How to change your life: 8 tips

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The desire to change your life isn’t rare and, once felt, it can’t be neglected!

Of course, you’d better start doing it every Monday (kidding 😀 ) or, as it seems more reasonable to many people, – every new year.

But Christmas holidays aren’t the best time for it. This festive season messes up day and night and hardly urges anyone to healthy habits and fundamental changes in life in the midst of idleness and relaxation.

Also, don’t postpone your decision till summer and, moreover, till fall.

Summer gears you up for a physically active pastime and distracts from constructive deeds. Besides, will you be encouraged by additional workload, stress and a “bonus” of depression?

Setting hopes upon fall is absolutely pointless.

Why changing your life in the season when all living beings are falling asleep? Needless to say, winter isn’t good for that either.

So, your questions might be “How to change my life?” and “When to change it?”

Spring remains the only starting point for your initiatives.

8 tips, how to change my life?

Changing lives is easier than it seems.

Set the goal and go for it without the “dog-eat-dog” attitude, of course.

Believe in yourself, focus on current issues and make at least one step a day to get closer to your desire.

  1. Don’t be afraid of saying good bye to your past.

    Act contrariwise: overcome your fear of a possibly different day.

    Yes, a new day can start differently and it will be awesome!

    Get rid of doubts that “all can be worse”.

    If you faced the need of changing your life, then this “all” just can’t be worse!Besides, don’t seek easy ways like, for instance, returns to times and places where it used to be good.

    It is most likely that these ways won’t lead you to your positive aspirations.

  2. First of all, determine your present dissatisfactions.

    Think of your completed and unfinished projects, analyze your ways of failure and success.

    How and where have these ways directed your life?

    How have they changed it? Learn from your past in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

  3. Write the “Must do” list and be as precise with your goals as you can.

    The more detailed you make the description of your purposes, the easier it will be to achieve them.

    Big goals must be divided into step-by-step stages and attained by means of consecutive actions.

  4. Develop the plan of actions, proceed to its implementation and don’t forget about self-suggesting “I’ll do it, I’ll manage, I can!”.

    Avoid thinking negatively and losing faith and, along with it, don’t forget about your partner.

    Find at least 15 minutes for him or for her in the morning, before driving to work, at the dinner table or before going to sleep.

    It will keep your relations afloat and give you support for coping with your problems.

  5. Don’t start your morning with complaints about your current situation or problems at work.

    Don’t add bitterness to your coffee. Rather substitute these words with a kiss or a smile, or… unless you don’t have time or feel too tired for other options.

    Don’t spend your evenings in front of the TV set, better chat with your loved one about something beloved. And definitely avoid showdowns in bed.

  6. Putting money aside for a rainy day is a good habit, but don’t become a Scrooge.

    Go and spend some savings on fun – make yourself a present, especially if you haven’t received one for a while.

    It’ll raise your spirits and fill you with optimism.

  7. Fight stress and take a time-out.

    Even the most enduring bodies need a respite and a time to restore.

  8. Stop drinking gallons of coffee and maintain yourself with smoking.

    Maybe I am repeating myself, but pessimism and despair must be avoided!

    Don’t forget that desperate optimism is a diagnosis too!

Only you can CHANGE your life, no one can do it for you…


Here comes a story.

A man took his cross and appealed to God, “I’m so tired of it, please, take it away…” God answered, “Come in, choose one from the crosses I have”.

Finally, the man made his choice and God told him, “This is still your cross, and you have brought it here yourself”.


Each of us has his cross,

No need to deny.

And for better or worse,

Don’t complain “Me? But why?”

Wish you all plenty of bright and positive life moments!

Change and improve yourselves!

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