How to Hypnotize Someone to Sleep: popular schemes

How to hypnotize someone to sleep – the scheme of hypnosis, the used word combinations and the description of several options of how to make a man sleep.


Hypnosis, which is developing during sleep, is considered to be healing for a human organism.

It assists in right metabolism and digestion, proper functioning of the internal organs and the activities of all systems, including cardiovascular.

So, let’s figure out how to hypnotize someone to sleep.

What is hypnosis and what kinds of it are there?

Hypnosis is a compressed condition.

It is triggered by someone’s influence and is characterized, first of all, by the increased susceptibility to suggestion and control.

This state may be treated like the conditional reflex of brain’s sleepiness.

The classical kind of hypnosis involves visual and hearing organs.

Different ways of how to hypnotize someone to sleep:

  • At the visual hypnosis someone uses a shiny ball, at which a patient looks for a long time and very attentively and then starts to fall asleep.
  • In most cases the auditive hypnosis is implemented by means of calming music, rhythmical tapping and the monotonous doctor’s speech.
  • Moreover, sometimes a combination of two kinds is used.

How to get rid of insomnia?

When someone reaches the entrance into hypnotic state, a doctor starts the healing infusion aiming to eliminate certain symptoms and anxieties in order to improve person’s well-being.

Hypnosis, just like the usual sleep, is differentiated according to its depth:

  • Light hypnosis is said to be characterized by the relaxed body muscles and “light nice fog” in the head.

    There is no strength and wish to move.

    You do not want to open your eyes either.

    However, regardless of all these factors, the person’s consciousness is still preserved and when he gets out of this state he remembers everything that happened with him during the hypnotizing session.

  • Middle hypnosis is characterized by the growth of the previously described symptoms, when someone’s consciousness starts to have “holes” and memory lapses.

    Middle hypnosis is conditioned by the fact that after a person awakes from been hypnotized, he remembers everything only partially.

  • Deep hypnosis differs by the fact that the probationer sleeps so deeply that he does not hear the sounds around, but at the same time he perceives everything the hypnotist infuses.

    A deeply hypnotized person naturally has skin insensibility, which is subdivided on insensibility to pain or temperature.

    Deep hypnosis was used to hold the surgical operations in former times.

    Such kind of hypnosis can still be used, if narcosis is contraindicative for a patient for some reasons.

The scheme of how to hypnotize someone to sleep

People, who perfectly master this art, can use various techniques to put their clients in such condition.

However, the general scheme of how to hypnotize someone has the following description:

  1. Gain someone’s trust (in the introductory conversation, using some tests on susceptibility to suggestion, no matter how).
  2. Separate consciousness from subconsciousness (wisely speaking, to trigger disassociation, and find a way how to send the client’s attention inside, so that the body could rest and the head was detached).

    Then, some word combinations are used, which are built in one of the ways to trigger trance state.

    The most important thing to do here is to separate the consciousness, like it happens when someone is sleeping.

  3. Put in the consciousness the infusion in the form of a metaphor, if the trance is light, or the command in case of a deep hypnosis.

    Moreover, one can do both.

What needs to be done to hypnotize someone to sleep?

You should only hypnotize a person, who agreed to it.

What do you need?

  • A person must lie down in the comfortable for him place (it does not actually matter whether it’ll be a bed, a sofa or a floor).
  • Suggest him concentrating on the slow breathing and relaxing his muscles.
  • He must try to think about nothing, and if he is not able to do it, to think only about one thing, eliminating the rest of the thoughts.
  • When a person is completely relaxed, he needs to say about it or give a sign, which was discussed beforehand.
  • Gradually, he’ll enter the trance state.

    You must thoroughly think over the words you’ll say to him, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

  • You should speak slowly, confidently and with punctuation.
  • After you infused the needed information, you must take him out of trance condition, setting in the positive mood.

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Word combinations you may use to learn how to hypnotize someone to sleep

Speak slowly, in a low, calming voice.

Your speech should be deliberate, calm and clear.

Pronounce the sentences a little longer than usually.

Imagine how you try to calm down the person who was frightened by something or worried about things, and use your voice to transfer him your calm condition.

Maintain such voice tone during the whole session.

Phrases, which you must say in order to hypnotize someone to sleep:

  • Sleep! Sleep deeper, stronger! Deeper!

    With every sound of my voice during the session you will get into the state of healing sleep, calmness and rest more and more.

  • You hear my voice.

    The rest of sounds leave you.
    You hear only my voice.

  • The relaxation in your body is growing and developing. Your body gets relaxed and arms and legs become wobbly.
  • Your head is free from thoughts and you lose the track of time.
  • Your eyelids droop and become heavier and heavier.
  • Nice and pleasant sleepiness covers you more and more.
  • The rest of noise become indifferent, your attention lazily avoids the side tones and does not fix at any of them.
  • My voice is fading for a while, but I’m with you [if you need to leave].
  • I give the installation!

    The installation is: … I touch your head – the installation starts to work [press your fingers in the head].

    The installation is working.

    Every day, every hour and every minute after the session the installation will work even better and stronger!

    To your best advantage!

  • When you wake up, you’ll forget everything I told you during the session, but your Highly-regarded Deep Mind will do as I said!

    The healing session is successful.

    The healing session is coming to the finish line.

Options of how to hypnotize someone to sleep

If you wonder how to hypnotize someone to sleep, you should know that you do not need any supernatural abilities for it.

Every person can learn how to hypnotize someone.

He’ll only need a confident look and voice, which is able to infuse.

However, the most important thing is the neat work on yourself and regular training as well as the knowledge of the several options of how to hypnotize people.

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Variants of how to hypnotize someone to sleep:

  1. Count from 1 to 10.

    Set the hypnotized person by means of the atmosphere: light, comfortable location.

    Turn to him with an offer to relax, trust you and get ready to sleep.

    Put your open hand a little higher than the eyes (8-12 cm) and suggest him looking at the center of your hand, without being distracted by any thoughts.

    Call for the warmth from your hand.

    Due to the high tension the eyes will be tired and a person will wish to close them.

    3-5 minutes later you should start using the formulas of infusion:

    • Within a few minutes you’ll fall asleep and you will hear only my voice.

      Your eyes are tired.

    • It’s hard to resist the desire to sleep.

      The wish to sleep is growing and the eyelids become heavier more and more.

    • Now, I’ll count from 1 to 10 and you’ll fall asleep.
    • One, your eyes are tired and you become sleepy.
    • Two, you’ll sleep and hear only my voice.
    • Three, the wish to sleep gets stronger.
    • Four, you are relaxed and very sleepy.
    • Five, your eyelids are heavy and the muscles are relaxed.
    • Six, you sleep, sleep, sleep.
    • Seven, you wish to fall asleep more and more.
    • Eight, you cannot resist the wish to sleep.
    • Nine, you sleep, sleep, sleep.
    • Ten, you fell asleep.
  2. Fixing the eyes on the clock.

    Take into account that hypnotizing is an interactive process.

    You must watch the visual signals of the subject and be ready to add the changes in the presentation in the correspondence to them.

    For instance, if the subject’s eyes are closed early, you should not infuse him to look at the clock without distracting the gaze.

    You’d better quickly pass to the infusion:

    Your eyes are closed and you keep them closed.

    Analogous way may be used if the subject is not completely relaxed or was focused at the induction’s beginning.

    You should not be shy to repeat the corresponding phrases till your infusions bring the wanted results.

    For the simplicity’s sake we’ll believe that you use the pocket clock as the fixation object in this scenario.

  3. Counting from 1 to 100.

    A patient sits comfortable (or lies down).

    His eyes are closed.

    Now, tell him: I’ll count slowly from 1 to 100 and at every odd number you’ll open your eyes and at every even number you’ll close them.

    At first, you count rather quickly, however you should not be too fast, because it must not be difficult to open and close the eyes.

    Then you’ll start counting slower and slower, infusing the patient that the eyelids become heavier from number to number.

    Keep such tempo of counting, so that the eyes opened for a little bit and then stayed closed for long, i.e. do not count steadily, but do it so that the pauses at even numbers were rather long.

    As soon as you notice that the patient finds it difficult to open his eyes, intensify this feeling by the following infusion:

    Your eyelids become heavier and heavier.

    Soon you’ll stop opening your eyes, though I’ll continue counting.

    Your eyes are closed and will stay closed.

    You would not be able to open them.

    Your eyelids are tightly closed and you are completely and infinitely calm.

So, in order to find at practice the answer to the question of how to hypnotize someone to sleep, you should train a lot, learn how to find the spiritual balance and develop magnetism in yourself.

However, you should always keep in mind that unskillful and wrong implementing of hypnosis can even be harmful for someone’s health, especially for sympathist.

Besides, we warn you that hypnosis can be helpful for the health only when it is properly used by the specialized doctor.

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