Boomerang effect: all your deeds will eventually return to you

Interesting real life facts about boomerang effect. Keep them in mind!


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I guess that right now you are asking yourself a question what a threatening weapon of aboriginals has to do with psychology.

Actually, it really has something to do with it!

Nowadays this word combination has two popular meanings.

This happens due to the fact that the specialists in propagandistic and pedagogic psychology interpret it a bit different than other people.

How specialists explain “boomerang effect”, does it really exist and what you should do in order to receive only good stuff in return – this is what this article is about!

Boomerang effect: terminology of psychologists, political scientists and pedagogues.

Specialized literature defines this word phrase as an effect which is made on a person or group of people by some information.

Usually this effect is completely opposite to the preliminary expectations.

This happens very often due to the fact that the information which is spread is:

  • out-of-date and obsolete
  • false
  • from the distrusted and disrespected source

We can witness such situation during the elections.

For example, one candidate is being poured with such a huge amount of blackmail that the electorate starts to console him instead of feeling hatred towards him.

Boomerang effect is often used by the PR-managers of celebrities, who want to attract attention to their clients and regain love from the audience.

We can use the example of the last Russian scandal with private photos and videos of Natasha Korolyeva.

Milonov, who is a notorious deputy of the State Duma, offered to deprive celebrity of her title.

What is déjà vu?

However, the audience started protecting the celebrity instead of feeling disgust and protest.

If we consider that many people think that the singer has published those photos and videos herself, we may conclude that Korolyeva has received the desired.

Boomerang effect: How is it understood by ordinary people?

All our deeds will eventually return to us!
This is the main principle of boomerang effect.

The fact that our ancestors had been familiar with this phenomenon long before it was discovered by psychologists can be proved by such proverbs, as: “As you sow, you shall mow”, “As the call, so the echo”, etc.

At that time people paid much attention not only to the way of life, but also to their words and thoughts.

Boomerang effect was also supported by the priests, because back then church played a significant role in people’s lives.

Priests persuaded people to lead a religious way of life and avoid making sins in order to hope for the bright future, if not for the bright present.

The truth is that sometimes priests don’t follow their own recommendations, but this is a completely different story.

Nowadays bad situations may be explained by such words: “Oh, this family has bad luck because their grandmother was a witch who cursed the whole village, or stole somebody’s husband”, etc.

Obviously, most of the time we have to blame ourselves or outer circumstances for some problems, but we also have to remember about the presence of the boomerang effect!

How my ex-boss started believing in boomerang effect?

Having graduated from the university, I worked for some time at one organization.

My boss was a nice woman and an excellent specialist.

The problem was that she liked to freeload. Besides, she could easily deceive other people if she wanted to derive benefit from them.

Sometimes I thought that she had no idea about the existence of repair shops, construction gangs and other organizations.

If she needed help, she always asked some of her friends or acquaintances to do the job for her.

She led a quite normal life because she persuaded herself that there were no higher forces.

Also, she didn’t feel any remorse for her lifestyle, forget about the boomerang effect – she didn’t believe in this phenomenon, as she considered her actions to be completely adequate.

My boss thought that she didn’t do anything bad. Moreover, she was sure that everybody else lived the same way.

However, some higher forces thought that nothing was as harmless as it seemed to my boss.

How to materialize thoughts?

She raised a credit in the bank, hoping that somehow she would manage to pull through it; however, she overrated her abilities and underestimated her rival.

The result was deplorable: the bank took away her mortgage on the apartment which had been presented to her by her parents.

After that case I’ve never heard her saying: “I’ll do whatever I wish and get away with it!” Hopefully, she has changed her lifestyle as well.

What should you do in order not to fall victim to boomerang effect?

I’ve formed several useful recommendations that would help you to live a happy life and prevent you from experiencing a boomerang effect.

  1. Don’t gossip.

    Even if you don’t make stuff up, but tell somebody about somebody else’s bad deed, this will affect you anyway.

    If you pick somebody to the pieces, be ready that tomorrow you may also become the object of gossips.

  2. Don’t wish anything bad to anybody, not even in your thoughts.

    Even if a person is guilty towards you, try to solve the situation with legitimate ways and hope that this person will be punished by higher forces.

    Never curse a person or wish him/her to suffer from calamities! There is no doubt that a part of these curses will return to you.

  3. Don’t hurt other people.

    Never try to harm anybody, even if you can benefit by this, or you think that everybody does the same, or even if you think that such actions can help you to succeed.

    I can assure you that somebody’s tears won’t do you any good.

  4. Don’t envy anybody.

    Of course, there are people who are successful today, but if you make some efforts, you can become successful tomorrow.

    If you envy and get angry with somebody, you won’t achieve anything, but your soul will be blackened.

    Remember that blackened soul will attract the entire negative and troubles from all over the Universe.

  5. Do as many good things as possible, and don’t forget to do them every day!

    Even the smallest nice deed will surely return to you.

    Imagine how much happiness will enter into your life if you do a lot of good for other people.

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I’d like to recommend you to be always in good spirits and practise positive thinking! Every shared smile, nice word and courtesy markers, such as “thank you” and “you’re welcome” will surely return to you because of the boomerang effect.

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