How to overcome fatigue: 3 recommendations

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Hello, my dear readers of “Motivational tips”!

Today I’ll share my own recommendations how to overcome fatigue with all of you!

I realize that every busy person is very hard-working, and thus he/she gets tired easily.

Sooner or later such person will come to the point when his/her accumulated fatigue will practically shout to him/her: “That’s enough! Give it a rest!

Take at least a small vacation!” However, there is really no time for rest in the middle of working year, because this break can throw you off and deprive you of your previous achievements.

How can you deal with this problem? Read this article and you’ll find the answer.

How to deal with fatigue and what are the types of fatigue?

I think that some of you may already know that there are two types of fatigue:

  • Physical
  • Emotional

People often get wrong when they think that physical fatigue is peculiar only to people who deal with hard physical work, such as builders, farmers, janitors, loaders, etc.

However, despite the fact that this statement is widespread, I cannot agree that it is correct.

Even if your profession presupposes mental work, but you don’t get enough sleep, your food ration is poor, or you work 10-12 hours a day, then you will definitely end up with physical exhaustion.

I remember how one of my friends who was working as a copyrighter, complained to me about her husband.

She said: “Every day I spent 8-12 hours in front of the computer and type tens of thousands of text symbols. By the end of the day I feel totally jaded: my head aches, my neck and shoulders hurt, my limbs are swollen. However, when I complain to my husband about that, he only makes fun of me. He says that there is nothing tiresome in working in front of the computer, and that his job at the furniture workshop is much more exhausting than mine! And he doesn’t even consider the fact that my salary is three times as much as his! Why is this drone so ungrateful? He doesn’t even think about recommending me how to overcome fatigue, forget about a simple sympathy”.

Emotional fatigue occurs as a result of constant pressure on your nervous system. You are likely to feel the attack of emotional fatigue if you:

  • Live in the state of constant stress;
  • Suffer from huge emotional shocks every day.
    For example, emotional fatigue often attacks beginner artists, teachers, TV-journalists, drivers, etc;
  • Solve a huge amount of problems or sort out an impressing number of tasks every day;
  • Suffer from constant scandals and pressure, e.g. from your boss of spouse;
  • Take more responsibilities than you can actually bear.

How to overcome fatigue with the help of proper diet and daily routine?

You won’t suffer from fatigue if you start keeping a proper daily routine, which by all means consists of:

  1. Healthy sleep during at least 8 hours per day.
  2. Morning exercises or jogging.
  3. Chilly or contrasting shower.
  4. Nourishing and healthy breakfast, such as porridge, cereal, cottage cheese, eggs, and cottage cheese pancakes, etc.
  5. Making a day plan, including the terms for the fulfillment of daily tasks.
  6. Unhurried preparations for work or studies in the morning, instead of half-naked running about the house and yelling: “Crap, where did this seam on my stockings come from?”, “Where is my bra?”, “I’m running late” and so on, and so forth.
  7. Enough time for having a normal dinner instead of five-minute fast-food snack.
  8. A few fifteen-minute rests during a day.
  9. Drinking water (2-3 liters per day).
  10. Giving up bad habits. Start getting rid of your cigarettes right now!
  11. Light supper (eat not later than at least 3 hours before going to sleep).

The presence or the absence of the fatigue usually depends on your food ration.

A person, who stuffs himself/herself with huge hamburgers, French fries, pastry and other very tasty, but also very unhealthy food, will end up feeling sluggish and tired.

If you want to be always cheerful and vigorous, you have to eat the following products:

  • Cultured milk foods;
  • Fat fish;
  • Seafood;
  • Diet meat (rabbit, chicken, turkey) and red meat (veal);
  • Beef liver and kidneys;
  • A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • A lot of greenery;
  • Different cereals (especially buckwheat);
  • Dark chocolate, honey and nuts (but don’t abuse these products if you don’t want to gain a few kilograms).

Also, you have to drink pharmaceutical vitamins in the difficult periods of the year (late autumn and winter), drink decoctions from the dog rose, magnolia vine, St.

John’s wort, hawthorn, milfoil, hop, leaves of wild strawberries and other useful herbs.

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3 effective ways of overcoming fatigue

«Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.»
Dale Carnegie

Healthy diet and proper daily routine are not exactly the ways of overcoming fatigue; they are preventive measures which will save you from total exhaustion.

If fatigue seizes you from head to toe and screws you to the floor, you have to take radical measures.

I can share with you my own effective ways of overcoming fatigue. They include:

  1. A day of rest.

    When I feel that I’ve reached the rock bottom and cannot work anymore, I decide to have a day of rest.

    I plan it for the next day, even if I feel tired today morning. You won’t believe me how quickly our organism mobilizes and how many tasks it is ready to complete when you promise it the whole day of relaxation.

    This day of rest and relaxation I spend according to my current mood: sometimes I turn off my cell phone and lie in bed in my pajamas all day long, arrange a picnic with my friends, or spend quality time with my beloved.

  2. Taking care of yourself.

    Sometimes you have to take care of your body, face or hair if you want to get rid of the fatigue symptoms.

    I usually attend beauty salons (they work until 8-10 p.m., so don’t even start telling me: “I’m working long hours” or “I don’t have spare time”).

    As for me, I order some cosmetic procedures, or hair masks, or massage, or just manicure and pedicure. During the cold time of year I’d recommend you to order such relaxing procedures, as sauna or hammam.

    Such therapy doesn’t take much time, but it is very effective.

  3. Sleep.

    I try to postpone all my plans for tomorrow and go to bed earlier.
    Take a long bath with fragrant foam and sea salt, light up a few candles or an aroma lamp.

    To make your dreams untroubled and pleasant, make yourself a cup of tea with mint, melissa or any other calming herb, drink a glass of wine (but just one glass!), or read something relaxing (e.g. a woman magazine).

    Usually such therapy helps me to wake up early and full of energy, and I’m sure that you will have a similar effect.

You can have your own recommendations how to overcome fatigue. Share them with us in the comments below – what if they can also help me and other readers of our website?

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