How to Meditate Deeply: Best Techniques and Tips

The description of the techniques of how to meditate deeply and some useful pieces of advice. Learn what deep meditation gives you and start practicing it.


It is typical of a usual and proper meditation to have focused attention and rather short periods of thoughtless silence.

Meditating deeply makes you focused and sends your energy in a certain way, takes you out of the physical state and lets you gain complete silence in the thoughts.

The last fact is the most interesting, because you can compare it almost with degeneration.

So, let’s figure out how to meditate deeply.

What does meditating deeply mean?

Meditating deeply is a multilevel entrance in the condition of the deep relaxation of physical and mental body.

When you meditate deeply, you restore your organism; bring all the thoughts to order and your psychical and physical condition comes to norm.

Meditating deeply can improve your healthy sleep, help to overcome depression, eliminate all stresses and get rid of various fears and worries.

When we meditate deeply, we might partially or completely learn how to discard or transform the number of the negative affirmations, which bring only harm for our health and prevent us from development as personalities and achieving the set goals.

Techniques of how to meditate deeply

How does the technique of deep meditation look like?

Actually, it’s a step-by-step process of coming from the state of consciousness to the state of meditating deeply.

How does this process happen and how to learn to meditate deeply:

  1. Firstly, you’d better define when you are willing to practice deep meditation.

    For this you should understand that meditating deeply is never achieved from the first try and even from the second or third.

  2. You should teach your body how to relax properly.

    If you spend all our conscious life in the state of tension, you should firstly learn how to relax physically and only then how to ease your mind.

Practice of physical relaxation on order to meditate deeply

  • The level of physical relaxation is achieved by implementing the count down from 10 to 1, pronouncing the set of affirmations for relaxation.
  • To use this relaxation technique you can pick any place in your apartment or outside of it (in the woods, cottage house, field or near the river).
  • The only desirable condition will be the fact that no one can interrupt you.

    You should turn off all phones and other irritants beforehand.

  • Between different masters, who practice the meditation of deep relaxation, there is no one certain pose, in which you must relax physically.
  • So, you defined the time, place and pose.

    Now it’s time you started meditating.

    Make yourself comfortable and make several deep inhales.

  • When you inhale, imagine how your lungs are filled with air, and when you breathe out – how they get free from air; fix this feeling.
  • Imagine how rhythmically your heart works, try to feel its beating, listen attentively to its rhythm and feel every beat; fix this feeling.
  • Then you should try to feel how your skin is moving during breathing.

    Imagine how it strains or how it becomes clenched and fix this feeling.

  • The next step is concentrating on breathing, heart beating and skin shaking.

    All these feelings must become the guides to the physical relaxation of your body.

  • Such exercises should be done at least for 10-15 minutes for the first 7-10 days at the initial practice of the deep relaxation.
  • In the end you should count down from 10 to 1, because it will help you reach the physical and mental relaxation.

These exercises of physical and mental relaxation should be used at least for 7-10 days.

After you did the final countdown, you must simply sit and do nothing in this state of peace.

If some thoughts start crossing your mind, it’s quite natural, later they will leave you and only peace and quiet will stay.

Learning how to relax physically will be the ground to learn how to meditate deeply.

How to meditate deeply according to Yogani technique?

You must have come across the word “mantra”.

It means the word, word combination or just some sounds, which a person constantly repeats.

It allows eliminating from the mind other thoughts, killing the inner dialogue this way.

We suggest you using mantras in order to meditate deeply.

The sequence of actions on how to meditate deeply:

  1. Yogani offers to use the word combination “I AM”.

    Moreover, it offers to work only with this word combination, regardless of the language you speak, because the sense is not as important as the sounds are.

    Actually, nothing is important and you may use any other mantra.

  2. You are going to need 20 minutes, during which no one will distract you.

    Sit in the comfortable place, in the comfortable pose, on the sofa or in the armchair.

    It’s not obligatory to sit on the yoga mat in the Padmasana.

    Moreover, we do not recommend you practice it, even if you know how to do it.

  3. Then you simply need to relax.

    However, you should not try to meditate lying.

    It often leads to sleep.

  4. Set a timer or an alarm clock on signaling you when 20 minutes pass.

    Pick the softest, calmest tune.

    Nevertheless, you are not obliged to it at all.

    You simply need to make sure you can see the clock well from where you are sitting without excess movements.

  5. Close your eyes and relax.

    Look in the darkness and colorful stains, which are twinkling on the closed eyelids.

    Do not worry, you do not need to see something specific there, these are just chaotic stains.

    Make a couple of calm inhales and exhales and pronounce your mantra to yourself.

    Listen to the inner silence, which comes after it.

  6. Your mind will immediately return to the thoughts, which will go in place, and it’s natural, it’s a usual thing.

    As soon as you understand that there are thoughts in your head – repeat the mantra again, calmly, without hurry.

    Listen to the silence and your mind will return to the thoughts again.

  7. Do not aim to clear your head from everything completely, because you can hardly do it.

    The most important thing is never to get disappointed or disapprove yourself, if it seems to you that you failed to repeat mantra for a long time.

    There is no “too late” in this case.

    It’s significant that you notice and repeat it, no matter when.

  8. You are sure to have the thoughts like “I’m tired of sitting here”, “Maybe, it’s already enough for today”.

    It’s a natural reaction; you should just repeat the mantra again.

  9. Do not connect pronouncing mantras with inhales and exhales.

    Never pay attention to your breathing and if you do, simply say the word combination once more.

4 tips on how to meditate deeply and successfully

You are probably interested in finding out whether you are able to meditate deeply, especially if you are only a beginner.

The answer is definitely YES!

Perhaps, you’ll need some time to learn how to do it, but the more you train, the better you’ll succeed the silence in your thoughts and the deeper you’ll get.

Tips on how to meditate deeply:

  • Before you sit down and close your eyes, set a goal to meditate as deeply as possible.
  • Do not be too strict to yourself and never allow negative thoughts crossing your mind.

    Enjoy it!
    Study “the energetic you” with great curiosity – do not take it as a duty.

  • If you really wish, you can choose musical accompaniment, so that it was easier to focus.

    The Internet is full of tracks, with which you are able to meditate.

  • If you meditate deeply and you notice you are focused on a certain feeling or mood or expectation of something, react on it like on any other thing and return your attention to the breathing.

What does deep meditation give you?

  1. Firstly, you significantly increase your vibrations, going out of the usual negative ways of thinking and realizing the unity with everything outdoor.
  2. You can either realize or not realize how the energy flows in your body and outside of it.

    You clearly realize the energy nature of our world: everything in the world is said to be energy.

  3. Meditating deeply will take you out of time.

    It may seem that meditating took you much less or more that it actually did (surely, you do not realize how much time passed until you finish the exercise).

  4. Meditating deeply lets you “hear” (without the help of physical hearing) the voice of your intuition.

    You get the information, which otherwise would not be accessible for you, because logical thinking would have discarded it.

    Logical thinking may perceive the information, which we receive by means of the organs of senses – it thinks that things, which are not perceived by these organs, cannot be real.

  5. Meditating deeply opens in front of you the door of energy information, which is not perceived by the organs of senses.
  6. When you meditate deeply, you might have interesting and unusual feelings.

    They are destined to help you realize the unity with clean positive energy of the higher mind.

    At first, you focus your attention inside you and then it covers all things.

    This is a wonderful, blissful feeling!

  7. Leaving deep meditation you’ll feel how much you charged yourself with energy and purity.

    You’ll feel love, happiness, calmness, gratefulness and renewed interest in life.

  8. Besides, meditating deeply might heal you.

    Your cells are rejuvenated and you enjoy the improved health!

You should not hope to get the results, enlightenment and understanding at once.

Just meditate from time to time, but it’s better to do it regularly.

The changes will happen gradually and you are sure to feel how to meditate deeply in order to pass to the next level.

Good luck!

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