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Why Does Your Hair Turn White?

Why does your hair turn white: reasons + proper diet + remedies to prevent white hair.


White hair appears in most people who reached a certain age stage.

The first white hairs people often find when they are 30-35 years old.

Read in our article why does hair turn white?

Why does hair turn white: 4 reasons

  1. Genetics.

    The hair might go white earlier than usual.

    Such thing may be caused by the genetic predisposition.

    If such change is caused by genetic factors, all attempts to prevent white hair will fail.

    The only way out in this situation will be to dye your hair.

  2. The disruption of metabolism.

    Very often the reason why hair turns white is such disease as anemia or the influence of the disturbed work of the thyroid body.

    It also happens when the organism lacks the number of microelements.

    As a result, the cells won’t manufacture enough melanin or it will stay in the roots of the hair.

    The protein accumulates and this is why they cannot go down to the ends.

  3. Stresses.

    Serious stresses and deep nervous overstrain can lead to white hair in extremely short terms.

    When a person finds himself in a stressful situation, his organism will manufacture substances which break the natural chemical connections.

    They influence the interaction of protein and melanin.

    As a result, the pigment will get out of the hair’s structure fast.

    It may also be either neutralized or washed away.

  4. The influence of the surrounding factors.

    Your hair can turn white as a result of the occurrence of air spaces inside the hair structure.

    This is why your hairdo will start to seem gray.

    Such effect is connected to the change of the light refraction angle.

Why does your hair turn white and how does it happen?

With the lapse of time the cells, which manufacture melanin pigment, die and you see why your hair turns white.

Besides, follicles in the process of working create hydrogen peroxide.

When the hair is healthy it is immediately destroyed by the catalase (hemoprotein, the ferment which is produced by the liver).

When a person is aging, the number of catalase decreases and the hair starts to accumulate hydrogen peroxide which makes your locks white from the inside.

The aging locks change their structure as they gather the air bubbles which add light to them.

The representatives of different nations have their hair turned white in different age.

When the hair of different nations turns white:

  • Caucasian race turns gray very early.
    They get the first white locks till 35 years;
  • Asiatic people preserve their natural color till 42;
  • The representatives of Negroid race start to get gray after 50;
  • The most resistant to having gray hair are the Indians – in average, they face these changes when they are 70.

White hair is not only the destiny of senior citizens!

Young people may also turn gray and even the babies.

Why do young people in 12 or even earlier suddenly start having poliosis?

What are the reasons for such problem?

Why does children’s hair turn white and what should they do to avoid it?

There are several rules and if you stick to them, you can find put why it happens, how to postpone the problem to the late years and in some cases even to avoid poliosis.

  1. Drinking enough liquids.

    Follicles need liquid to function properly.

    The lack of humid and hydration prevent the nutritious substances from reaching follicles and provoke white locks by it.

    If you neglect thirst, if you like alcohol or drink too much coffee, you’ll have a bigger possibility to get gray early.

  2. Proper diet.

    It’s especially important to include in your diet products with vitamin B12, folic acid, and omega-3.

    These three components are the most effective fighting white hair and this is why you should take them like the vitamin addition or with your food.

  3. The improved blood circulation.

    The improved blood circulation and flow are very important as a preventative measure against gray hair.

    There is no sense eating vitamins and minerals if they cannot reach the follicles.

    In order to improve the blood circulation, you should go in for sports or do any physical activity.

    Lazy and busy people will be saved by the head massage with the finger cushions.

    If the massage lasts 5-10 minutes every day, the microcirculation will be improved greatly and the hair won’t turn gray so fast.

  4. Coping with stress.

    Stress is not the only reason why white hair appears but it’s definitely one of them.

    The extreme situation causes the emission of the multiple substances – neurotransmitter which is supposed to activate all backup resources of the organism.

    Usually, their activity is short-termed and actually helps to cope with the threat.

    However, the long-term influence of these substances on the organism may cause white locks and plenty of other negative effects.

  5. Give up smoking.

    It is scientifically proved that smoking leads to the early aging or the organism and makes blood circulation worse.

    Giving up smoking is the first step of everyone who wants to stay young longer.

  6. Sleep.

    The problem of the full-fledged sleep is very significant in the question of why does hair turn white.

    Aside from the active rest and proper diet, it’s extremely important to take care of the full-fledged sleep which must last long enough.

6 important minerals which prevent hair from turning white:

  1. Calcium which is contained in milk and other dairy products.
  2. Chromecan be found in wheat bread, wine, and oysters.
  3. Cooper is contained in large amounts in green vegetables, eggs, and fowl, mushrooms, beans, almond and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Iodine is useful if you have problems with thyroid body.

    Products which contain iodine eliminate such problems as hair loss or white locks.

    These are garlic, date plum, blackcurrant, and sea fish.

  5. Zinc is known to be in mushrooms, oysters, whole grain, and egg yolk.
  6. Iron can be found in beef, buckwheat, eggs, apples, sea cabbage, beans, and cacao.

The groups of vitamins which are essential for your hair’s health:

  1. Beta-carotene is known as an antioxidant which helps the scalp to stay healthy and secures the proper manufacturing of skin fat.

    Vegetables, carrots, cabbage, spinach, fish, and liver are the main sources of this vitamin.

  2. Vitamins C, E and the vitamins B (B3, B5, B6, B7, B12) promote the active circulation of the blood in the scalp.
  3. Vitamin inositol is considered to be very important for hair follicles.

    It is concentrated in prunes, melons, and kiwi.

    Some seeds (like beans, grains or nuts), milk and meat also contain some of it.

These substances are required to prevent poliosis and to keep the hair healthy.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly include in your diet enough vitamins and minerals, your hairdo is sure to become healthy and shiny.

Homemade remedies to prevent your hair from turning white

The homemade receipts are very effective in fighting early white locks.

Every remedy must be checked on the allergy first and only then used on your head.

6 natural dye due to which your hair won’t turn white:

  1. Gingili oil + thyme oil should be mixed in the amount of 70 ml and 40 ml correspondingly.

    Blend well and let them draw in the cool place for a month.

    The mixture is rubbed into the locks once in two days for a quarter of an hour.

    The course of procedures lasts 27-28 days.

  2. Rosemary oil should be added to your shampoo every time you wash your head.

    You may also add lavender oil (2-3 drops of oil for each spoon of shampoo).

  3. Bee pollen (1 teaspoon) must be mixed with jojoba oil (4 tablespoons).

    Blend the mixture and apply to the wet locks.

    20 minutes later remove the rest of the mask and repeat it once in three days for 17-21 days.

  4. Pepper is also rather effective.

    Take 6 dry cayenne and put them into ½ l of alcohol.

    The mass is rubbed into the roots 2 or 3 times per week before washing your head.

    The course is 14-16 days long.

  5. Ginseng root must be milled and poured with alcohol (1 teaspoon of root for 500 ml of alcohol).

    Leave the mass to draw in a dark room for two weeks.

    Take the remedy in on the empty stomach every morning for 22-24 days.

    Stop drinking it if you have high blood pressure!

  6. Salt is useful if you use it as a scrub.

    Iodized salt (1 tablespoon) is mixed with the fresh black tea brew.

    It is rubbed in the hair 2 or 3 times per week for 23-25 days.

If you wonder why does hair turn white, you should do some health improvement.

Only complex and proper approach is able to help in such difficult problem.

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