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How to Draw Eyebrows: 3 Techniques of MakeUp

Do you want to learn how to draw eyebrows? In this article, you are going to discover and some tips on how to keep the perfect form and color of your eyebrows.


All makeup artists assure that you must pay at least a little attention and time to your eyebrows.

They significantly influence the lady’s look and can make the face more well-cared and expressive in general.

Someone is lucky and was gifted by nature and everything she needs to do before going out is to comb and fix them with wax.

Others are less fortunate and these girls have completely different tasks to do such as learn how to draw eyebrows.

How to draw on eyebrows picking the perfect form and color?

Eyebrows, which are properly and carefully formed, are able to correct the face oval visually and even make you a few years younger.

At the same time, the brows, which are not designed or unskillfully drawn by a pencil of a wrong color, can spoil even the most beautiful makeup.

How to pick the perfect color to draw in eyebrows

  • The unique rule for all seasonal colors is that the perfect eyebrows’ color must be one, maximum two tones darker and more intense than the original hair (on the photo).

    The exception can be made only for the raven-heads and the owners of the dark chestnut hair: in this case, the colors may coincide.

  • Blondes with the fair skin won’t look good with too dark brows.

    You should pick the products of the medium brown or light brown colors.

  • Medium brown will also fit perfectly those, whose hair color has golden-red tone, and whose skin is fair.
  • The owners of red hair should better pick golden-chestnut or terracotta eyebrow color.
  • Chestnut-heads should better choose dark brown or dark gray eyebrow color.
  • Women with gray hair will look the best with dark gray or medium brown brows.
  • If your hair is dyed in one of the red shades, it does not necessarily mean your eyebrows must be red.

    In this case. you should make a choice in favor of the brown eyebrow pencil because black or olive-gray won’t suit.

Picking the perfect form, size, and color you should follow the trends in the last turn.

Eyebrows define the person’s mimics and can easily ruin the appearance, emphasize the drawbacks and change the face’s geometry to the worse.

That’s why asking how to pick a perfect form you’d better look at the face type.

If you have:

  • An oval face, you’ll look good with arched eyebrows;
  • A round face, you need to make them a little raised and rounded in the ends;
  • A long face, your brows should be straight, distanced from the bridge of the nose;
  • A triangle face, you’d better avoid straight eyebrows.

    You’ll look good with rounded or little-raised brows;

  • A square face, your brows must be long, highly raised or a bit arched.

How to draw on eyebrows with a pencil?

Eyebrow pencils seem to exist on the cosmetic market forever.

Taking into account the variety of products for eyebrows, pencils are still the most favorite option.

Pencils have plenty of advantages:

  • Simple in use (even the beginners will cope with them);
  • Compact (you can take them with you in a beauty case);
  • Wide variety on the market (are present in a mass-market sector and in luxury).

Instruction on how to draw on eyebrows with a pencil

  1. First of all, you must comb them with a brush: firstly, up and then in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Take a pencil and underline the lower line of the eyebrow with careful strokes.

    Draw them stepping a little aside and not from the very beginning because the beginning must be soft and smooth without a sharp line.

    To achieve it you might need two pencils – one to draw the whole brow and another (a bit lighter) to draw the beginning.

  3. Now emphasize the upper line of the eyebrow and remember that these lines must be parallel.
  4. Shade the space between the drawn lines with short strokes.
  5. Draw the thin end of the eyebrow which must be directed to the antilobium.
  6. Now you need to make the strokes smooth and hide all drawbacks and blank spaces.
  7. You may add accuracy if you highlight the area around them by a light beige pencil (of the same tone as your skin).

    You may also use powder or beige eye shadows.

  8. Shade the covered light places to reach the naturalness.

How to draw in eyebrows with eyeshades?

The beauty industry does not stand in one place and only a few years before the only perfect helper in how to draw eyebrows was a pencil but nowadays eyeshades changed everything.

Dry textures are so popular among the professionals for their simplicity and uniqueness that they quickly became popular in the whole society.

How quickly, effectively and accurately you cope with the target depends greatly on the properly chosen brush:

  • The beveled brush with synthetic tight bristle is perfect for the bushy eyebrows with long hair because it assures precise and perfect application of the pigment and eyebrows’ combing.
  • Soft flat brushes with rounded ends are recommended for thin brows and to make the ombre technique.

    Besides, girls with sensitive skin are sure to like them.

  • Soft beveled brush with short bristle is the perfect solution for those who cannot boast of good skills in the sphere of eyebrow correction.

Instruction on how to draw in eyebrows with eye shadows

  1. At first, you should thoroughly comb the eyebrows with a brush;
  2. Then, apply a little eyeshade to the brush;
  3. Evenly spread the product on the hair covering the space between it to make them look full;
  4. Comb the eyebrows once more and remove with a cotton pad the excess eye shadows which go outside the border.
  5. If you wish, you can make a line around the eyebrows with light shadows to make then even more expressive and bright;
  6. If a couple of disobedient hairs ruin the perfect image you may fix them in the proper place using wax or special gel.

How to draw perfect eyebrows using a stick?

When people hear about this product they usually shrug their shoulders because they do not know why they need it.

All of us are so used to the fact there can only be a lipstick that they cannot understand the function of this very product.

Meanwhile, it has produced a very positive impression and received plenty of good feedback from the cosmetologists and users because this product can make your eyebrows perfect.

Stick easily replaces shadows, pencils, and wax: there is no need to line the bend first, cover the space then and fix everything in the end.

Using a stick you do all of it simultaneously.

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Instruction on how to draw perfect eyebrows with a stick

  1. Firstly, you should thoroughly comb the eyebrows because it will reveal all blank spaces.
  2. Then, using a beveled brush and a little of stick you should draw the lower line of the brow.
  3. Draw the upper line and make the desired form.
  4. Spread this product equally everywhere, hiding the space between the hairs to make them look full.
  5. You may also use light concealer under the eyebrows if you wish because it will make them brighter and more expressive.
  6. The final stroke will be to fix the disobedient hairs by the colorless gel for eyebrows.

    However, it is not compulsory because the stick already has this function.

How to draw your eyebrows with the help of other products?

Pencils, shadows, and sticks are not the only products sold on the market.

Let’s discuss them so that you were aware of all possible options.

Cosmetic products to draw your eyebrows:

  • Markers to draw perfect eyebrows.

    It’s like a pencil but for the brave ones.

    It looks like a usual stationery marker with thin felt tip, which is extremely pigmented and rather steady.

    This product is not for the beginners because any uncertain movement will spoil your makeup and it will be rather difficult to remove the traces of the marker.

    Its texture allows drawing thin lines imitating the needed hairs.

  • Transparent wax/gel to dye eyebrows.

    Both products are supposed to fix eyebrows but one looks like a wax pencil and the other – like a transparent gel.

    Such option will be perfect for those who have bright eyebrows from nature and need only to correct and emphasize them a bit.

    Such pencil is frequently used together with shadows or eyebrow powder.

    It is applied before shadows like the ground for the color to make the tone more intense and fix them.

    The gel is usually used after coloring and by combing the eyebrows in the right direction.

  • Colored mascara/ brow gel.

    This is a perfect product for the nude makeup.

    Colored mascaras and gels often contain thin fibers which visually make the eyebrows thicker.

    Surely these products do not let you correct the form or hide all flaws but they will be quite good at making natural makeup.

    They make the brows darker, well-cared and fixate adding a little volume.

    Moreover, they save time for makeup.

    Pick the products with little brushes because they can apply the product better avoiding the skin.

So, now you know all main ways how to draw eyebrows.

Think about every offered way and then pick the one which suits you perfectly.

Concentrate on your own preferences and skills in the sphere of makeup.

Mind that makeup must look naturally.

It should not scream about all your merits but only emphasize them.

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