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What Vitamin Helps Your Hair Grow?

What vitamins can I take to help my hair grow after studying 10 essential ones + their characteristics + 4 elements for men + 10 elements for women?


Vitamins are represented by the low-molecular compositions which play the roles of the activators for all kinds of biochemical reactions which happen in a human organism.

All biochemical reactions which are required to secure the health are maintained and activated only when a person supplies the organism with the nutrients from the outside.

The deficiency of what vitamins is able to cause hair loss?

It can be provoked by the lack of the following vitamins: A, B5 and B6, C, E, F.

Such problem might also be caused by the lack of one of the mentioned supplement or several of them at once.

In most situations, it begins to fall out when it lacks 2-4 of them.

What vitamin helps your hair grow and why?

In general, in order to avoid losing hair, the organism requires all 13 known vitamins.

Nevertheless, some of them are really essential because they secure the normal processes and activities in the hair’s structure.

Learning what vitamin helps your hair grow, you are sure to discover the following ones: B2 (or riboflavin), B3 (or PP, nicotinamide, nicotine acid), B5 (or pantothenic acid, panthenol), B6 (or pyridoxine), H (biotin), Folic acid, C (ascorbic acid), A (retinol), E, F.

In order to stop the unpleasant satiation or decrease the speed of the process, you should take all the mentioned elements in the average daily dose.

One of the best options will be to buy the special complexes of vitamins and minerals.

In case a person does not have such opportunity, he may take them separately starting from the most useful ones such as biotin, vitamins E, A, and C.

Today we’ll discuss the features which make them especially helpful in improving your hairdo.

The characteristics of the nutrients which can help you grow a long hairdo

What vitamins can I take to help my hair grow? The list of the essential ones includes:

  1. B2.

    B2 is helpful to maintain the active blood flow to the follicles.

    The intense blood flow supplies the follicles with enough amount of nutritive elements and oxygen.

    Right from there they reach all cells and make the locks look beautiful and strong.

    When you feed the follicles well, they do not fall out so fast.

    If someone lacks B2, his haircut will have oily roots and dry ends.

  2. B3 (PP).

    B3 (PP) supplies the nutrition of the follicles and controls the metabolism processes, eliminating the alopecia.

    The deficiency of nicotine acid (PP) leads to the dryness and slows the speed of growing.

  3. B5.

    B5 can get straight into the follicles and improve the blood flow, nutrition, and metabolism in all cells.

    It goes from the roots to each cell and normalizes metabolism there.

    B5 makes the locks and their roots stronger, literally from the inside, and makes them strong and beautiful.

    Moreover, it helps your hair to grow faster.

    As a matter of fact, this is one of the major elements which are able to stop alopecia and renew the normal structure.

    If the human organism lacks B5, his haircut will grow slowly and turn gray fast.

  4. B6.

    B6 is a powerful stimulant of metabolism in the hair.

    Its impact removes dandruff and itching as well as alopecia, while the deficiency makes the hairdo pale and thin.

  5. H.

    It is considered to be the main element for the locks because it secures their strength and beauty due to the optimal speed of metabolism and regulation of the sebaceous follicles’ work.

    The lack of H makes the locks oily and leads to baldness.

  6. C.

    It normalizes the condition of the capillary vessels which deliver blood to the follicles.

    Consequently, it improves the microcirculation, increases the blood flow to the follicles, and secures better nutrition.

    Nutrition assists the hair growth and its lack leads to the moderate loss.

  7. A.

    A secures healthy density of the hairdo, improves the metabolic processes in the roots and the flexibility which, in its turn, decreases their fragility and helps them grow.

    Besides, A normalizes the production of the skin fat, removes the excessive oil and seborrhea.

    When the organism lacks it, the hairdo gets pale, fragile and eventually it falls out.

  8. E.

    E regulates the follicles’ nutrition and the production of biological skin fat.

    Due to the optimal nutrition, enough oxygen and activity of all cells, this vitamin stops baldness.

    When a person lacks it, the moderate hair loss or alopecia and seborrhea can be observed.

  9. F.

    It makes the locks stronger and resistant to the various negative influences.

    Actually, it stops alopecia by making the hairdo much stronger.

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Which vitamins should men take to make the hair grow?

In order to stop hair loss in men, one must take the vitamins H, A, E, and B1 in the average daily dose.

The duration of the course depends on how fast the improvement will be observed (complete stop or decrease of the baldness).

Nevertheless, it must not be more than 1-2 months.

If two months pass and it still falls out or the process is slowed down, you’d better make a break for 2-4 months and then drink the nutritive complex again.

Then you should take good care of the health and take some preventative measures drinking the nutritive complexes for 1-1, 5 months with the pauses for 3-6 months.

The vitamins A, H, E, and B1 can be taken separately or as a complex together with some minerals.

In order to stop elocution in men, the usual complexes for men will be quite suitable as well as complexes for women that are targeted at improving the hair, nails, and skin.

Choosing such complex, a man must remember that it must definitely include vitamin H (at least 20 mcg).

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What vitamins can women take to help the hair grow?

In order to stop alopecia in women, they need to undergo the treatment which improves the hair structure and its nutrition.

  1. E
  2. H (B7)
  3. C
  4. A
  5. F
  6. B group (B2, B3, B6, and B12).

The enumerated elements can be taken both separately and in complexes with other minerals.

The best combinations of vitamins which are able to eliminate the problem are contained in the special complexes for women that are focused on improving the skin, hair, and nails.

Having discussed the whole list, we can come to the conclusion that proper nutrition and a healthy diet can not only restore the weak locks but become a preventative measure to help you maintain the healthy hairdo.

Remember that the proper hair care and vitamins are the ground for the health of your hairdo.

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