The Electra Complex: Symptoms and Treatment

What is the Electra complex? What are the Electra complex symptoms? What are the methods of the Electra complex treatment? Read more in this thought-provoking article!


Today we are going to discuss a very serious disorder which can ruin a woman’s life if it is not discovered in time or is improperly treated. I mean the Electra complex and its symptoms.

The origin of the name of the Electra complex

Greek myths are interesting not only for people who are fond of reading, but also for historians, literary critics, linguists and psychologists who have been studying Greek mythology for many years already.

Probably, most of you have heard about the Oedipus complex (morbid attraction of the son to his mother), and its name also makes a reference to Greek myths.

Thus, we can draw an analogy between the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex, which is the name of the morbid attraction of daughters to their fathers. It was introduced to the public at the beginning of the XX century by the famous psychologist Jung. This psychological disorder received its name from one of the Greek myths, the plot of which has been numerously used by the artists and writers.

Long time ago in one of the towns of Ancient Greece there lived a royal family: King Agamemnon, his wife Clytemnestra and their two children – Electra and Orestes. Electra was the King’s favorite daughter — his treasure — and thus, she was a very happy child.

However, their happiness was ruined in one moment. Queen Clytemnestra cheated on the King with a man called Aegisthus. She didn’t want Agamemnon to ruin her new relationship, and thus, she ordered to send him away. Clytemnestra did the same thing to their children – she sent them as far as possible and started enjoying life with the new lover.

The plan looked quite well, but Clytemnestra forgot about a very important thing – the love of their daughter Electra towards her father. Electra promised to revenge their mother, and together with brother Orestes they killed the Queen and her lover.

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The Electra complex stories: why is it so dangerous?

“The first true love any daughter has is her father. No one will ever replace him as the love of her life”.
Unknown author

You may say that love between a daughter and a father is quite natural. Obviously, you are right; however, if we talk about sexual attraction towards your parent and willingness to live and sleep with him, we can define such “love” as a serious psychological disorder. Actually, extreme attraction of the girls to their dads may cause very serious problems in their personal lives.

The Electra complex usually occurs when a girl has experienced the loss of the parent, either his death or leaving their family. However, sometimes even women that have been raised in full normal families also encounter with such disorder.

My mother has a colleague who has been suffering from the Electra complex for a very long time. However, this woman does not notice quite vivid symptoms of the disorder and thus, ignores the need in receiving proper treatment.

Despite the fact that Ludochka is almost 50 years old, she still wants her colleagues to call her with pet names, because her daddy used to do so. Obviously, the woman has never been married, because she hasn’t managed to find a copy of her dear dad. It is one of the first symptoms that need a proper treatment.

Being an adult, she continues living with parents, as she is not able to leave the beloved parent at least for a day. Ludochka has never made a successful career. She refused to work for a company, which offered regular business trips, being unable to go away for a long time.

Ludochka considers her mother to be the most odious enemy. Luda thinks that the mother is not worth living with such a perfect man as the father, because she doesn’t even realize how lucky she is to have him in life. It is another symptom peculiar for the Electra complex. If you notice it, start the treatment as soon as possible.

Luda’s life is free from family, career, favorite hobbies or vivid impressions. She has given it all up for the sake of beloved daddy and morbid love towards him. Won’t you agree with me that all these actions look like symptoms of Electra complex and need treatment? Sometimes Luda’s mom even says: “We are afraid that she can commit a suicide when her dad dies, and he’s not that young anymore”.

As you can see, this story about Electra complex seems quite horrifying.

When the Electra complex is driven into such neglected state, treatment of its symptoms will not be easy. Moreover, a patient may even need to consult a psychologist in order to receive professional help. However, I don’t think that it is possible to persuade Ludochka in the presence of such disorder and necessity of receiving treatment.

On the contrary, when the Electra complex is diagnosed with the appearance of its first symptoms, the doctor will be able to prescribe proper treatment in time.

Electra complex symptoms:

If you want to find out whether you suffer from this disorder or not, you should get acquainted with such symptoms of the Electra complex:

  1. You don’t have a dad anymore, but you constantly recall him when you’re blue or happy.
    Besides, you still accuse him of leaving you.
  2. You often feel the unexplainable hostility towards your mother, as if she is guilty in all your mistakes and problems.
  3. Sometimes you wish your mom disappeared and imagine, how great would be living with your dad without her.
    Keep in mind that some women who suffer from this symptom are afraid of their own thoughts.
    It is not healthy and you should consult a doctor and receive treatment if you have such dreams.
  4. When your parents quarrel, you always take your father’s side without even figuring the reasons of the conflict. Such symptom is very widespread.
  5. While making an important decision, you always think what your father would say about this.
  6. Despite being not very young, you haven’t regulated your personal life.
    Usually this symptom occurs because of the woman’s inability to find a person who resembles her perfect father. Even if your boyfriend does not have any vivid disadvantages, you will still try to leave him.
  7. Almost all your boyfriends had traits of character or appearance similar to that of your parent’s.
  8. Usually your partners are much older than you, and you try to hold them by your side with all possible methods, even if they treat you badly.
  9. You rarely feel happy.
    You lack self-confidence, love and attention.

If you suffer from more than 3 abovementioned symptoms, you have become the victim of the Electra complex. I’d recommend you to visit a professional psychologist and start the treatment immediately.

Electra complex treatment

If you notice the presence of morbid attraction towards your dad, you will be able to conduct a treatment from this disorder on your own.

Here are 5 the simplest but effective ways to do it:

  • If your father died or left you and your mother, try to forgive him and let him go.
    Obviously, you have to remember him, but don’t recall the parent every single minute.
  • Don’t idealize your parent.
    You should love your father, but such love should not be blind, and you have to remember that your parent is not perfect.
  • Be more beautiful, sexy and always take good care of yourself.
    It will help you to attract more male attention and cut the bond between you and your father.
  • Don’t depend on somebody else’s opinion, including your father’s.
    Try to develop those traits of character which are peculiar to strong and independent individuals.
  • Find a nice man, fall in love with him and start your own family.
    Daily chores and taking care after your spouse and children will help you to forget about your attraction to your father.

If these recommendations for the Electra complex treatment seem too difficult for you, and you cannot cure the symptoms of this disorder, you should consult a professional psychologist who will prescribe a proper treatment.

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