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How much are Eyelash Extensions: Advantages and Disadvantages

How much are eyelash extensions – what is it, what are the kinds of extensions, their advantages, and disadvantages.


Eyelash extensions have become a rather popular procedure among women who wish to make their look more open and impressive.

Just like any other procedure, eyelash extension has the number of advantages and disadvantages.

Today we are going to the question “how much are eyelash extensions?”

How much are lash extensions and what are they?

This is a procedure when some special lashes are stuck to the natural ones with the help of glue.

There is a possibility to glue the bunch of lashes or the separate ones.

It allows you choosing the future result and how much volume you wish to have.

If you want to have a clear and attractive look, you should pay attention to the eyelash in bunches.

If you tend to have more natural eyelashes and wish to preserve the results of the procedure for long, you should think more about having them glued separately to each lash.

1. Individual eyelash extensions.

Such procedure is usually called Japanese because this way was invented by the Japanese technicians.

A false lash is glued to each natural one by the special product.

Nevertheless, there may be several lashes added depending on how much volume you wish to get.

The duration of wearing these eyelashes is from 2 to 4 weeks.

It is influenced by the intensity of the cosmetic’s impact and bath procedures.

Individual eyelash extensions allow getting the volume and attracting attention to them making your look very expressive.

2. Cluster eyelash extensions.

Cluster eyelash extensions presuppose fixing the clusters of false lashes to the eyelid using the glue which was invented only for this purpose.

You can wear them only for several days.

It is connected to the fact that there is a huge load to the lashed and eyelids.

That’s why when you wear and take care of them the material separates in several layers.

Such procedure is supposed to be used to create the images of the targeted direction and not for long.

It is used for certain events and performances.

The advantages of having eyelash extensions

  1. Aesthetic qualities because they look very impressively.

    Long, curled, black eyelashes are the dream of all girls which can be brought to life.

  2. Saving time means that the next 3 or 4 weeks you do not need to use mascara and take your makeup off.

    When you have this procedure done, you do not need to spend much time in front of the mirror with mascara, trying to make the lashed perfect.

  3. Changes in the form of your eyes and the appearance in general.

    If you pick the length properly, the technician can change the form of your eyes.

    It is well known that not only eyebrows are able to change the face.

    If you have smack eyes, you will visually make them wider.

    When your eyes are round, you are able to make them more oval and expressive.

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The disadvantages of eyelash extensions

  1. Losing your own eyelashes is the biggest risk during the removal of your own ones.

    Surely, you can make the correction, but some time later the false lashes will start to fall out and your natural ones will leave with them.

  2. Careful behavior with them becomes a drawback because many representatives of the fair sex can not always control their movements.

    Due to this fact, your eyelash extensions are at great risk.

  3. Lack of aesthetic qualities means that far from all women will look good with eyelash extensions.

    For example, if you have blond natural eyelashes, they will be too noticeable after the extension.

    Besides, the makeup on your lashes will probably make them look too long and thick and it’s ridiculous.

  4. Allergy can be triggered by the procedure, that’s why the procedure is not recommended for the allergic people and those who suffer from conjunctivitis and blepharitis or have too sensitive eyes.

Rules of how to take care of eyelash extensions

  1. When you wash your face, you cannot rub your eyes. You’d better use a lotion or facial milk.
  2. During sleep, you should secure the lashes from being disturbed by the pillow lest they fell away too soon.
  3. If you have oily skin around the eyes, you should wipe it with lotion more often.
  4. It is forbidden to use fatty oils and creams on the lashes and the skin around the eyes.
  5. It is not recommended to wear contact lenses because you’ll often disturb the lashes when you put on and take off the lenses.
  6. Increased humidity (tears, swimming pool, rain) is not dangerous but it may make them serve less time.

Kinds of eyelash extensions

Natural materials like mink, silk, sable are not used for the procedure because they may cause allergy on the eyes.

These are just the conditional names.

They are made exclusively from the hypoallergic monofilament. Before you learn how much eyelash extensions are, you should study their types.

So, the conditional names for eyelash extension and how much they differ:

  • Mink lashes are very thin and are very close to natural ones (by the thickness and texture).

    They create the effect of the natural makeup.

    They perfectly fit to make eyelash extensions of all volumes because they are 0,10 – 0,12 mm thick;

  • Silk lashes are a little thicker and glossy.

    They look brighter than the rest of the types.

    They really have the effect of eyelash extension (evening makeup) and a bigger volume because they are 0,15 – 0,20 mm thick;

  • Sable lashes are soft, light and very flexible.

    They are considered to be of the premium class because this is one of the most expensive materials for lashes.

    The thickness varies from 0,10 to 0,25 mm.

How much are mink eyelash extensions?

Mink lashes are the synthetic material which looks like mink fur by the color and shine.

Natural material is really rarely used because it is likely to trigger an allergy.

Mink eyelash extensions are not influenced by water much and this makes it easier to take care of them.

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The advantages of having mink eyelash extensions:

  1. This material allows making the look expressive but still has a very natural effect.
  2. With mink you can reach the desired effect of the curls: if you put the lashes only on the tails of your eyes, you’ll get the flirting look; if you pick the same length as your own lashes, you’ll get the volume.
  3. They do not differ much from the natural ones (even if you study them from the close distance).
  4. This material can be wet by the water and it is resistible to hot temperatures – so, you may even visit the sauna.

Disadvantages of mink eyelash extensions:

  1. It does not suit all girls and it can be recommended only to those who have healthy and strong natural eyelashes.
  2. Comparing to other materials, mink fibers are thicker and less comfortable in use.
  3. Just like with any other material, wearing mink eyelashes you cannot use oily creams and mascara on the oil base.

How much are mink eyelash extension?

The average cost of mink eyelash extensions starts from $500.

The cost of eyelash extension

Kind of eyelash extensions and how much they cost:

  • Silk – from $100;
  • Mink – from $500;
  • Sable – from $500.

How much are eyelash extensions?

There is a wide range of prices just like the range of lash extensions.

Which one is the best – it’s only up to you.

The rules of how to take care of the thick and volume lashes are simple and the effect is really worth the time and money you spend on the procedure.

This is why they became so popular and are in high demand among the modern girls.

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