How to get rid of insomnia?

10 tips, how to get rid of insomnia. They are really effective!


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Have you heard about problems with falling asleep? Do you have a clue how to get rid of insomnia? Today we are going to talk about such disorder as insomnia and discuss the ways how can you fight this problem. I’ll teach you several ways to get rid of insomnia.

How many times were you lying in bed making vain efforts to fall asleep? How many times were you turning on your sheets trying to make yourself feel comfortable?

How many times were you looking at your clock trying to count  how many hours of sleep would you get if you fell asleep immediately? Have you been taking special sedatives trying to get rid of insomnia on your own?

Have you ever been excited by some interesting book or TV series so much that you’ve stayed up till 3 a.m., depriving yourself of good night rest and then wondering why you haven’t felt  like sleeping at that moment?

Trust me, if your answers to these questions are positive, you are not alone. The issue «How to get rid of insomnia» beats all possible records in search systems nowadays.

Insomnia is a realevil of modern society, and it is not easy to fight.

Fortunately, there are several useful methods that can help to overcome this problem.

What prevents us from getting rid of insomnia?

Nowadays our life is very difficult, eventful and somehow it resembles a steeplechase.

Our sleep has been also affected by the troublesome situation in the country: political instability, war and economic difficulties. Many Ukrainians haven’t been sleeping well since fall of 2013, and that’s more than 2 years already! Besides, many people don’t even try to get rid of insomnia because they don’t consider this problem to be serious.

Usually people suffer from insomnia when they:

  • Undergo  stress very often;
  • Feel miserable and unprotected;
  • Cannot relax to the full extent;
  • Take everything too close, including even things that have nothing to do with them;
  • Misunderstand some of the life values;
  • Cannot fight  the feeling of anxiety;
  • Devote too much time to TV, computer and other devices;
  • Know nothing about proper sleep.

How to get rid of insomnia: 10 tips

“If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you won’t create anything nice in the morning”.
Coco Chanel

Due to the reason that all members of society cannot be the same, there is no universal recommendation which can solve this problem once and forever. Thus, there is no universal remedy that can help to get rid of insomnia. However, I’ll give you a few helpful recommendations how to receive a good night rest.

10 tips how to get rid of insomnia

You may choose those recommendations which you personally feel comfortable with. Modify them, combine them, and do whatever you want, but remember that your main goal is to fight your enemy that prevents you from working and living your life to the fullest!

  1. When you try to fall asleep, boycott all devices with a glowing screen – TV-set, laptop, tablet PC, etc.

    Every electronic device with  a glowing screen has a negative effect on human brain because of its ability to lower the level of melatonin (a substance which is responsible for sleep). Our brain perceives the light from the screen as daylight and doesn’t want to prepare  for sleep.
    I’d recommend you to switch off your TV-set, laptop or PC at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

  2. Follow the sleep routine.

    Only few people always go to bed at the same time, no matter what happens around them.
    At weekends we all like to stay up late and watch a couple of movies or hang out with our friends in the evening because we know that we don’t have to get up early next morning. Besides, even during the rest of the week we may encounter with unpredictable circumstances that can change our usual sleep routine. This may lead to sleeping disorder, thus you have to know the ways to get rid of insomnia.
    Make a habit of going to bed at the same time every night regardless which day of week it is. It can increase your efficiency and help you forget about insomnia.

  3. Create your own going-to-sleep ritual.

    For example, you can take a shower and clean your teeth right before going to bed.
    Also, you may read for 40-60 minutes before going to bed. Or you may drink a cup of herbal tea an hour before going to sleep (but don’t get too excited about drinking tea in big amounts, otherwise your sleep may be interrupted by constant need  of going to the bathroom).
    Choose an activity which will send a signal to your brain that it’s about time to sleep now, this will help you to avoid looking for the methods to get rid of insomnia.
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  4. Don’t get overexcited before going to bed.

    If you want to get rid of insomnia, you should avoid things that can excite your nervous system, e.g. reading a scary book, watching a bloody horror movie, going through terrifying news, quarreling with your relative or friends over the Internet, and so on.
    The same goes with sex: if you want to get rid of insomnia, follow the recommendations of the doctors:  have a sexual contact at least a few hours before going to sleep, not when you are about to go to bed.
    Keep calm, be relaxed, and you’ll surely fall asleep very quickly, forgetting about insomnia.

  5. Determine factors that prevent you from falling asleep.

    Is your blankettoo hot or too cold? Are you irritated by the color of the walls in your bedroom? Do you think that your sheets to be comfortable? Is something wrong with your mattress or your pillow? Do your pajamas make you feel itchy?
    Or, maybe, it is the light of the street lantern that bothers you? Or your squeaking bed?
    Sometimes you only have to eliminate  the source of irritation and discomfort in order to have a good night sleep.

  6. Solve your problems during the day or postpone them for later, but leave them behind your bedroom door anyway.

    Every day of our life we encounter with both insignificant and very serious problems. Try to make a habit of solving your problems during the day, leaving your night time for sleep. Otherwise you won’t be able to get rid of insomnia.
    If you toss and turn all night long thinking about the solution to your problems, they will not disappear anyway. In fact, in the morning you are going to wake up feeling exhausted and sluggish, and you won’t be able to do anything at all.

  7. Get up from your bed.

    And I’m not kidding about that! If you spend 20-30 minutes in bed trying to fall asleep, but have no luck with that, get up and do something else: wash the dishes, do the laundry or arrange your stuff in the closet.
    After an hour of such activity you are more likely to get tired and go back to sleep immediately.
    Keep in mind: How to stop being lazy?

  8. Use well-known methods that help to fall asleep and get rid of insomnia.

    Count the sheep, choose the most comfortable position for falling asleep, massage your head, drink a glass of warm milk, lie on the opposite side of the bed, etc.
    If you don’t like these methods, you may choose a more exotic way to fall asleep: lie on your back and start moving your toes, counting from 1000 to 1. It’s a famous exercise from yoga, and they say that it’s really effective.

  9. Control your breath.

    Try to take a slow and deep breath, filling your body with oxygen and calming down.
    Moreover, if you try to eliminate  all thoughts and concentrate only on breathing, you’ll fall asleep a lot faster.

  10. Take special medicine.

    First of all, I want to warn you that you shouldn’t abuse such medications as sedatives, sleeping pills, or any drugs that contain  melatonin .
    Besides, you can’t start taking any medication without consulting your doctor first. Only using professional help, you may get rid of insomnia.
    If you are tired of fighting insomnia on your own, make an appointment with a doctor or attend the Institute of Sleep in order to receive a special treatment.

Hopefully,  these recommendations will help you and that you’ll never be worried about the issue how to get rid of insomnia.

How Do You Get Rid of Insomnia?

You can get rid of insomnia on your own. We can offer simple but effective remedies and recommendations which can help you to relax, forget about your everyday problems, fall asleep and get rid of insomnia.

  1. Sleep at least 8 hours per day!

    Scientists consider  such amount of sleep to be necessary for maintaining beauty, youth and health (both physical and mental).
    You should never “postpone” your sleep for the weekends, because there is no such thing as catching up on sleep. First of all, you won’t be able to compensate for the lack of sleep during the whole week just in two days. Secondly, you are not likely to have a good sleep on Sunday night, because your body will be confused by oversleep during weekend and it won’t be able to relax before Monday.
    Such actions definitely won’t help you to get rid of insomnia.

  2. Any sport activities should be finished by at least 6 hours before going to bed!

    Physical activity stimulates nervous system and prevents body from having a good rest.
    Thus, if you do not want to suffer from insomnia at night, you should finish doing physical exercises at least 6 hours before going to sleep.

  3. Have a proper evening snack!

    Keep in mind: healthy diet presupposes having useful carbohydrates for dinner. You may be surprised, but these necessary nutrients may be found in pastry, cakes and cereal.
    If you want to get rid of insomnia and relax after a difficult day, you should include the abovementioned products into your ration.
    However, do not abuse them, because excessive amount of unhealthy food may lead to overweight.
    If you belong to people, who always count calories and keep a diet, your dinner can consist of a glass of yoghurt or a serving of cottage cheese.
    Even keeping a healthy diet can help you to get rid of insomnia and sleep well!

  4. Read a book instead of watching TV!

    Watching a TV show or a movie is the worst thing for a person who can’t get rid of insomnia!
    Avoid watching thrillers, action movies, horrors or fantasies before going to bed.
    If you want to relax, try to read a book.
    However, be careful about what book you are going to read.
    If you do not want to suffer from insomnia at night, choose something peaceful and joyous.

  5. Take a fragrant bath with herbs!

    If you take a bath with herbal decoction before going to bed, your sleep will be nice and strong. Besides, you’ll fall asleep quickly and avoid suffering from insomnia.
    I’d recommend you to wait for an hour after having dinner before taking a bath. The perfect temperature of the water is 37-38 °C (99-100° F). Doctors do not advise to bathe for more than 20 minutes.
    Besides, even if you do not happen to have any medicinal herbs at home, you can take a bath without adding them, it will still help you to relax, remove stress and get rid of insomnia.

  6. Have a cup of dill tea!

    Dill is famous for its numerous useful properties, e.g. its ability to fight insomnia.
    Here is the best recipe of dill tea: add 1 tablespoon of dill to a glass of boiling water and let it sit for 2 hours. If you do not have fresh dill, you may replace it with 2 teaspoons of ground seeds. You should drink 100-150 ml of this remedy three times per day before eating and one more time before going to bed.
    Dill contains essential oils which remove stress and prevent the occurrence of insomnia.

How to get rid of insomnia: 3 unique methods


Sometimes thoughts and memories about past events start bothering us at the very same time when we plan on going to sleep. If you learn to use your imagination, you’ll be able to get rid of insomnia.

This exercise can provide you with a feeling of flying and enable you to relax and decrease accumulated anxiety and fear. As a result, you will get rid of insomnia and return to normal rhythm of life.

The process of achieving the “sensation of flying”:

  1. Turn off the lights and eliminate the sources of annoying sounds in the room.
  2. Lie onto the bed and try to relax.
    While your muscles are relaxing, look at the ceiling for some time.
  3. Close your eyes and try to concentrate on your breathing – make it calm, even and shallow.
  4. Imagine yourself in some peaceful place, e.g. lying on the green meadow.
  5. You can also use anything available in order to create the proper atmosphere.
    For example, turn on a fan – it will imitate the blowing of wind.
  6. Pretend that your body becomes lighter on the inside and finally becomes weightless.
  7. Visualize rising up from your mattress.
    Remain in such position for a few moments.
  8. Imagine that you start flying; afterwards pretend that your body becomes heavier again.
    Return back down.
  9. Repeat such procedure for 7 times.
    Rise up and go down back to your mattress. As a result, your body will relax and you’ll fall asleep. With the help of this exercise you can get rid of insomnia.


If you have no clue how to get rid of insomnia, you should try out this effective technique. Apart from saving you from insomnia, it can also help to improve your attention and recollect the tiniest possible details of your life.

The abovementioned method somehow reminds the rewinding of the movie. Its appliance can help you to recollect all events of the day since the minutes of getting up in the morning. Your consciousness will recall all your actions, including details of every event of the passing day. You are likely to fall asleep without even recollecting the details of the evening. It’s a very effective way to get rid of insomnia.

The process of reproducing the events of the day:

  1. Turn off the lights and create a calming atmosphere in the room.
  2. Lie onto the bed and close your eyes.
  3. Imagine the moment of getting out of bed in the morning.
  4. Recall taking your morning shower. Try to recollect your next actions.

Even if you do not fall asleep after such procedure, your brain will surely get tired of such boring exercise. Don’t worry; you’ll fall asleep soon after closing your eyes.


When you do not know how to get rid of insomnia, you should consider using a very effective technique, called “sinking into the mattress”.

The main principle of this method consists in imagining how parts of your body sink into the mattress on your bed.

The process of “sinking into the mattress”:

  1. Turn off the lights and eliminate all sources of noise in the room.
    Arrange a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Lie onto the bed and close your eyes.
  3. Concentrate on your feet.
    Bend your toes for 5 seconds. When you finally relax your muscles, you’ll feel your body sinking down.
  4. Repeat the same procedure with your ankles, hands, shoulders and neck. Let every part of your body feel the “sinking” by bending the muscles.
  5. When you repeat the same exercise with all parts of the body, you’ll feel unbelievably relaxed, as if your body has sunk down into the mattress.
    It can help you to fall asleep very quickly and protect you from insomnia for the night.

Every person is unique, thus everybody can have his/her own recipe how to get rid of insomnia.

Try out all these techniques and choose these which suit you the most. These simple exercises are going to help you to forget about insomnia and have a good night sleep.

Besides, don’t forget to consult a doctor if you cannot get rid of insomnia on your own!

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