7. Set deadlines for the fulfillment of your dreams.

When your collage is ready, place it on the wall which is opposite to your bed, so that you will be able to see it when you wake up in the morning.

Don’t hide your collage somewhere far-far-away, it will get hurt and will stop working!

Remake your collage once in a year, take away those dreams that have already come true and put the new ones.

I’m sure that you can find other useful tips how to create a collage.

However, I gave you some recommendations that had been checked by me and my relatives.

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Everything what we think about is eventually attracted into our lives. Watch your dreams!

And remember that the creation of a brilliant photo collage is not enough, you have to start acting!

Do you remember an anecdote about a man who asked God about a lottery win? God became so sick and tired of these requests that He said: “At least buy a lottery ticket!”

It’s so true, sometimes you have to make a single step in order to fulfill your dreams!

And now starts making your dreams come true. Ready, set, go!

You will manage everything, I’m sure!

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