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How to Get Rid of Blackheads around Lips: 11 Ways

How to get rid of blackheads around lips learning the reasons for blackheads’ appearance + 11 ways how to eliminate blackheads + how to take preventive measures.


People often notice blackheads on the lips and around them.

What are the causes for their appearance?

How to get rid of blackheads around lips taking into account that the lips’ skin is very sensitive and requires completely different care?

Reasons for blackheads’ occurrence around lips

  1. Oil bags (plenty of them) are located around lips.

    It’s easy to guess that blackheads are the blocked pores with the top of dust and dirt on the face.

    The sun influences the color of the dead cells and such layer of epithelium can also block pores.

  2. The wrongly picked cosmetics.

    Be ready to get blackheads around lips if your lipstick or lip gloss has too many fat components.

    There are two types of pimples from cosmetics – white and black.

    They are completely different kinds of eruptions but both bring the same discomfort.

  3. Do you often talk on the phone for long?

    Contacting such source of dirt often lead to blackheads.

    Dirty phone and hands (because you often reach your face) block pores and pollute them.

How to get rid of blackheads around lips?

Before you begin eliminating the problem, you must thoroughly clean the face because it is sure to ease the elimination the drawbacks.

Be very careful with the area around lips when you clean your face.

A steam bath or a compress is likely to help you prepare the pores for the procedure.

They show you how to open pores and smooth face’s skin.

After you cleaned and steamed your face, you can learn how to remove the blackheads.

  1. Plaster.

    The simplest and most popular method how to get rid of blackheads around lips is using a special plaster.

    You can study how to implement nose or face plasters in this situation as well.

    You should stick to the recommendations which are written in the instruction and especially carefully remove the plaster from the area where skin meets lips.

    Using the plaster too often can provoke serious irritation.

    Moreover, you should refuse to pop zits to avoid scars and other permanent traces.

  2. Vinegar + starch.

    One can also try the solution of vinegar and starch to get rid of acne.

    Pour some starch in a metal container and add vinegar in order to cook a thick paste like mixture.

    The cooked remedy is applied around lips and left for 10 minutes.

    Then you wash it away using warm water and a sponge.

  3. Salt +iodine.

    The combination of salt and iodine may also help to eliminate the problem.

    Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 4 drops of iodine into ¼ of hot water.

    Then stir well to dissolve the components in the water.

    After the solution gets cool (like the room temperature), you are able to apply it to the problem zone.

    You should wipe these zones using a cotton disc and when the mixture is dried on the skin, you should get rid of it by means of warm water.

  4. Yogurt + oat flakes + lemon + lemon + olive oil.

    The effective mask from yogurt, oat flakes, lemon and olive oil are likely to help you to get rid of the blackheads if you mix them in the proportion 3:2:1:1.

    The ingredients must be blended with a whisk or a mixer and applied to the blackheads for 5 minutes.

    The mask must be removed with cold water.

  5. Cucumber.

    A wonderful product is a porridge made of a fresh cucumber.

    Fine grate and put on the face for 25 minutes.

    Then get rid of it using cool water.

6 ways how to cure blackheads

  1. Quit applying balm or lip gloss.

    These products may create acne or develop them.

    • Wax, which is usually a component of most balms, blocks pores.

      Both dirt and bacteria stimulate the creation of new pimples.

    • Fragrance components in such cosmetics stimulate the production of skin fat.

      The excessive amount of skin fat in combination with blocked pores lead to blackheads.

    • Lip balm is likely to spread the viruses which cause pimples.

      You’ll infect yourself over and over again each time you apply this balm if you use it on the damaged zones.

    • When you cannot refuse using a balm, you’d better pick the products without fragrance components.

      It’ll still block pores but there will be no excessive fat manufacturing.

  2. Wash your mouth clean after eating or drinking.

    Crumbs and the rests of food, which were left on the skin around lips, are said to be the perfect environment for bacteria’s growth which leads to inflammations.

  3. Buy a toothpaste without flavor or taste.

    Just like the scented balsam, the synthetic fragrance components in toothpaste are able to trigger inflammations and boost the manufacturing of fat.

    The following companies manufacture toothpaste without any fragrance components: Burt’s Bees, Biotene, Sensodyne and Tom’s of Maine.

  4. Pick the creams with retinoid.

    Retinoid, which is made of vitamin A, helps to open the follicles and pores.

    It helps to get rid of the problems with skin and to avoid new ones.

    In addition, it helps to decrease the inflammations and prevent wrinkles.

    The bright examples of retinoid are Retin-A, Differin, and Tazora.

  5. Use the corresponding antibiotics.

    Such creams kill germs which cause the problem in discussion and decrease the inflammations.

    Some products your dermatologist may recommend you are erythromycin, metronidazole, and clindamycin.

  6. Take the antibiotic drugs.

    Perhaps, you are not always able to use the antibiotics too closely to the mouth cavity.

    In this situation, the pills are able to help you because their influence is systematic and complex.

    They decrease the redness and destroy microbes which cause pimples.

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The preventative measures how to get rid of blackheads around lips

  • After you got rid of the problems with the face, you should take preventative measures to avoid the future ones.

    You should preserve the cleanness of the phone and wipe it with alcohol or special cleaning mixtures.

    The dirt and remains of the skin fat and sweat will be eliminated and won’t block your pores.

  • It’s important to stick to special rules of eating.

    Moreover, it is advised to eliminate from your diet fat food because blackheads may caused by it.

  • Every day you must remove your makeup before bed.

    If you neglect doing it, the makeup’ remains will make the pores dirty, block them and cause pimples.

  • Your face care cosmetics must be chosen extremely attentively.

    The face cream must not be too fat.

    It’s better to choose light hydrating products without oils.

    Your lipsticks or lip glosses must not contain coconut oil.

  • Aside from the regular use of cleaning products, you should wipe your face with the solutions that contain salicylic acid.

    This is sure to decrease acne, make them less visible between the procedures of deep cleaning.

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    How to prevent the appearance of blackheads around lips?


      In order to get rid of blackheads around lips, you should not rely on the medicine and doctor’s pieces of advice too much.

      After you discover the reasons for such problem, your doctor will definitely prescribe you a course of treatment but you can take effective measures by yourself to lessen the amount of eruption.

      What you should do to avoid blackheads around lips:

      • Refuse to test any new products: the promoted creams, ointments, new toothpaste and so on.
      • Do not touch yourself with dirty hands (they are definitely dirty even when you traveled somewhere by bus and did not touch anything).
      • Wash your face using warm water at least twice a day.
      • If possible, you should refuse taking birth control pills in the course of treatment.
      • Avoid eating too salty of peppered food or sweet.

      How to get rid of blackheads around lips?

      Everything is quite simple in such situation.

      If you follow all rules and treat them seriously, you’ll easily cope with blackheads.

      The appeared rash must not become a reason for panic and make you fall into depression.

      You should simply cure it in time.

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