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How to Whiten Nails: 5 Simple Ways

Our article will teach you how to whiten nails at home using 5 simple ways. You are sure to discover 3 new products.


Beautiful and healthy nails are a pride of any woman.

Besides, nails’ color is a certain indicator of her health condition and a sign of how well she takes care of them.

Yellow fingernails look awful and unhealthy, that’s why a problem must be eliminated at once after its appearance.

There are several ways on how to whiten nails at home using homemade receipts and professional products (for example, washing powders to whiten your fingernails), which are available at a drugstore or cosmetic shop.

How to whiten nails discovering the reasons why they become yellowish?

Nails reflect our inner health and person’s habits.

All problems must be found inside the organism.

For example, yellow fingernails may appear as a result of the lack of zinc, iron, vitamins or the presence of some illnesses: diabetes, diseases of lungs, kidney or liver.

However, there can be some other reasons to discover how to whiten your fingernails:

  1. Smoking leads to such problem and in case you smoke, the best option is to quit smoking.

    Sometimes a person fails to do it, that’s why he has to whiten the fingernails at home.

  2. Nail polish causes lack of oxygen and in case you always cover your fingernails with it, they will become yellow.
  3. Medical drugs including antibiotics and others may lead to yellowish nails.
  4. The fungus is an illness, which symptom may be the yellow or sometimes brown color of your nails.

    In this case, you’ll have to turn to the specialist.

    Perhaps, you’ll have to undergo examination and give some analysis.

If you have yellow fingernails because of some bad habits or wrong care, it’s quite possible to solve the problem at home.

How to whiten nails at home?

If you found yourself in the unpleasant situation and you discovered it does not concern your health condition, perhaps, you’d find it useful to study how to whiten nails at home.

Baths to whiten nails at home.

  1. Take sea salt.

    Blend several spoons of sea salt with warm water.

    If you wish, add several drops of essential oils or lemon juice.

    Put your hands there for ten minutes.

    Do the procedure every day at home and three weeks later your fingernails will look well-cared and aesthetically white.

  2. Take chamomile.

    Mash 5 spoons of dry chamomile with boiling water.

    Draw it for 20 minutes.

    As soon as the time is up, strain the infusion and put your hands in the bowl for a quarter of an hour.

    This procedure should be done three times a week and in between apply lemon juice to the fingernails.

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Masks for healthy nail color.

  1. Mask with hydrogen peroxide and drinking water.

    Mix two tablespoons of drinking water with 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and make a paste out of it.

    Apply it to the nails and under them for 5 minutes and remove thoroughly using water.

  2. Mask with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.

    Mix glycerin and hydrogen peroxide in proportion 1:5.

    After you remove the mask, you should thoroughly clean the fingernails with a manicure brush.

    Due to this, the keratinized cells will be removed from the surface, where they were gathered. In most cases, it concerns the areas along the fingernails’ sides and near the cuticles.

  3. Mask from the rose water.

    Mix 40 ml of rose water, 10 g of glycerin and 50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

    Stir everything thoroughly and apply the mixture with the help of a cotton disc.

    The course of treatment with such mask is usually over in two weeks.

How to whiten your fingernails at home using 5 simple methods?

  1. Soda liquor (soda paste):

    Receipt 1: mix 2,5 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide till they become a homogeneous mass.

    If it does not look like the paste, add a little extra soda and apply to the nails and under them.

    The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.

    Then you should carefully rub the fingernails with a brush, but do not go too far, otherwise you may damage the manicure.

    Remove the paste using warm water.

    Receipt 2: combine a tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice till you get a mixture with homogeneous paste consistency.

    Apply this mixture to the fingernails and massage them for 5 minutes using a special brush.

    Then remove everything.

  2. Toothpaste.

    Put a little toothpaste on every nail and rub them with a brush (which may be a simple toothbrush).

    Then, leave the paste on the fingernails for 5-7 minutes and remove with warm water.

    In order to gain better effect, you may take the whitening toothpaste.

    It helps to remove the stains and yellow color from the nails.

    Repeat the procedure several times per week and your fingers are sure to become whiter and healthier.

  3. Pills to whiten dental prostheses.

    In any drugstore you may buy pills to clean dental prostheses, which help to get rid of the stains from coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

    Besides, these pills are effective to whiten nails at home.

    Dissolve 1-2 pills in a bowl with warm water and put your nails there for several minutes.

  4. Lemon juice.

    Blend 1 glass of warm water with 1 glass of lemon juice.

    Put your nails in the mixture and a quarter of an hour, till the water is cool.

    Besides, you may add there a few of drops of liquid soap.

    Do it at least twice per week.

    Most women believe there is also a simpler and easier way to whiten nails at home.

    You must cut a lemon in two halves and “stab” your fingernails in the lemon’s flesh.

    This will become both: whitening and a multi-vitamin nourishing mask.

    Moreover, you should try to use a fresh skin of the lemon.

    Rub it with rounding movements not only in the nails but in the cuticles, too.

    Do it very carefully, lest you damaged the skin around your fingernails.

    Then, wash your hands with water and apply some hydrating and nourishing cream as an option.

  5. Milk.

    In order to whiten your nails at home, you should better pick heavy cream.

    Warm it to the room temperature, put fingers there and enjoy it.

    You may repeat such procedure every day at home not only to whiten fingernails but hands as well.

3 special products which can show you how to whiten nails

  1. Whitening with a special pencil for nails.

    You can buy a whitening pencil for nails in any shop.

    Such pencil is used to whiten the ends of the nails.

    It’s very simple in use because you only need to apply it under the fingernails.

    Make sure your hands are clean before using the pencil.

    Nevertheless, the result from the pencil is rather short-term.

    You’d better apply it before going to bed.

  2. Whiten your nails with a special nail polish.

    It is may be the easiest technique to whiten nails, but not the most useful one.

    It negatively influences only on thin nails, because after you applied it, the nail polish starts to eliminate the upper level of the fingernails.

    If you still wish to try this product at home, make sure you learned how to do it according to the instruction.

  3. How to whiten nails by polishing.

    You may get help in a beauty salon by means of physical equipment, precisely – by polishing.

    Unfortunately, such method will fit only those, who have thick fingernails.

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How to whiten your nails doing the preventive measures

Aside from all these methods, you can prevent yellow color if you regularly do the following procedures:

  • You’d better apply nail polish on the basic coat, which protects your fingernails.

    Try to use good coats, lest you make the situation worse;

  • Besides, it’ll be extremely useful to give your fingernails time to rest, at least two days per week without nail polish.

    This way you’ll preserve their natural white color;

  • Refuse nicotine and coffee;
  • Minimize the contact with household chemicals and work only in gloves;
  • Add to your diet useful food, which is rich in vitamins and minerals (especially potassium).

If you wish to learn how to whiten nails, try at first to whiten them at home with sparing methods, and only if they do not help, try using expensive cosmetic products.

Anyway, it’s easier to prevent the problem than to get rid of it.

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