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How to Get Rid of Rough Skin on Feet?

How to get rid of rough skin using 10 methods to eliminate it.


Every person may face such problem as rough skin.

If you discovered you have it, the problem is likely to be hidden in the disruption of metabolic processes.

Read our article on how to get rid of rough skin.

Rough skin as a symptom of an illness

The appearance of such problem may be connected to the temporary factors or to the reasons which influence the organism for a long time.

Among the local symptoms, which cause very rough skin, the main one is its dryness.

On the first stages of development of rough skin, you might notice all over your skin the appearance of small goose pimples which are accompanied by itching and negatively influence your aesthetic look.

If the rough skin is not connected to the temporary factors, one can speak about the development of such disease as pellagra.

The main symptoms of appearance of pellagra are:

  • The increased tiredness;
  • Sleepy mood;
  • The decreased resistance to stresses and inclination to depressive condition;
  • Worse appetite;
  • The increased irritation;
  • The occurrence of red spots on the tongue;
  • Oral erosions and ulcers on the mucous coats;
  • Burning pain in the mouth and the increased salivation;
  • Redness, clefts, and blisters on the surface, especially in the places where the rough skin is expressed much and the tissues are extremely dry.

Very often one may have the damaged work of the nervous system which is accompanied by the lightheadedness, headache, disrupted tactile sensations, and cachexia which leads to the distractibility and hallucinations.

5 reasons for the appearance of rough skin

  1. Lack of liquid in the organism.

    Moreover, this factor may not only be directly connected to the small amount of water you drink.

    It may be caused by the disruption of the process of the salt-water exchange in your organism.

    Even if you drink enough liquids having tea, soup, juicy fruits and vegetables, and water, the tissues won’t be able to get enough liquid.

  2. Lack of nutritious substances.

    Lack of vitamins, minerals and the general weakening of the immune system are the factors as a result of which you might feel dryness and have goose pimples on the surface of your

    It may be possible on the temporary basis – in the period of seasonal vitamin deficiency, and in the long-term form due to the lack of certain nutritious substances.

  3. A fast or a diet.

    Any period when you lack food causes the increased speed of the manufacturing process of the useful components.

    If your diet is composed wrong and lasts for long, the effect of rough skin will not make you wait.

  4. Lack of care.

    In some situations, rough skin appears because it lacks hydration from the outside, i.e. regular use of hydrating creams and lotions.

    In this case, it’s important to learn how to do the full scrubbing at least once a month so that the softening substances from your gels and lotions had access to the upper layers of the epidermis and made it smooth.

  5. Pellagra.

    Pellagra is the disease which it triggered by the lack of nicotine acid in the organism.

    Very often it occurs because the organism lacks vitamin PP or has some damaged processes which are responsible for its absorption in the cells.

    The trigger of pellagra is said to be too often consumption of light carbohydrates or having not enough fibers in your diet.

5 ways, how to get rid of rough skin

  1. Bring to order the salt-water exchange in the organism.

    It concerns fighting the edemas and improving the work of endocrine and lymphatic systems.

    If you have some chronic diseases which are connected with the work of these systems, to prevent and fix the problem you’ll firstly need to block the symptoms and pick suitable methods how to treat your illness.

    Besides, you should drink enough water and increase the number of juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet, change strong drinks, coffee, fizzy drinks on the green and herbal teas and mineral water.

  2. Choosing the optimal diet take into account the needs of your organism.

    This is both a treatment and a preventative measure to fight rough skin and dryness of the skin.

    It’s important that the menu allowed you getting the daily requirement of all vitamins and minerals and maintaining the metabolism which helps to save the skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

  3. Applying cosmetic products helps to get rid of rough skin if you clean and hydrate your body in time.

    Regularly use a scrub, nutritious and hydrating compositions to see how to restore the smooth epidermis.

    The nutritious base may be drift weed or cranberry as well as cosmetic chocolate and blue clay.

  4. Oils from olive, flax seed, corn, walnut or wheat perfectly hydrate and improve the processes of regeneration of the tissues.

    Moreover, they help to get rid of dryness, tightness, and exfoliation.

    This is a wonderful way how to get rid of rough skin.

    You may use oils after the shower instead of lotions and creams but you should remember to wash them away before bed lest you blocked the pores and had inflammations.

    In addition, you may take them in because they eliminate the lack of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and D, and the amount of omega-3 fats which control the process of fission, living, and renewal of the cells.

  5. Nicotine acid is used if the rough skin is caused by pellagra.

    If you turn to a specialist in time, you are likely to discover how to avoid the development of ulcers and clefts on the epidermis.

    In order to treat this disease, people take nicotine acid or nicotinamide in.

    Together with them, your diet is filled with dairy and cultured milk products, eggs and food of the orange color which is rich in beta-carotene.

How to get rid of rough skin on face?

3 masks which will show you how to get rid of rough skin on face:

  1. A mask with egg yolk.

    You are going to need 1 raw egg yolk, one-half of a teaspoon of honey, the same amount of lemon juice and 5 drops of olive oil.

    Add to the mixture 1 teaspoon of oat flour and apply the mask to the rough skin with massage movements.

    Leave for 15 minutes and then get rid of it using water.

  2. Potato masks.

    Fine grate raw potato and put a thick layer on the problem area.

    Let it stay there for 15 minutes and remove the substance.

    The raw potato can be easily changed with boil potatoes.

    In this case, you need to cook mashed potatoes and use warm.

  3. A mask with lemon.

    It consists of the citrus juice, 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical glycerin and water.

    Mix the ingredients and apply the ready-made mask to the skin for 15 minutes.

    Then get rid of it using water.

    You should not make lemon masks if you have very sensitive skin.

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How to get rid of rough skin on feet?

2 remedies how to get rid of rough skin on feet:

  1. Lemon juice.

    Fill a small bath with lemon juice so that you could only cover your feet.

    Put your feet in the container so that they soak off there for 10 minutes.

    The acid in lemon juice can help to dissolve the dry and dead cells.

    Then you should wash your feet with water (only a little) and carefully rub them with a rough sponge or pumice to get rid of the dead cells.

    This method is likely to teach you how to get rid of rough skin on foot.

  2. Banana.

    You must blend banana’s flesh in a mixer and apply it on the rough feet and dry skin.

    Leave for 10 minutes and carefully get rid of the mask.

    Repeat the procedure every day till you get rid of all clefts and dryness.

    Wipe your feet with a wet towel and then use paper towels to apply a thick layer of oil on the damaged and dry feet.

    Put on a pair of socks and go to bed.

How to get rid of rough skin?

As a rule, fighting rough skin presupposes the complex of used methods which allows getting rid of the unpleasant problem in the shortest terms and you start enjoying your smooth body.

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