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How to Stop Receding Hairline: Different Methods

You lose much hair and wish to know how to stop receding hairline, don’t you? Read in our article ways how to fix this problem.


Such problem as receding hairline may usually be found in men as well as women.

It’s a mistaken belief that this disease is spread only among men.

The first thing a person who faced it has to think is not how to hide receding hairline, but how to stop receding hairline forever.

Our article will tell you how to stop receding hairline.

What you should know to learn how to stop receding hairline?

In order to prevent receding hairline one needs to know why such trouble appears in the first place.

In general understanding of this meaning the appearance of receding hairline is connected to the several factors.

Reasons why receding hairline appears:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol drinks;
  • Non-active lifestyle;
  • Natural process of organism’s aging;
  • Hereditary factor;
  • It may also be a symptom of oily seborrhea (dermatological disease).

How to stop receding hairline at the early stages?

In case you discovered at the forehead the first receding hairline, you’d better apply the next therapeutic methods in order to stop their further development:

  • Every day within ten minutes you should massage your head, starting from the back of the head and gradually moving to the forehead;
  • Olive oil is also a good helper – this product should be carefully applied by the massage movements to the hair and scalp.

    The alternative option to prevent such situation may become castor oil;

  • An effective way to stop receding hairline in men is its regular steaming.

    When the head cooled down a little, you need to rinse it with cool water.

How to fix receding hairline using different methods?

If you go to a doctor at the early stage, you will probably be able to stop defluxion and pick a suitable therapy to fix the situation.

Moreover, it must be done by a doctor after a patient’s thorough examination and precise statement of a reason why it developed.

You are able to learn how to fix receding hairline by means of the several methods:

  1. Surgical implantation.

    You may transplant hair, which grows at the back of the head, because it is less influenced by dihydrotestosterone.

    It should be noted that this way to fix everything is not a cheap procedure.

    A lot depends on the number of transplanted follicles.

  2. Pharmaceutical treatment is one of the most widespread ways how to fix this disease.

    Such therapy presupposes applying both external action on the follicle and taking various medications.

    They are bought in a drugstore and are used only under the doctor’s guidance.

  3. Meso therapy is a perfect option how to fix receding hairline.

    It is a little painful and actually looks like the local injections of a vitamin complex to the zones with receding hairline.

    The components injected under epithelium activate the activities of the roots, make them stronger and prevent them from falling out because of the lack of useful substances.

  4. Plasmalifting is considered to be the most fashionable invention in the sphere of medicine.

    Its action is in the unique plasma, which was filled with the required platelets beforehand.

    This substance is also applied close to the roots in order to activate and improve the growth.

How to Straighten Hair without a Flat Iron?

Only experienced doctors should fix receding hairline, which is sure to pick the only proper way of how to fix the problem judging by the individual peculiarities of a patient.

There is no one single method, which would help everybody and show how to stop receding hairline.

How to stop men’s receding hairline?

In most cases men lose hair because of the heredity.

The haircut gets thinner above the forehead and at the top of the head.

Though it is not considered to be illness (it’s just a characteristic, which is passed from generation to generation), there is a cure how to stop such cases.

As a rule, it’s possible to fix receding hairline using the following medication:

  • Minoxidil – is a fluid, which is applied to the scalp to stimulate the follicles;
  • Finasteride – are the pills, which block one kind of testosterone, which causes defluxion.

The following medicine should be taken to fix everything only after the complete examination and only in case a doctor recommends it.

How to fix women’s receding hairline?

One third of all women face such problem.

In two third of women, who have climax, the hair gets thinner, which leads to the appearance of bald zones.

As a rule, women lose it not above the forehead, but along the parting and, consequently, there is less volume at the top of the head.

In order to fix receding hairline women are prescribed the following drugs:

  • Minoxidil is the liquid you need to massage in the head to fix the situation;
  • Antiandrogens are the drugs, which block the receptors, but they are rarely prescribed.
  • Iron is a microelement for vegetarians, people, who suffer from anemia and women with heavy periods.

How to prevent receding hairline?

A person may lose hair due to the number of reasons, including junk food, lack of minerals, taking medicine, severe stress or illness, pollution of environment or genetics.

There are no guarantees you will stop defluxion, which was caused by genetics or factors, on which you cannot influence.

Nevertheless, you can do everything possible to maintain it in good condition and prevent them from falling out earlier.

Learning how to prevent receding hairline you should study the following methods:

  1. Non-aggressive shampoo.

    Washing can prevent the defluxion, because it helps to keep the hair and scalp clean, which in its turn prevents various infections that lead to receding hairline.

    If you use soft shampoo, clean hairdo will seem to have more volume than dirty (as it lies closer to the head and falls into locks).

  2. Hair massage.

    If you massage with egg fat, it is sure to increase the flow of blood to the surface and follicles, which prevents the trouble in question.

    Friction and massage movements are likely to warm the skin and improve the blood flow.

    Due to that the follicles’ cells will receive the required substances and it will prevent them from damage and help them grow.

    Scalp massage will also help you to relax and it’s very useful for the organism in general.

  3. Protein.

    Proper amount of protein secure the organism with amino acids, which greatly strengthen your hair and prevent it from being damaged.

    Proteins are often included in the shampoos’ formula, but protein you receive with your food can significantly improve the hairdo’s condition and prevent receding hairline.

  4. Vitamin C.

    Products, which have vitamin C, encourage the iron’s absorption.

    That’s why in order to get maximum use from iron you should try to eat food, which contains vitamin C.

    It also fixes and fastens the production of collagen, which makes capillary vessels stronger and their connection to the follicles.

  5. Omega-3 fat acids are very useful for hair, because they prevent it from becoming dry and getting split ends.

    These are the fats that are not produced by the human organism, that’s why it’s important to get them with your meals.

    Eat more fat fish, such as tuna, salmon or mackerel.

    These fat acids are also contained in the seeds and nuts, especially in flax seeds, pepitas and walnuts.

  6. Biotin is a dissolving in water vitamin from B group.

    It’s extremely important for hair’s health, because the lack of this substance in the organism leads to dry and damaged hair and fastens its loss.

    Biotin is contained in the wholegrain cereals, liver, egg white, soya flour, walnuts and yeasts.

Trying various things to learn how to stop receding hairline, mind that only a doctor is able to prescribe proper treatment.

He must find out whether your relative men had the same pathology, because in most cases such genes are maternally transferred and no one is able to prevent it.

It’s obligatory to study the level of male’s sex hormone, precisely testosterone.

Moreover, the hair structure is also studied and analyzed.

In order to eliminate the pathology of endocrine system, one should have his thyroid body examined.

In any case the doctor’s consultation (dermatologist or trihologist) is very necessary.

In order to prevent defluxion you’d better do some preventive measures (stop using hairdryer or frequent wash, eat healthy food, buy a good shampoo and get rid of stress).

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