Who Am I? Thoughts of the Psychologist

Who am I? How to understand what I really want? How to discover my true self? Read some tips from the professional psychologist.


During consultations and trainings psychologists often hear this question – “Who Am I?”

How should they answer it?

«Who Am I?» – is an unusual and difficult question. It is not easy to understand what stands behind it; as well as it is very difficult to understand why a five-year-old kid asks his mom: “Where did I come from?”

The child may become satisfied with such answer: “Daddy and I wanted to have you!”, but he might also want to hear another answer.

Somebody has asked him once: “Where did you come from, kid?” and now this kid asks his mom the same question in order to receive the proper answer.

The question “Who Am I?” is just as much difficult to answer, and before a psychologist can help a person to answer this question, he has to get to know this person closer.

«Who Indeed Am I?» – This question is usually asked either by people who have lost themselves in the routine and falsity of their lives, or by people who believe in the ability to reach the peak of their personal growth. In first case people surely need the consultation of the psychologist, while in the second case people are interested in the effect of psychology, directed on self-development.

Who Am I: How to Understand It?

People, who torture themselves by asking this question, usually don’t make any progress.

If you don’t do anything and don’t try to engage yourself in an interesting activity, you will never be able to find the answer to it.

The solution to this issue doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Y

ou cannot expect some clever stranger to appear and tell you: “You are a teacher/actor/engineer etc. and you should move this way!” Relax; this is not going to happen!

The answer to this question appears in the process of living, when you start setting certain goals (even if they are small at first), and on the way to their achievement you begin to understand yourself and what you really want to get from life.

If you do this, at some point you may actually find your vocation and your sense of life.

You have to stop being passive, pessimistic or aggressive.

It is much better to find new acquaintances and to make new friends who will help you to move in the right direction!

Can psychology help you on your way to self-improvement? Yes, it can.

Who Am I? – Psychological Help

I am who i am today because of the choices i made yesterday.

Eleanor Roosevelt.

The approaches to discovery of Real Self are the following:

  • Stop being a Victim, be the Author of your life! Be responsible for your actions!
  • Fears and lack of self-confidence prevent a person from self-development and self-improvement
  • Set yourself a certain goal in life and start doing everything for its realization
  • Learn to listen to yourself and make your own decisions! If you leave all stereotypes behind, you’ll start living by a new plan

How to Be Yourself?

Is being yourself difficult, or not? It is really difficult to say.

Many people will say that it is very difficult, explaining it by the fear of being not understood by the others.

We all want to be surrounded by real people, not by pretenders.  

People, who don’t pretend to be someone they are not, are in full harmony with themselves, because they have a proper perception of themselves.   

The last thing they think about is the attitude of other people towards them.

Being your true self is real adrenalin. Many people will not be able to predict your further actions.

Tell me, who said that we all must follow a certain course in life? Have the courage to neglect the rules and become a riddle for other people!

Start living unlike others; use your imagination in order to be different!

Be outstanding!

Believe me; your life will turn into an interesting adventure, where each your step will be accompanied with exciting events with unpredictable outcome!

You will finally feel the real taste of life, full of extraordinary adventures!

Being your true self is not difficult, because this process is so exciting that you’ll have no spare time to think about troubles.

Learning how to be yourself is the ability to take responsibility for your actions and look at yourself with somebody else’s eyes

You may become more vulnerable to the fear of being misunderstood by your friends. Nevertheless, if you are ready to change your life, you have to take this risk!

Don’t look back! Look forward, look into your future!

Live your life as if you don’t have anything to lose!

Don’t get disappointed if your old friends leave you.

You will acquire new friends who will share your point of view and will know only your new personality!

They will not be able to compare you from the past with you in the present.

Don’t be afraid to feel comfortable among new people.

Practise your communication skills. The best way to overcome your fear of communicating with strangers is to start talking first.

Somebody has to establish rules, so why don’t YOU do it? Make a habit of saying: “Nobody else, but me!” Seriously, it will help you to be yourself!

Be yourself! When other people see you enjoying your life, they will follow your example!

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