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How to Apply Lipstick Correctly?

How to properly apply lipstick using the recommendations on how to do it correctly + how to use the lip liner + how to make the lips’ shape perfect using lipstick?


It’s not very difficult to put on lipstick but it requires certain knowledge and skills.

Otherwise, the applied makeup won’t make the girl’s face beautiful.

It the article below we are going to discuss how to properly apply lipstick.

How to properly apply lipstick so that it lasted longer?

6 steps how to apply lipstick properly and for long:

  1. So that the color lasted long, you’d better spread it on the special primer or on the foundation cream.
  2. As soon as you are done with the cream, blot your mouth on a tissue and then properly draw the contour.

    Only after it, you can begin doing your makeup.

  3. Mind that you must not rub upper part of the mouth on the lower one because the contour may be destroyed.

    Wait for a few seconds till the lipstick or lip-gloss soak into the skin and only then blot it with a tissue.

  4. Then you must powder a little and add another layer of lipstick or lip-gloss.
  5. After you complete these steps, your makeup will definitely be long-lasting and remain on you the whole day.
  6. If you take an everlasting lipstick, it is forbidden to stretch your mouth or blot it with tissues at least for 30 seconds after you applied the product.

How to properly apply lipstick to make your lips full: 4 rules

  1. In order to learn how to add volume, you should put on a balsam or a moisturizer before you begin your makeup.

    They will facilitate your liner and other products to spread and cover the surface more even.

  2. Spread the balsam and blot the excess, draw the contour and spread it over using a brush.

    After the upper layers are gone, the contour and color are sure to remain.

  3. If you are tempted to increase their size, you should draw the contour a little bigger than natural.

    However, do not go too far because it will look terribly unnatural.

  4. Then you should cover with a liner the rest of the surface and add some lip-gloss.

    This way you are sure to receive rich color and effect of the volume.

How to properly apply lipstick and lip liner?

A liner does not let your lipstick wear away or flow and helps it to stay longer on the lips (in case you firstly put on contour and then other products).

A liner is extremely important and in order to make your lips full, you’d better pick white or nude pencil.

A dark pencil is likely to decrease the volume.

When the lipstick is already on you but you wish to add volume, you must use a little lip-gloss or light pearly powder in the center of the lower lip.

In order to draw the contour properly, you must start from the middle of the upper part and draw its bend.

Then, starting from the outer sides you should move to the middle with light strokes.

The next step will be to draw the lower contour properly.

Underline the lower bend using the same short strokes and move from the corners of the mouth to the center.

Do not draw the contour with one sharp movement but only with the light short strokes because they are likely to create a better result.

How to apply lipstick properly learning the techniques how to use it

In order to put on the product properly, you can take a brush or a tube as well as your fingers.

The makeup artists assure that if you spread the product with a brush, it is likely to last longer.

Take some product on the brush and put it on beginning from the center of the upper one and spreading to the edges.

Then you should cover the center of the lower part and move towards the sides of the mouth. Finish the application carefully covering the contour.

Using a brush you may mix various shades of colors and create new ones. However, if you need to get the richer color, you’d better put it on using a tube.

Mind that it’s more difficult to cover small areas with its help.

A brush or a tube – here the choice is all yours.

To define whether you made everything properly you must check the line of the lower part and the edges.

If you have any drawbacks, you’ll have to take the brush and heavy textured concealer and draw a strict line.

You must definitely remove the rests of your makeup using beauty milk or makeup remover before going to bed.

Do not simply remove it with water and soap because your sensitive skin is sure to start to chap.

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How to apply lipstick correctly to change the form of the lips?

  1. To decrease the volume.

    In this case, paint a line which is 1 mm lower than the lips.

    In addition, you should properly apply powder to hide your natural contour.

    The color of the liner must be a little darker than the skin and the lipstick is either matte or the same tone as your natural one.

    You may use some lip-gloss in the middle and the rest of the surface cover with a darker tone.

    When the makeup is done, blot it with a tissue and add one more layer.

  2. Downturned mouth.

    If you have a downturned mouth, you are likely to look sad. In order to fix it properly, you should make your upper lip a little rounder with a dark liner.

    Mind that you should not go beyond the natural line.

    Raise the line a bit in the edges and make it rounder, too.

    Do not cover the edges, only draw the contour.

    You should better choose a pink color (but avoid very bright tones).

    In order to make your makeup more expressive, you’d better add some lip-gloss.

  3. Asymmetrical lips.

    In case your mouth is asymmetrical (one part is narrow and another one is wide), you can fix this drawback with makeup.

    You need to draw the contour 1 mm higher than the narrow part and move the wide part on the same distance inside.

    Take a darker tone and cover it with lip-gloss.

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18 pieces, how to apply lipstick correctly

  1. So that the makeup was applied perfectly well, you should firstly exfoliate the skin with the help of a clean brush from the mascara.

    Apply a little balm to the lips and rub them with a brush to remove the exfoliation and make the skin smooth.

  2. The lipstick which is left on the teeth looks awfully.

    In order to avoid this mistake, you should put your first finger in the mouth and slowly take it out – the excess product will stay on the finger.

  3. You can switch creamy rouge with pink lipstick.

    The most important detail is to remember to shade it on the cheeks.

  4. The broken eyeshadows of beige, pink or even other colors can be easily transformed into a lipstick.

    Simply mix the rest of shadows with the balm or Vaseline.

  5. A thin brush for concealer may help you to put the perfectly even layer of bright color.
  6. In order to reach a more careless effect, you should beat it into the skin using a fluffy brush for eyeshadows.
  7. Powder the painted lips through the tissue and the color is sure to last several hours longer.
  8. In case your natural color is pink or red, apply some concealer to hide its brightness and only then pass over to the tube.

    Due to such trick, the color of the lipstick is going to look as rich as in the tube.

  9. Using concealer you may also paint a completely new form.

    Step aside on a couple of millimeters from the natural line and cover the lips and this area with concealer.

    Then you should fix the result with a liner.

  10. Use tissues between the first and the second layers of the makeup.

    This way you’ll remove the excess fat which can ruin your makeup.

  11. The broken product can be brought back again.

    Heat the part in the tube with a lighter and thoroughly press the other part to it.

    Put it in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.

  12. You’d better pick a nude lipstick one tone darker than your skin.
  13. Choosing your perfect red, stick to the following rule: pale skin of cold tone must be combined with cold red color, which the ladies with olive skin tone should better pick an orange-red color.
  14. In order to draw the contour properly, you must paint the cross under the upper bend and then paint the edges.

    After it, you must connect the lines.

  15. It’s not necessary to throw away the lipsticks which were broken – you may save them in a special container for pills.
    Besides, it’s convenient to take such box when you travel somewhere.

  16. A stick which adds volume (a plumper) can be made at home.

    Add a drop of mint oil in your favorite balm – the lips will seem bigger due to the flow of blood to them.

  17. If you wish to gain strict contour, you must take a brush and in order to reach more volume –fingers.
  18. Hairspray removes the rests of the lipstick from the clothes.

    Apply some product on the stain, let it soak in for several minutes and put in a washing machine.

    After washing, the stain is likely to disappear.

If you are aware of how to properly apply lipstick, you will always be able to generate the perfect look regardless of whether you go to work or plan to entertain yourself at a party.

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