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How to determine your skin tone?

How to determine skin tone discovering what it is + suntan + paper test + deco-rations + the test behind your ear?


It’s useful to know such kind of information in various situations because it helps to discover what colors you’d better prefer to look gorgeously as well as to pick the most suitable lipstick.

Follow our pieces of advice to learn how to determine skin tone and properly pick the shades of the clothes and cosmetics for your appearance.

What skin tone means?

Firstly, you need to study the meaning of the words.

Skin tone and undertone are not the same things as shade (it can be light, medium and dark).

The tone means the structure or the complexion of the upper layer of the skin.

It is defined by the amount of melanin and pigment and never changes under the influence of the sun and such skin’s imperfections such as red pimples or acne.

It implies that in winter the person may be pale and he’ll be darker in summer but his skin tone always remains the same.

4 rules of how to determine it:

  1. The tone can be cold, warm, neutral.
  2. Remember that it must not necessarily coincide with the one you observe on the upper layer.

    It implies that you are able to have pink or reddish shade but its undertone might be yellow.

  3. You must be certain you are completely clean from cosmetics, lotions, and toners before you test any offered method.
  4. Always study yourself under the daylight.

    Different lamps influence in various ways and prevent you from discovering the true result.

How to determine your skin tone by the suntan?

Learn your usual reaction to the sun.

Do you get tanned fast or you often have sunburns or freckles?

The reaction on the sun defines how much melanin you’ve got.

This fact is sure to be helpful to define the tone.

The dependence of the skin tone and the volume of melanin:

  1. In case you get tanned fast and the sunburns appear really seldom, consequently, your organism has enough melanin and your tone is either warm or natural.
  2. Often sunburns or the need to lie in the sun for long to get tanned and achieve the desired result says that your organism has less melanin and belongs to the cold type.
  3. There are women who have very dark skin and never have sunburns but still have the cold tone.

    In order to figure it out, you’d better do a couple of other tests.

How to determine skin tone using a paper test?

Put a white sheet of paper close to your face.

Look at your reflection in the mirror and define how your skin looks comparing to that piece of paper.

It might seem yellowish, blue-red or pink. Perhaps, it will seem gray.

The test provides you with the following results:

  1. Your tone is said to be warm when the skin seems yellow or pale comparing to the paper.
  2. You probably belong to the cold type in case it seems pink, red or blue-red.
  3. If it seems gray, you’ve got the olive and natural tone.

    You might put some experiments with natural and warm tones if you are unable to pick between them.

  4. In case you fail to determine yellow, pink or olive shades, you probably belong to the natural type.

    It will match the last shades in the range of all types of tones.

How to determine skin tone using gold?

In order to discover your skin tone, a person may use golden or silver foil as well as jewelry.

Keep the foil so that the light it reflected got straight on your face.

Study it attentively and define for yourself if your skin seems gray.

Then repeat the same thing with the silver foil.

Decide how you look like:

  1. You belong to the warm type when you think the silver foil makes you look better.
  2. In case the reflected light from the silver foil adds blush, you have cold tone.
  3. When you do not see the difference – you’ve got the natural one.
  4. In case you do not have foil at hand, you can use jewelry and put in on the wrist.

    Look attentively and you are sure to understand what suits you better.

How to determine skin tone by the area behind the ear?

If it has some imperfections such as acne, red pimples or other reasons which hide your real tone, ask somebody to see the area behind your ear.

The chance this area will be damaged is extremely low.

What can one learn by the area behind the ear?

  1. Ask your friend to pay attention to the little fold behind the ear.
  2. If it is yellowish, you have the warm tone.
  3. If it’s pink or reddish – cold.
  4. If your friend finds it complicated to answer, ask him to put a white piece of paper because it will help to determine whether it looks pink or olive.

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How to determine skin tone by the main color of your face?

Study the face in the daylight to define its undertone.

It describes the surface – light, medium, olive, bronze, or dark – moreover, it does not have to be constant because in winter a person may be lighter and in summer he’ll get tanned and seem darker.

Nevertheless, the line of the chin is sure to help you cope with it.

  1. Be certain there are no traces of makeup, powder or other cosmetics.
  2. You have the white tone when you think it is pale, white or transparent.

    Perhaps, you’ve got freckles or little red spots. You are extremely sensitive to the sun and get sunburns fast.

    You have either cold or warm undertone.

  3. When you are pale and the skin gets sunburnt but quickly gets tanned, you have the light color.

    It might have small red spots and medium sensitivity and either warm or cold undertone.

  4. In case you get tanned fast and almost never have sunburns, your undertone is medium.

    You probably have the golden undertone.

    This is the most widespread type.

  5. In case your skin is olive and you are tanned all year round (even in winter), you are supposed to have the bronze color.

    You seldom get sunburns and your undertone is natural or warm.

  6. When your skin is light-brown and hair is dark-brown, you belong to the warm type.

    You get tanned very fast and sunburns do not appear.

    This type is mostly typical of the women from India and Africa.

  7. In case your have skin and hair are both very dark; you definitely belong to the dark color, which can be warm or cold.

    Nevertheless, you do not have sunburns.

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The combination with other shades

Use our pieces of advice and feel free to go beyond the frame.

Combine the cold type with fuchsia, pink, violet, blue, turquoise, and white.

In your makeup, you should prefer vinous or lilac for the lips and lavender and blue eyeshades.

The hair can be ash blond, Champagne or light brown.

Mix the warm type with yellow, red, ivory, green and orange.

Doing the makeup, you’d better prefer beige and peach for your lips and plum, light green, peach for your eyes.

The hair is blond and golden brown.

The combinations for the neutral type: such girl will look great almost in all colors.

Her makeup can have pink, bright pink and rich red lipstick and gray or brown eyeshades.

The hair can be of any color.

How to determine skin tone?

Remember the upper described recommendations and characteristics because they are likely to be useful in finding the answer to this question.

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