How to get out of depression?

Here are several tips how to get out of depression which can be easily applied in real life!


Today we are going to talk about such nasty phenomenon as depression again.

If you bother to look through the statistics on this psychological disorder, you will be surprised by its numbers: about 20% of citizens in highly developed countries suffer from depression, and this number increases even more during cold period of the year. Moreover, according to statistics, about 90% of adults have experienced depression at least once in their lifetime.

So tell me, please, how can we ignore the article on the issue how to get out of depression when we come across such horrifying data?

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Why do you need to know how to get out of depression?

I think most of my readers have already learned the symptoms of depression, as we’ve talked about them for numerous times.

Don’t confuse the symptoms of usual bad mood with stress and depression, because the last one is considered to be a serious psychological disorder.

If you’re constantly surrounded by numerous relatives and friends, they will surely notice your sudden mood swings, derangements in your sleep and diet, excessive irritability, your desire to stay alone, changes in your appearance and your constant exhaustion.

However, what is going to happen to people who aren’t surrounded by such caring and attentive relatives or friends who can drag them out of depression?

They should take care of themselves alone.

I think that the famous saying: “People in trouble are left to themselves” is very true, because one has to learn how to cope with his/her problems alone instead of waiting for some adult guy or miss to solve problems for such overgrown baby as he/she is.

Learn how to get out of depression on your own and count only on yourself!

How to get out of a depressed state: 5 steps

“Depression is something that doesn’t go away. It’s just there… And you deal with it. It’s like… Malaria or something. Maybe it won’t be cured but you’ve got to take the medication you’re prescribed, and you stay out of situations that are going to trigger it”.
Adam Ant.

Try to remember the period of your last illness, for example, the last time when you had flu.

I can bet that your behavior looked like this:

  1. At first you were pretending to be fully ok because you had much work to do and no time for lying sick in bed.
  2. Even your malicious boss, who used to load his employees with so much work that they turned into constantly exhausted creatures, sent you home till your full recovery, not willing to cope with a snotty zombie in his office.
  3. You tried to cure yourself on your own but all your efforts proved to be vain.
  4. You finally consulted a real doctor.
  5. He called you a booby with a neglected flu and prescribed you the proper treatment.
  6. You bought necessary medications, having been stricken by their prices.
  7. You honestly took all medications complaining about their unpleasant taste and saying that you’d rather replace it them with a bar of chocolate.
  8. You fully recovered.

The process of getting out of depression is quite similar.

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How do you get out of depression — make the following 5 steps:

  1. Realize the presence of depression.
    I have to warn you that it is not easy to do, and many people even compare depression to alcohol or drug addiction, but you simply must do it!
  2. Discover its cause.
    You won’t be able to cure depression not knowing the primary reason of its occurrence. Keep in mind that if you start treatment without preliminary elimination of the source of irritation, very soon you will be seized by bad mood again.
  3. Eliminate the sources of irritation.
    Even if you see this source in your best friend, you’ll have to distance yourself from a person who’s been driving you into such serious disorder.
  4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
    Try to remember the illustrations to the articles about depression. Usually such pieces are followed by the images of sad misses wrapped into blankets that sit and sob about their unhappy life.
    Get up, throw away your blanket and raise your spirits! Keep in mind that sympathy can be a very pathetic feeling.
  5. Choose the most effective treatment.
    I will offer you several popular methods with the help of which you can get out of depression; it’s only up to you which one you will choose. Moreover, you can apply a few methods at a time.

How to get someone out of depression with the help of physical activity?

Depression is like a cunning predator that rarely attacks people who go in for sports or are engaged into other activities, but enjoys hurting dozens of lazybones at the same time.

Cheer up, forget the words “I cannot” and buy the gym membership, take dancing lessons or engage yourself in any other physical activity.

I promise that you’ll forget about depression sooner than you can even imagine. Moreover, your figure will also become very well-shaped!

How to get out of depression with the help of healthy diet?

Nobody will argue that chocolate contains the hormone of happiness, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stuff yourself with tons of sweets. Why? Simply because 10 extra kilograms gained after such “treatment” won’t help you to cure depression.

What you have to do is to start keeping healthy diet. Eat more greenery, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fatty fish, lean meat, dried fruit and nuts.

Try to avoid fried, smoked and fatty food and replace it with stewed, baked or grilled dishes.

How to get out of a depression with the help of rest?

One of the most widespread causes of depression is fatigue.

A person, who works too much and takes a lot of responsibilities and duties, ends up with the inability to stand such pressure anymore.

Go on vacation, take a trip to a faraway country in order to relax and bask in the warm sun on the beach. You can also buy a sanatorium voucher or simply attend a spa salon. In case if you cannot afford to do any of the mentioned, stay at home and have a good long sleep.

Do only things that bring you joy and pleasure: watch your favorite movies, read books, go for a walk to your favorite place, etc.

How to help someone get out of depression with the help of new interests and hobbies?

Many people complain about their boring lives where there isn’t place for anything but work.

Now tell me, please, whose fault is your inability to engage yourself into something interesting and entertaining? Hence the occurrence of depression which is so hard to get out of!

Think a bit about what you would like to do for fun.

You may take ikebana classes, join literature club or any other hobby groups which you find interesting. Keep in mind that during communication with people who share your interests you make your life more meaningful and exciting.

How to get someone out of depression with the help of communication?

Usually people who suffer from depression tend to hide away from everybody and stay aloof.

You should fight such detrimental thoughts right away!

On the contrary, you should spend more time with your friends, talk to your colleagues, hang out with your beloved (love is an amazing cure from depression, by the way!) and host guests.

Even if you feel the desire to stay alone and do not want to talk to anybody at the moment, make a tiny effort and go to the club or attend somebody’s party, where you can talk, talk and talk…

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What is better: to get out of depression on your own or to ask for help?

When most psychotherapists come across such websites as mine, they usually exclaim: “How dare these amateurs give recommendations if they don’t have a clue about this problem?! Depression is an illness and it can be cured only by professional doctors!”

I agree with them to some extent, because sometimes a person’s state is so bad that he/she can be dragged out of depression only with the help of proper medication and professional treatment.

As for me, I’d recommend to estimate your own abilities adequately.

If you realize that your illness is not as serious as you’ve considered it to be, you can and should fight it on your own.

However, if you’re quite sure that you won’t be able to get out of depression without somebody’s help, then ask for it!

Don’t be ashamed of consulting doctors, taking antidepressants and join the treatment program at the specialized institution. All these actions are normal!

You should be ashamed of ignoring your problems and thus, aggravating them!

That’s what wimps and cowards usually do instead of solving the situation.

As you can see, my recommendations how to get out of depression are quite simple and they can be easily applied by everybody!

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