How to Clean Your Kidneys: 10 Simple Products

How to clean your kidneys without any harm to the organism? 10 simple products + a proper diet will definitely help you.


Kidneys, as well as our liver, play the role of the filters in our organism.

They egest liquids, clean the organism from harmful substances and maintain the balance.

In order to avoid all future problems,

kidneys need regular therapy which can be quite easily performed at home.

Read in the article the best ways how to clean your kidneys.

How to clean kidneys by learning why kidney stones appear?

Factors which promote the formation of the kidney stones:

  • Irregular eating and consuming junk food;
  • Heredity;
  • Environment;
  • Sedentary lifestyle;
  • Slow metabolism in the organism;
  • Illnesses which were connected to the legs can reflect on the kidneys’ work (quinsy, flue).

Unfortunately, everything in our organism is mutually related and bad functioning of the kidneys leads to edema, heavy legs, the baggy skin below the eyes and puffiness.

If your kidneys do not cope with the work, the cardiovascular system is loaded more (disturbed rhythm of heartbeat and pulse frequency, abrupt rises of pressure) and the intraocular tension is increased (the eyesight gets worse).

How to clear your kidneys learning the symptoms of the disease?

The following symptoms are able to tell you whether there is a risk of having problems with the kidneys:

  • Problems with outflow of urine which concern either often micturition (especially in the night) or, on the contrary, they are very rare and poor;
  • The urine became very cloudy and has either blood or clots;
  • The process of micturition is accompanied by the pain or burning in the urinary system;
  • The occurrence of edema and baggy skin under the eyes;
  • Pains in the lower part of the back, inguen, on the sides of the loins;
  • Increased weakness which is accompanied by the cold sweat, increased sweatiness;
  • Pain in the eyes, decrease in eyesight (intraocular tension);
  • Joint ache.

Sometimes it happens that these symptoms can signal how much a serious disease developed and then the cleaning of kidneys is categorically forbidden.

In such cases, you must consult a specialist, be examined and pass some tests.

How to clean your kidneys by the proper meals?

  1. During the period of cleaning, you must do one fasting day when you drink only water.
  2. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and food which did not undergo thermal processing.
  3. Drink as much as possible not only water but also compotes, fresh juice, and green tea.
  4. Eat small portions because in this case the food will be completely digested and it won’t make any waste or block your kidneys.

    This is the reason why you should not eat before sleep, too.

When you clean your kidneys the following products are forbidden

  • Spices and flavoring, especially mustard;
  • A thick soup;
  • Strong coffee and alcohol;
  • Chocolate and baked goods;
  • Smoked meat products, pickled products, and cheese;
  • Fat kinds of fish and meat.

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We suggest you eating the following products to clean your kidneys

  • Bread from bran and without salt, unsalted cookies;
  • Vegetable soups, vegetarian borsch, soups with cereals and macaroni;
  • Lean meat and fish, steamed cutlets and meatballs, steamed and stewed vegetables, porridge and cereals, macaroni, and eggs (not more than 2 egg yolks per day);
  • Kefir, milk, cream, sour cream, curd cheese, curdled milk, unsalted butter and vegetable oil;
  • Broth with wheat bran, honey and lemon, birch sap, green tea, sweetbriar infusion, dried fruit drink, juices from fruits and berries, starch drink and jelly, watermelon, and melons.

You should plan how to clean your kidneys twice a year.

This process is likely to take you from a fortnight to a month.

How to clean kidneys at home?

Before you start the chosen course of treatment, i.e. before you decide how to clean your kidneys, you must make the procedure of the ultrasound investigation of kidneys.

People go to do this procedure with a full urinary bladder.

Then you definitely must go to consult the urologist because this cleaning may only make the condition worse and bring harm to your health.

Things you need to clean kidneys:

  1. Cucumbers.

    You must eat for one week only cucumbers and consume 1,5 kilo of them per day.

    Besides, you are allowed to add to your diet a bit of potato (but only baked and unsalted).

    You can eat from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

  2. Watermelon.

    If your treatment is in August you can use a very good and effective product to remove all harmful substances from the organism – watermelon.

    They have diuretic action and it’s better to eat them in the evening (in any amount).

    After you eat, you should lie in a hot bath because it will help to heat the kidneys better.

  3. Sweetbriar.

    It will help you if you take it using the following receipt.

    Take 5 tablespoons of cut dry sweetbriar and pour 0,5 l of boiled water there.

    Leave it for 1 day to draw and drink 250 ml of the infusion every morning and evening.

    The course lasts for 2 weeks.

    Sweetbriar has a wonderful diuretic action and is rich in vitamins.

  4. Lemon, parsley, and honey.

    In order to learn how to clean your organism you can cook the remedy from lemons, parsley and honey.

    Wash two lemons and put them through a grinder.

    Add 2 batches of milled parsley and two tablespoons of honey. Stir everything thoroughly.

    Take 1 tablespoon of the remedy every morning on the empty stomach.

    The course lasts till you eat the cooked mixture.

  5. Oats.

    Take the real oats in glumes, wash them and pour with water so that it lightly covered the oats.

    Put on fire and let it boil.

    Then lessen the fire and continue cooking till it is ready.

    Then you need to put it through the sieve and receive a starch drink.

    Drink it for 2 days without salt or sugar but you may add a little honey.

  6. Cranberry.

    To clean the organism with cranberry you must make the course from 3 kg of berries.

    Eat 200 g (one glass) or berries every day within two weeks.

    To lower the sour taste you can add a little sugar.

    Make sure you gargle and clean your teeth after it in order to prevent the destruction of the tooth enamel.

  7. Flax.

    Flax infusion also has a great effect.

    In order to cook it, you should take a spoon of flax seeds and boil them in a glass of water.

    Add another glass of hot water to the received mixture and take it 3 times a day for seven days.

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What to drink to flush kidneys?

Natural fresh juice is a good way how to clean your kidney and strengthen the organism.

What juice to drink to flush kidneys:

  1. Lemon juice.

    Lemons are said to contain much vitamin C and antioxidants which promote kidneys’ cleaning.

    Besides, lemon acid prevents the formation of kidney stones.

    Ingredients to clean kidneys fast:

    • 4 lemons;
    • 1 glass of water (200 ml);
    • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (15 ml).

    Get the juice from 4 lemons and mix it with water (of the room temperature) and apple cider vinegar.

    Drink the mixture on the empty stomach every morning.

  2. Watermelon juice.

    Watermelon is rich in water, fiber, and antioxidants which clean the organism at home and eliminate toxins and results of metabolism from the blood.

    Take 1 kilo of fresh watermelon and a pinch of fresh basil.

    In order to get the juice, you can put watermelon in a blender or mixer.

    If you wish, you may add a little water.

    Add basil leaves before drinking the mixture.

  3. Apple juice.

    Use fresh juice only in order to clean your kidneys.

    Sour sweet apples will be the best option.

    You’ll need many of them because in general, you’ll need 13 glasses of juice per day.

    How often to drink apple juice to flush kidneys?

    Drink in the morning 1 glass of juice and then drink 2 glasses at 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20.

    Do not eat anything else and repeat the course the next day.

    Such treatment won’t suit those who have pathologies of stomach and bowel.

There are plenty of various ways how to clean kidneys.

The most important thing is to pick the most fitting option for you, which will be really efficient and effective.

However, before doing it and start cleaning your kidneys you must definitely consult a doctor.

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