How to Develop Psychic Abilities: 6 Recommendations

Recommendations and exercises on how to develop psychic abilities. Train a lot and you are sure to embrace all your abilities.


Everybody has psychic abilities, but because of certain reasons not everyone reveals them during his life.

The most widespread is the ability of receiving information from the Astral Plane – premonition or intuition.

Very often intuitive hints are blocked by the restless mind activity.

That’s why people either do not notice them or do not listen to them. Intuition may also be called gut feeling.

However, aside gut feeling a person potentially has the whole range of various abilities, which go beyond the optic and tangible reality.

Everyone has abilities, but not everyone knows which ones he has.

You need only to realize and get to know how to control them.

So, let’s discover how to develop psychic abilities.

Types of psychic abilities

  • Gift of prophecy.

    This is the ability to perceive the visual (graphic) information by means of the mind’s eye.

    In most cases people see the events, which took place in the past or are happening in the present, rarer they foresee the future.

    Gift of prophecy has 7 levels.

    Seven is the number of the basic worlds, which exist in parallel in the Universe.

  • Clairaudience or the so-called ethereal hearing.

    This is the psychic ability to hear sounds from the parallel worlds and to communicate with the creatures from the unseen worlds.

    Clairaudience differs from the similar telepathy by the fact that a person hears absolutely any kinds of sounds from the Astral Plane, not only voices or somebody’s thoughts.

  • Ethereal sense of smell.

    This is the psychic ability to smell aromas from the Astral Plane.

    For instance, a person may sense smells of flowers in the street in the middle of harsh winter or get the information, which concerns the inner condition of an interlocutor differentiating the smell of emotion.

  • Psychometrics.

    This is a kind of intuition, when a person is capable to momentarily read the information from any object by touching it.

  • Ethereal sense of touch.

    This is the tactile sensibility to the energetic fields.

    In most cases the most sensitive organs are the hands – from the palms to the elbows and the back along the spine.

  • Telepathy.

    This is the psychic ability to read or hear the thoughts of different people and creatures on the distance.

    Telepathy may appear in perception of voice and speech, but it may also be like the immediate psychometric signal.

  • Fortunetelling.

    This is the psychic ability which is not present in an average person.

    It is given as a gift of the Higher Powers as a reward for serving good for the long centuries of incarnations.

    Such gift might be brought by the souls of extraterrestrial origin, which came to the Earth from the more developed worlds.

  • Straight-knowledge (intuition).

    It’s the psychic ability to read at once the special information on the level of senses, but with your heart instead of mind. It always shows the right path and direction, where the truth lives.

    The information is received without images on the level “simply a sign”.

    This is the most reliable source of general information about any event and appearance.

  • Mental travelling.

    It’s the psychic ability to extract your mental body during meditations and with the help of other conditions by mind concentration on the destination point.

    For instance, to fly to the far star or to the utmost point of the Earth, or to the boyfriend, who is on his business-trip and so on.

  • Astral travelling.

    It’s the psychic ability to extract your astral body in deep meditation on when you are dreaming and travelling in full conscious on the Astral Plane.

    In order to fly to the higher worlds, one should extract his astral body by means of the mind’s eye.

    It is naturally achieved during the moral purification and spiritual development.

  • Lucid dreaming.

    It implies the ability to save lucid mind during sleep.

    When the person wakes up, he preserves the memory of all of his changing dreams and mind conditions.

6 recommendations, how to develop psychic abilities

  1. Start meditating.

    Carry out experiments with various techniques in order to discover the one, which fits you the most.

    Moreover, you should take another look at your diet and finally start eating healthy food.

    Mind that there is no correct or wrong technique of how to meditate.

    The only significant thing is to be able to relax and focus.

    The longer you practice meditation, the stronger you’ll feel the presence of your inner spiritual energy.

    It’s the link to your spiritual entity, which is associated with intuition and premonition.

    When you develop this link, you’ll probably develop your psychic abilities, too.

    Meditation is a significantly important process of developing your spiritual energy.

    With its help one can overcome plenty of hardships in one’s life.

    For example, if your child is slowly learning to read, you should teach him how to meditate and it will work out all right.

    Perhaps, it sounds weird, but meditation is actually helpful.

  2. If you are eager to develop psychic abilities, you’d better try to interact with the world around as much as possible.

    Before you leave your bed in the morning, you can rest in bed for a couple of minutes keeping your eyes closed.

    Do your best at trying on as many virtual images, sounds and smells as possible before you open your eyes.

    Doing such exercise for a couple of weeks is likely to assist you a lot in developing your intuition and enhancing the perception of the world around.

  3. Listen in order to develop your psychic abilities.

    The process of listening is very crucial to develop to the higher level of spirituality.

    Some time after you begin such training, you are likely to spot the increase in the general level of spiritual world perception, which, accordingly, will develop your intuition.

  4. Devote lots of attention to the accidental feelings and thoughts.

    Always have a notebook close at hand and try to put down all those ideas which you think appear from nowhere.

    Since time, you’ll detect how they begin to develop and have the order.

    Thoughts, which earlier seemed accidental and disconnected, will transform into the recognized ideas and solid statements.

  5. Describe your dreams in your diary.

    In case you regularly do the previously described exercises, you are sure to notice that your dreams are easier to call again and again.

    A couple of minutes after you wake up, which you spend with the eyes closed, will provide you with a possibility to remember the dreams easier and in more details, comparing to immediate getting out of bed.

    Try to set your alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier than you regularly wake up.

    Devote time to recollect all dreams and put down some notes in the diary.

  6. Use the power of complete silence and solitude.

    The process of thinking is better away from the noise and fuss, especially if we speak about how to develop inner psychic strength and concentration.

    Spend some of your free time, when you are surrounded only by the sounds of nature: birds’ singing, the noise of water, waterfall and so on.

    This natural sound background is well-known by its ability to develop intuition and psychic abilities.

    However, the most significant is to be open to the new things!

Exercises how to develop psychic abilities

  • An exercise of perceiving a person’s aura.

    An exercise which is directed at development of aura perceiving will teach you how to feel with our hands the biofield’s borders.

    1. You should sit straight, relax, distract yourself from all thoughts, and stay like this for several minutes.
    2. Then you should lift your hands and place them in parallel, 30 cm from each other.
    3. Put your hands together, very slowly, so that they touched each other and then get back to the initial position.

    Within few training on the definite distance you’ll start having a feeling of tension or warmth.

    Sometime later the feeling will become bright and together with the ability to feel your own aura, you’ll learn how to feel the aura of other people.

  • How to see a prophetic dream?

    Before you do to bed, you should give yourself a certain setting – to see how a definite situation will be solved.

    You should focus on the situation you are interested in.

    Never stop training, if you failed from the first or second time – regular exercises will definitely bring results.

    How to get rid of insomnia?

  • An exercise which develop your intuition.

    Very often we wish to understand what another person thinks and how he will act in a certain situation.

    A well developed intuition will help you in it.

    You should learn how to eliminate the present stereotypes and settings and how to enter the object’s condition, literally get into his mind – then you’ll understand his thoughts and actions.

  • An exercise to develop the power of view.

    Hypnotizers use this exercise in order to learn how to suppress the will of another person.

    1. On a white sheet of paper you draw a circle, which is 1,5 cm in radius, and cover it with black paint.
    2. Hang the picture in front of you and have 90 cm of distance.
    3. You must look at it within 1 minute and do not get distracted at all.
    4. Then you relocate the list 90 cm to the left and keep the side glance.
    5. Repeat the same moving the piece of paper to the right.

    This exercise is designed to practice every day gradually increasing the duration of keeping the look.

    The first results will be observed, when you learn how to keep the gaze for 5 minutes.

    For total control over people will you need to fixate your look for 15 minutes.

  • Exercises which teach how to see the aura’s color.

    Within 2-3 days, before going to bed, resting with the eyes closed, you should look attentively in the lines, which “flicker” on your eyelids.

    The duration of the exercise is 10-15 minutes.

    For another exercise you’ll need half-light.

    1. You place a one-tone object on the table. It’s desirable the background is white – it won’t distract your attention.
    2. Look at the object sidelong, as if it was a 3D picture.
    3. The border of the object will start getting a pale smoke and training on different objects you’ll notice that every one of them has its own color.

The offered techniques and recommendations will help you to uncover how to develop psychic abilities.

Remember that you’ll gain nothing, if you do not train regularly and do not believe in your powers.

However, you should also remember that if your belief in your own abilities, in the fact that you have a psychic ability, is diminished, if you let yourself been humiliated only because you see things others do not, you’ll build the barrier, which will prevent your hidden powers from development to the infinite consciousness.

It’s up to you to decide whether your inner psychic powers are worth of being developed.

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