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How to Make Hair Shiny and Silky?

Only the most useful tips on how to make your hair shiny and silky are gathered here.


Girls are eager to devote much time to take care of their hair; some of them even turn it into a real full-fledged hobby.

The field of activities is actually boundless: various shampoos, balms, masks, hair-dye…

But here is where you have a problem: even if you have a fashionable haircut, stylish coloration and beautiful hairdo, it won’t look good unless it’s shiny and silky.

Now, we will share with you all secrets concerning how to make hair shiny and silky.

What does shine and silkiness depend on?

Hair’s structure is well-known for those, who finished school.

Let’s refresh our memory: every hair on your head consists of the root, “hidden” under your skin, and the shaft, which is visible outside.

When you are eager to grow your hair long or make it thicker, it’s quite reasonable you try to influence on the roots, improve their blood supply and nutrition.

In fact, we may say that the visible part is already “dead” and there are simply no manipulations, which can change its growth and improvement.

Nevertheless, locks’ attractive appearance depends only on the condition of the outer layer of hair.

To be more precise – on the cuticle, this is the thinnest and most vulnerable layer.

If you look at the cuticle very closely, you may see the numerous cells, which establish it.

They consist of relatively hard keratin and remind of the tiled roof by its arrangement, because they partially cover one another.

Till the keratin cells adjoin closely, your hairdo is shiny and looks smooth.

Nevertheless, as soon as the microscopic surface gets “disheveled” and cells lose the hardness of their conformity and come off, your hairdo gets dull and loses its silky qualities.

Such hair is often called lifeless, because it’s not shiny, silky or elastic anymore.

How to make hair shiny and silky: some tips and pieces of advice

In order to have shiny and silky hairdo you should follow several easy rules of how to take care of it.

These are those laws, which must not be ignored or violated, because even rare abuses can become fatal for hair’s shine.

  • Protection from the environment: ultraviolet, snow, etc.

    Except simply heat and frost, your hair needs protection from temperature differences.

    Cells arrangement on the outer layer gets broken, when you come from the street to the heated room or, on the contrary, if you come from the hot street straight to the conditioner.

    In order to have healthy and shiny hair, you should not neglect hats.

  • Wear hats.

    Beside winter hats and bonnets, your wardrobe must include summer accessories:

    Panamas hats, hats or bandanas.

    You should not be seen on a beach without them.

    Nevertheless, it’s not enough to have only hats: choosing body care products with SPF, remember to buy sunscreen protection for your hair, lest it faded in the sun and became dull.

  • Do not wash your head with very hot water – it damages hair’s surface a lot.

    You’d better chose comfortable temperature, which is rather close to the room temperature, and at the end always rinse your hair with cold water, which will make the cells get closer to one another.

    Never comb your hair wet – wait till it gets dry and/or sop up with a towel.

  • Shampoos, balms, conditioners and masks for shiny hair, which are presented in various shops in stock, can really help you get silky hair, but with a number of reservations.

    These products work with the help of silicone in its formula.

    At first, it covers every single hair and makes it shiny, because you cannot actually completely wash it away.

    However, after 3-4 times you apply it, your hairdo gets dull, because the amount of silicone becomes redundant.

    Due to it you should take turns using different hair care products: take a special shampoo a couple of times, on the third time apply soft shampoo for children, which does not have silicones.

    At the end of washing yourself, when you take shower, try to finish with cold water, so that it closed your hair-follicles.

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  • Your hair becomes less shiny and silky after blow drying and styling with heating devices.

    Surely, in winter no one can afford to dry hair naturally.

    Moreover, in times of heating season the air in rooms is so dry that it would not contribute to hair hydration and shine anyway.

    Nevertheless, you should observe rational balance: remember – it’s better to dry your hair gradually with cold (and never hot) air from hairdryer.

    Moreover, rollers for the night are much better than hot curling or straightening iron.

How to make hair shiny and silky: the rules of care

  1. Wash and hydrate hair with products, which does not have sulphates.

    Sulphates are the elements about which you must have heard on Chemistry lessons (for example, sodium laurel sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate).

    They make shampoo foamy, but are extremely harmful for your hair.

    Read the list of ingredients before you buy a new shampoo, and if you see it in the shampoo you have now, throw it out immediately!

    Make sure it does not include alcohols either.

    If you are not sure, look on the Internet the first two-three ingredients from the content and learn what they are and how they work.

    As soon as you refuse using sulphates, you are likely to get rid of rebel hair, damaged and split ends.

    You will probably have to take a lot of efforts to find suitable shampoo, but it’s worth additional efforts.

    Alcohols make your hair dry.

    Terribly dry.

    It’s probably better to avoid sulphates, but you’d better learn how to avoid both.

  2. Stop using terry towels in order to make your hair shiny and silky.

    When you come out of shower, do not wrap your head with usual towel – all its tiny fibers damage hair.

    Instead of it, you may find an old T-shirt or a towel from microfiber and gently wring all excessive water.

    Do not rub or squeeze water from hair.

  3. Comb tangles out of hair, so that it was easier to comb it.

    Comb tangles out of wet hair, if it gets tangled, using plastic rake comb (never use hairbrush) with wide teeth, starting from the ends and moving up to the roots.

    Take small locks.

    Apply conditioner, which you do not need to wash away.

    Spread the conditioner by the comb to the whole hair-length, except 3-5 centimeters at the roots, and concentrating more on the ends.

    Go over with a comb few times to make sure conditioner spread all over the hair.

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  4. Apply thermal protection in order to make hair shiny and silky.

    It won’t fully prevent the damage by hairdryer or curling iron, but it is sure to limit it.

    Spread the protection product on your head and do not forget to apply it to the lower locks as well as to the upper locks.

    It will be easier to do, if you lean forward.

  5. Use hairdryer together with round brush.

    Put this brush below the hair-lock and direct hairdryer to blow on it.

    Moving the brush down to the end of the lock, move the hairdryer as well. Do this to every lock.

    Direct the hairdryer down.

    This way it will blow the air along the cuticle, but not against it, which damages your hair.

    If you have thick hair, work with sections.

    Divide the part from the ears to the back of the head and fix the rest with a hair-pin.

    When the lower section is dried, let your hair down and separate another section, before you gather it again.

    Divide it on such sections, which you find easy to work with.

  6. Straighten your hair with straightening iron (not necessarily) in order to make it shiny and silky.

    If there are still some spots, where hair is fuzzier than you would like, you can straighten it with straightening iron!

    Apply another layer of thermal protection and go over your hair with straightening iron, picking up small locks and starting from the roots move to the end.

    Consider the possibility of purchasing the iron of the salon’s quality, if you are going to straighten it often.

    The difference between the usual irons and the salon’s ones is hidden by the “hot points” – the places on the heating panels, which may be much hotter and ruin hair.

    Salon’s iron must not have such hot points (and is likely to have lifetime guarantee).

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  7. Finish styling with additional products (not necessarily).

    Things which you apply to your hair, so that it was straight during the day, must depend on the structure and length of the hair and on the place of living.

    However, there are some options:

    • Creams and sprays from wet hair (or from curling): if you live in a very humid region, you must have got used to how your hair curls during the day.

      Get rid of it, finishing styling with spay from curling.

      You may as well apply it during the day, when needed.

    • Styling-cream: if you have short haircut and it needs additional weight, lest the curls sprung up, take a styling-cream.
    • Products to add shine: you may also apply products, which add only shine and nothing else.

      Take only small amount and know that if you use products, which contain silicone, you’ll need special shampoo to get rid of the silicone remains.

    Avoid hair-spray.

    It contains alcohol and makes your hair look dull and lifeless, because as soon as it dries, it makes a hard crust on the locks.

    If you apply hair-spray, do it rationally.

  8. Try to make a hairdo which is sure to last a couple of days.

    Lest this process took you much time every day, try to make a hairdo every second or third day.

    Here is how you can maintain it:

    • Raise the dropped roots by dry shampoo or fix the hairdryer on the lowest temperature, bend your head down and direct it on the hair-roots.
    • Take the iron in order to straighten the locks, which curled at night.

If you follow our recommendations on how to make your hair silky and shiny, you will not only bring it to order, but also add some life to it.

It’s very important to take care regularly and full-fledged.

Then your hairdo is sure to be beautiful.

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