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How to Clean Fake Eyelashes: step-by-step instruction

Some useful information on how to clean fake eyelashes. Read our article in order to learn how to treat your eyelashes properly and make them last longer.


Every girl always tries to be an overpowering beauty.

There are plenty of ways to become it: mascara, which increases your lashes multiple times, a long wear lipstick, and new perfumes.

Various details may add your appearance a special zest.

For instance, if you emphasize your eyes beautifully, you’ll get a new image as soon as you wish.

In this case our little helpers will be not only mascara, eye shadows and eyeliners, but also fake eyelashes, which get more and more popular nowadays.

After the girls tried this method they immediately have a question of how to clean fake eyelashes?

How to clean fake eyelashes: 5 tips

Are you interested in whether the usage of fake eyelashes is a one-time thing and how to take good care of them?

It’s improbable, but these questions are interdependent, because proper usage of the fake eyelashes will prolong their period of use.

That’s why it’s so important to do in the right way, because you must take off fake eyelashes at night.

All lashes are joined by the glue which was created especially for them.

That’s why when you take them out of their container and remove from your eyelids, you should be extremely attentive, carefully lift and slowly unglue them.

Eventually, it will help them live longer.

As soon as you take off fake eyelashes, you should clean them using warm water without soap, and if you use waterproof mascara, use PH-neutral soap.

So, in order to clean fake eyelashes you should do the following:

  1. Fill your sink in bathroom with water.

    Add some soap or even make-up remover.

  2. Take off the thin line of glue from fake eyelashes.

    This line is very thin and almost unseen, but it is definitely there!

  3. Put the lashes in water and carefully wipe them.

    First of all, you are likely to see how the mascara is coming off.

    You should do such procedure for a minute or so.

  4. Look at your lashes and check whether there is some mascara left.

    Wipe them dry with a paper napkin or a pouf.

    Put them aside for some time, where they are sure to be safe, so that they were able to dry a bit more.

You can also prepare a special liquid to take care of your fake eyelashes and try to clean them using the following method. You are going to need:

  • 1 quarter of glass of water,
  • a teaspoon of soft soap,
  • a teaspoon of shampoo.
  1. You must mix the ingredients well in a bottle and pour in a container, where you can put your fake eyelashes for half a minute.
  2. Then you should clean them in the following way: with the help of a pincer you remove the glue from them, and with the help of a toothbrush you clean them from the dirt.
  3. After it, you wash the eyelashes with plenty of warm tap water.
  4. Let them get dry without heating devices or blow dryer, because you risk ruining their structure.
  5. If you need to dry them, you can simply wipe them a few times. You may use paper towels and put the eyelashes between them.

Fake eyelashes may be of different types: separate lashes, eyelash bundles or the entire tape, but using each of the type, you wonder how to take good care of them.

This article will probably help you with the answer.

A girl can keep the fake eyelashes on the plastic stand, on which they were bought. In order to do it you need to apply glue to their roots and stick to the stand.

This way you’ll learn how to save their appearance and form for longer period.

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These were rather easy methods, which are sure to help you preserve the beauty and appearance of your fake eyelashes.

That’s why you should not be lazy and spend a couple of minutes of your time to clean them and look gorgeous wearing them for many days.

Detailed instructions, how to clean fake eyelashes

  • How to clean them in the first days?

    In such situation one of the biggest taboos is to wet the false eyelashes in their first day or two after you got them.

    It means you must learn how to protect them when you take a shower or avoid swimming and events which make you sweat intensely, such as intensive training or going to the sauna.

    That’s why you should not do any manipulations with your lashes, moreover, clean them.

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  • Be very careful, when you remove your make-up

    Cotton discs are forbidden at all when we speak about removing make-up from the eyes after you had eyelash extensions.

    They may make your eyelashes fall out earlier and leave behind some cotton fibers, which won’t turn to look beautiful on you.

    Avoid waterproof eyeliners or eye shadows and use cleaning napkins in order to remove your make-up softly.

    Moreover, in order to remove make-up from the fake eyelashes, you should buy special oil-free make-up remover.

    Clean the eyes from cosmetics by smooth, careful movements and take cotton swabs to remove the rest of make-up from the eyelash line.

    Then you should clean your eyes with warm water and pad dry your face with a towel, avoiding your eyelashes.

    After you washed your face you might use hand fan, lest you needed to touch the eyes with a towel, and dry them naturally.

  • Pick the right mascara, which you’ll be able to remove easily

    Using mascara is undesirable, but it’s not forbidden either.

    If you want to add more volume to your eyelashes, you should do a trick and find the proper mascara.

    Pick water-based mascara, because oil-based mascara might connect with the glue, which keeps the fake eyelashes where they should be.

    Waterproof mascara can have similar result and it is usually very difficult to remove it.

    After you cleaned your eyes, you need to comb your lashes with a small hair pick, so that they kept their attractiveness.

    You should free it from oil beforehand or take a clean brush from mascara.

    Besides, it’s quite enough to clean fake eyelashes completely.

  • Do not spoil your fake eyelashes with moisturizing or other creams

    Protect your new lashes from heavy eye creams and moisturizing cosmetics – it’s an obligatory rule.

    Any moisturizing product needs to be used carefully, because it can ruin the connection between the natural and fake lashes, making the latter ones fall out.

  • Protect the lashes from chloride

    When the glue completely dries within two days and it tightly connects the fake and natural lashes, you can go swimming any time you want, but make sure the water in the pool does not have chloride.

    In order to prevent your lashes from the influence of chloride, you should always wash them with bottled water after swimming in order to clean them.

  • Pamper your lashes after shower

    If you wet your eyelashes when you were in the shower, you must be ready to dry them properly.

    Thoroughly comb them and then use hair dryer in the cold mode in order to return the form to your lashes.

    Using hot mode is strictly forbidden, because it is sure to have an impact on the glue.

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  • Avoid oil-based cosmetics

    Mascara, which is not water-based, has the worst effect on the fake eyelashes, but there are plenty of other cosmetic products, which you’d better avoid – from heavy eye creams to shampoos and conditioners.

    Moreover, do not use these products to clean fake eyelashes.

    If you cannot avoid using them when you are taking shower, you must definitely think of using swimming glasses to keep your eyelashes safe.

Long and thick eyelashes really add impressiveness to the image of any lady.

It’s still important to know how to clean fake eyelashes and how to remove them in time, lest you damaged them.

Do not be afraid to carry out experiments with your appearance, but still follow some simple rules.

This way you’ll be able to prolong the life of fake eyelashes and avoid damaging the eyelash extensions.

Be beautiful!

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