How to make your wish come true?

8 useful psychological tips, how to make your wish come true. Chalk them up!


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And now let’s start discussing the issue how to make your dreams come true

Do you remember an encouraging phrase “Hitch your wagon to a star”?

If yes, then your parents prepared  you for your adult life in a proper way.

The quality and timely fulfillment of our wishes depends on how much we crave for it and how clearly we set our goals.

If you belong to skeptics who think of  making wishes as of useless pastime, I would insistently recommend you to finish reading the article.

Maybe, you simply never knew how to make your wish come true!

Believe me, it really works if you know what you are doing and what you actually want!

Let me tell you about a friend of mine, called Marina.

She is, as they say, a lucky stiff.

She easily gets whatever she wants, no matter whether it’s a small wish like a new dress or a more ambitious goal.

Marina is 7 years older than me.

Right after graduation she became a lecturer at the local university and began writing a PhD thesis.

She seemed to have been a pretty successful woman: students liked her, colleagues respected her and even her thesis was almost ready, but suddenly my friend confessed that she felt pretty bored and terribly uncertain abouther life.

About a year ago Marina started seriously thinking about changing her career.

She was  dreaming about finding a job in journalism.

Her friends advised her to calm down and wait at least for a year or two until the labour market stabilized.

Besides, Marina had a daughter she raised on her own as her ex-husband had moved  abroad and hadn’t helped her ever since.

But my friend was very determined and confident, so applied for an interview.

Surprisingly enough,despite the lack of any job experience, she was hired as a news writer for one of the websites. Her bosses preferred her to more qualified applicants!

Believe me, writing scientific articles and news is totally different, but Marina coped with it and, moreover, in seven months she became a managing editor of the website.

I asked my friendwhat helped her besides her personal traits and persistent character, and she surprised me with her answer, “I know how to make my wish come true!”

How to make your wish come true: 8 tips

«I get a lot of letters from people saying, ‘How do I get into radio, how do I get into telly?’ and I wish there was an answer, because there’s no ladder. There are no parameters. You’ve just got to go in wherever you can, make the tea, and slowly make your way up the ladder.»
Terry Wogan

Marina shared with me some of  these tips from her own experience, and several of them were drawn from mine.

So, are you ready to learn how to make your wish come true very fast? 🙂

  1. Forget about the word “not”!

    When making a wish, try to avoid this negative particle.

    Correct attitude: “I’m going to spend my vacation in France”.Wrong attitude: “I’m not going to spend my vacation at home”.

  2. Be sure that your wish will certainly come true!

    Don’t rely on chances.

    Making a wish, you must be sure every single minute that it will come true instantly!

  3. Formulate your wishes clearly.

    Correct statement: “I want to work for “The Telegraph””.

    Wrong statement: “I want to be successful”.

  4. Speak of your wish in the present tense and set a time frame for it.

    Correct plan: “I’m going to have a new fur coat in a month”, “I see myself married to a diplomat”.

    Wrong plan: “I will become rich one day”.

  5. Visualize your wishes!

    Write a plan for a year or at least for a month, then draw it or make  a collage.

  6. Don’t try to receive everything at once!

    Focus on one or, maximum, two most sacred  wishes; don’t dissipate your energy on a dozen.

  7. Wish the unattainable!

    The phrase “I want some ice cream” can hardly be called a wish.

    It looks much more like an instant need which can be easily satisfied.

    To achieve success, set high goals!

  8. Upgird your wishes with deeds!

    If you want to become a well-known model, repeating it to yourself as a mantra won’t do you any good.

    You must get a special education, attend a dozen of castings, and invest a good deal of money and effort in your appearance.

    Our destiny offers us a lot of opportunities.

    Just use them and make your dreams come true!

Eliminate the skepticism from your life!

It is important to know how to make a wish, but also – when to make it.

Remember, when we were children, we truly believed in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, and other wizards who could help our innermost wishes come true.

Believing in those fantastic things, we were sincere in our convictions, but every next year added to our skepticism.

We figured out thatgifts under our Christmas tree or money under our pillow were not from those fairy creatures, but from our mom and dad.

We may quit believing in miracles, but miracles still believe in us, remember it!

Despite your age, education, academic degrees, life experience, and a number of read books, leave your lives open to some magic.

That’s why I’d recommend you to make wishes at Christmas time watching a falling star and relying on the help of supreme powers.

Your wish is the starting point of any accomplishment! If you want your wish to come true overnight, you have to make it happen yourself!

Weak wishes bring weak results as little fire gives little warmth, keep it in mind.

Our life may be a very slight resemblance of a fairy-tale, but it’s still us who make a contribution to hardening our own hearts, to turning ourselves from a believing child into a doubting Thomas. And can a grouchy grandpa  that has lost his faith in miracles make  his wishes come true?

May I now speak as a priest, but I am sure that only deep faith multiplied by persistent work can help you make your most cherished wishes come true!

My dear readers, may all your wishes come true!

How to Make Your Wish Come True?

“Address your guardian angel”

As soon as you formulate  your most sacred wish, you may start taking first steps towards its realization. What should you do if you want to make your wish come true instantly?

We can recommend you to practise the exercise called “The realization of dreams”.

Set yourself a goal which is very important and desirable for you.

You should use one goal, not a whole list of them. Try to formulate your goal as clearly as possible if you want to achieve the necessary result and make your wish come true very fast.

Your plans have to be definite, clear, brief and positive.

Besides, if you want to make your wish come true instantly, it should not contain words “no” or “not”.

For example: “I do not want to be ill”.

You may understand these  words, but everybody else may feel confused.

Well, you do not want to be ill, but what do you actually want?

Your wish has to be formulated in the present time as if it is in the process of coming  true. You should not use the words “I want” in it.

For example: “I receive 5000 dollars per month, and I’m enjoying wealth! Thank you, my dear guardian angel, for that!”

Afterwards try to get cozy, eliminate all thoughts in your head and repeat your wish aloud for 3 times.

Then, if you want to help your wish come true as fast as possible, you can address your guardian angel.

The more you ask for him for help, the easier you’ll get along with him and thus, he’ll help you make your wish come true instantly!

In order to establish the contact with your angel, close your eyes and imagine a meadow.

Pretend that you’re standing in the middle of it calling for the angel.

I promise that you are going to feel when he turns up.

Ask him about his name. Usually angels are eager to help and communicate with people Ask him to help making your wish come true. In the end of your conversation you should thank your angel for help.

Afterwards all you have to do is to wait. Every wish has its time frame and its way of realization. There is no need to hurry; sooner or later your wish will definitely come true. Pay attention to everything that happens in your life and don’t waste your chance to realize your dreams when it comes into your life.

Live right here and right now. Enjoy your life and believe that one day your most sacred wish is going to come true.

When it finally happens so, celebrate your little victory with close people – relatives or friends.

Learn to enjoy the present instead of spending all your time making plans for the future, otherwise you’ll miss the beauty of the world around you and your life will simply pass by.

How to make your wish come true fast?

“Magic diary”

It is one of the methods to make your wish come true practically overnight. Thanks to this simple principle I’ve already managed to receive the desired and even a bit more.

I have to warn you that such method is not suitable for big dreams, but it can help you to attract luck into your life and to make your little dreams come true very fast.

First of all, you’ll need a new diary. You should buy it beforehand and keep it to yourself. Don’t share its content with other people, it should be very personal.

We’ll start doing this creative activity on the first night of a new moon cycle – the full Moon. You can purchase any diary to your taste. What is important about it – you have to like your diary a lot and feel its magic power.

So, let’s take a magic diary and write our first wish in it. For example: “I thank the Universe for a big ripe apple”. Or a pear.

Or a body lotion – anything what you can realize on your own. When the magic wish is clearly formulated, go to the store and buy the object which you have written about.


Your dream has come true instantly! Now you should thank the Universe for its realization.

Take your magic diary and write the following words below your first remark: “It has come true! Thank you!” Afterwards you should write two new wishes under the first one.

This is going to be your principle of realization of dreams: every time when one of your wishes comes true, you should write two more.

However, at first you should make one of two dreams very easy for realization. For example, you may write that you’d like to go to the restaurant, and then you should do it right away.

After you make this wish come true, you should write a new “thank you” note and come up with a new wish.

It may remind you the fairy-tale about a dragon, where two new heads appear instead of the one which has been cut off.

Don’t forget to go through your diary from time to time, recall wishes which have already come true and write new dreams and plans. You may always add some wishes that are easy to fulfill in order to nourish your diary with magic.

I have successfully used this method already, and I hope that it will help you to realize your dreams as well!

How to make your wish come true overnight?

“Wonders under the bed”

This method is one of my favorite.

First of all, you have to check the content of the space under your bed.

If you find nothing there except from a layer of dust and a holed sock, don’t even hope that your dreams will  come true overnight!

Thus, I’d recommend you to get rid of everything bad and place notes with pleasant words or positive objects there.

I can name you the example from my own experience.

Once I found a card with roses under my bed. It wasn’t done on purpose: you see, when there are small children in the house, such things happen very often. However, after this episode I received so many flowers that I didn’t even have enough vases for them.

At first I didn’t understand the situation at all. However, when I found a card with roses under my bed during cleaning, I finally figured out the cause of such pleasant present.

When I was looking for a job, I put a service record with detailed explanation of the work of my dreams under my bed, and you won’t believe it – my dream has come true practically overnight!

I found my perfect job sooner than I could ever imagine!

This simple but so wonderful magic helped me to make many more of my wishes come true!

You may ask how fairies use the space under the bed.

Oh, I’m sure that they know plenty of different ways.

A pair of lacy stockings, a tie or a pair of socks may help you to find your soulmate, while a piggy bank under your bed may improve your financial prosperity.

A feather from the pillow, placed under your bed, may bring lots of luck into your life and help you realize your most sacred dream!

It’s only up to you to decide whether you are a magician or simply a master of your own life.

How to make your wish come true instantly?

“A wishing gum”

The name of this method may sound funny to you, but I can assure you that it really works!

First of all, you should buy a package of chewing gum. By the way, many magicians prefer “Orbit” (maybe, because they think that this gum can carry them straight onto the orbit 🙂 ).

What should you do with a gum to make your wish come true instantly? You simply have to call it “a wishing gum”, not “a chewing gum”. Then you have to chew it for a bit. Don’t hurry. You may buy one package of gum for the whole week.

Pay attention to the type of gum if you want to realize your wishes instantly.

If your wish concerns money, choose a mint flavor; if you dream about finding love, buy a gum with strawberry flavor; if you dream about travelling to foreign countries, choose a gum with exotic fruit flavor.

Create your own associations and start realizing your dreams!

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