How to be happy in life?

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If you ask 10 of your friends what they understand under the phrase “How to be happy in life?”, you are likely to get 10 absolutely different answers.

Actually, it is a very logical outcome of the situation, because every person has his/her own notion of happiness.

One person thinks only about financial welfare, while another person values his family most of all. Some people see happiness in self-realization, while other people can’t live without serving somebody else.

The most common definition of happiness is the absence of problems.

What is the most interesting fact about this issue is that everybody’s definition of happiness is correct.

The notion of happiness is so individual that one should never try to use somebody else’s perception of happiness as his/her own.

How to find happiness? Life stories

I’ve got two college friends, Lida and Natasha.

They’re both very smart and pretty, both of them come from respected and wealthy families.

In other words, they’re both average girls with good inborn talents and very few problems in their lives.

They differ only in their attitude towards life.

Lida sees her sense of life in self-perfection. She’s always in action, and she always seeks flaws in every possible situation.

She has already managed to reach success in her career, but she doesn’t plan to stop until she realizes her life plan.

Natasha is less successful, but she can see happiness everywhere around.

She notices the beauty of nature, she really likes to use public transport (as she says, “It’s much easier to arrange your thoughts there”).

When life throws her at some unpleasant situation, she considers it to be the warning of fate: “Danger! Stop!”

How do you think, whose attitude is better?

I guess, most of you will vote for Lida in this situation.

Obviously, she is persistent, hard-working and successful, unlike Natasha.

In my opinion, both girls are wrong.

Natasha’s life principles are bad because she can’t deal with problems and she doesn’t set long-term goals, while Lida’s mistake is in her disability to feel proud and happy for her achievements.

However, if you ask me who is happier, I can undoubtedly state that Natasha is much happier than Lida!

She can feel joy from such simple things which most of us don’t even notice, like the smell of freshly-baked buns, blossom on the trees, singing of the birds etc.

The bigger the event is, the more excited Natasha becomes!

I often admire her qualities, though I try to reproach her for not making too much effort to reach success!

What prevents you from being happy in life?

As you can see from the example with my friends, happiness doesn’t always consist in successful career, financial welfare and other benefits.

Sometimes we can’t become happy because of our traits of character, complexes and prejudice.

Let’s analyze what in particular prevents us from being happy.

  • First of all, such phenomenon as perfectionism does only harm to those who try to seek it everywhere.

    There is no doubt that people have to be self-critical and always do their best, but such intentions should not turn into mania.

    Before you achieve your next aim, you have to take a 5-minute break and enjoy your results.

    You can reward yourself with a vacation to a foreign country or an expensive purchase; you can simply praise yourself for all efforts that you’ve made in order to reach the top.

    Of course, you shouldn’t stop at what has been accomplished, but you also shouldn’t exhaust yourself, receiving no pleasure and satisfaction in life.

  • Old offences.

    Even if you had been really offended either by your colleague or your beloved, and your anger is quite reasonable, don’t cherish this feeling.

    Try to forget the situation, forgive your offender and you will become happier at once!

  • I’m not talking about the fear of monsters or darkness.

    I’m talking about people who always worry too much.

    I have a colleague who belongs to this “worrying type”.

    She’s always expecting something bad to happen.

    She’s worried about the quality of her articles, she’s afraid that something will break down at home, that her pie will not be tasty enough, and that she will gain some weight in a year.

    She cannot be happy even during the most joyous events of her life. She simply can’t understand how to find happiness.

  • Excessive dreaminess.

    Those people, who live in the world of dreams, can’t be happy in real life.

    They are usually so strongly concentrated on their dreams (which in most cases are absolutely unreal, by the way) that they don’t notice when something good happens to them.

    They wait for Prince Charming, ignoring the great guy who is already present in their lives; they dream about fame and interesting job of a spy/diplomat/supermodel, forgetting about their everyday responsibilities.

  • Envy, malicious gossips, hatred and cruelty.

    These are the qualities that are usually peculiar to bad people.

    For example, anger has the ability to destroy a person from the inside and prevents him/her from being happy.

    If you are happy only after you’ve done something bad to somebody, I honestly feel very sorry for you! It’s pathetic!

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“I want to be happy in life!”

«Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.»

Earl Nightingale

This is a guideline that will help you to feel positive emotions every day!

The recipe of the remedy called “How to find happiness?” consists of two components:

  1. To desire to be happy.
  2. To become happy.

It will be easy for you to find happiness if you will learn how to deal with problems and set long-term goals, how to feel happy for your own achievements, as well as for somebody else’s success.

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You have to realize that only fairy-tales are full of positive moments, real life is much more complicated! You just don’t have to concentrate on your failures.

Even if something bad happens to you, it’s not meant to bring you down, it’s meant to make you stronger and take into account your mistakes!

If you think that you have been suffering from a streak of bad luck for too long, look for positive moments in your life, even if they are too small to notice.

Sooner or later you will get used to being happy in life!

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