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Always keep in mind the famous saying of Salvador Dali: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it!”

And it’s true: perfection has no limit, no matter how hard the person is trying to reach it. There is no way for a person to be perfect in every single sphere of life. Everybody has some flaws, which may be considered to be very huge for some people or completely unnoticeable for the others.

However, even if you understand that only sky is limit, maybe there is a point in considering how to become a better person?

When we become better from day to day, we change not only our inner world, but our surrounding as well.

We find communication with pessimistic, constantly complaining and unwilling to change people very tiresome.

Instead, we start hanging out with successful people and very quickly become successful ourselves.

If you started thinking how to become a better person, then you would need the following recommendations!

How can I be a better person?

If you want to become better, analyze yourself first!

First of all you have to analyze your behavior and make a list of your traits of character which you would like to change or get rid of!

Don’t try to do it in a hurry!

If you spend 2-3 days discovering your bad habits and traits of character, it’s quite normal!

The most important thing is to start changing yourself! You can even ask your parents, spouse or friends what traits of character they would recommend you to change.

However, first of all you have to consider the improvement of some of your habits or traits.

For example, your husband wants you to increase your boobs or pump your lips with silicone.

In this case I’d recommend you to change your husband instead of changing your body.

Believe me: happiness doesn’t consist in big boobs or plump lips.

You may go through plastic surgeries every single day, but are you sure that they will make you better?

Moreover, if your behavior was rude before surgery, it would become only worse after it.

Work on your appearance and become a better person

“Everything in a human being should be beautiful: his face, his clothes, his mind and his thoughts”.
Anton Chekhov

You should take these words into account and start sorting things out.

Actually, Western people disagree with this statement, but you should definitely add it into your armory and follow Chekhov’s recommendation.

It is true that American and European women fight for equal rights with men and are fond of emancipation.

They don’t comb their hair in the mornings, ignore the necessity of cleaning their teeth and dress themselves worse than homeless people.

Besides, they can even wear white trousers with a huge stain on their butt and go to the night club like that.

Now try to answer my question: would you date such woman? I certainly wouldn’t, though I’m not a man.

By the way, some men are also imperfect and need a bit of reproaching.

A lot of men like to wear trousers that hang lower than their butts.

Trust me, this looks even worse than the untidy women.

That’s why you should start paying attention to your appearance right now.

Wear clean clothes, comb your hair and take care of your skin.

If you want to become better, read books

In order to become a better person, first of all you have to improve your brain functioning.

Read books, watch educational programs, attend museums and exhibitions.

Trust me nobody will be interested in communicating with a person, who doesn’t care about anything around. When you pay attention to mental development, you’ll be able to become an interesting interlocutor.

How to become a better person – treasure other people

If you really want to become better, first of all you have to treasure personality of other people.

Never humiliate or offend anybody! Don’t go off into hysterics in front of your beloved and don’t even think about jealousy!

Another person is not your property, that’s why you should treasure other people! You also shouldn’t gossip about somebody else’s behavior or envy anybody.

Learn how to be happy for your friends’ success!

Obviously, it is easier said than done, but I haven’t promised you that this way would be easy!

Human is such a creature that is more likely to fling mud at somebody than to praise him/her.

Always remember about the boomerang effect – all your deeds and thoughts will eventually return to you!

If you offend anybody, somebody will surely offend you as well!

On the contrary, if you treat other people well, they will also be kind to you.

If you want to become better, be a good listener

And by these words I don’t mean that you have to flatter other people for no reason or to fulfill any of their caprices. Simply be attentive to your interlocutor, ask for details and listen to his/her story until the end.

Defend yourself

There are some situations when you may need to protect yourself from other people’s offences.

In such cases forget about courtesy and good manners.

If you’re being made fun of, humiliated or fooled, don’t try to be shy and ignore the offence.

You have a right to defend yourself, even if it demands an outburst of aggression.

When you start something, don’t stop halfway!

You will never be able to become a better person if you don’t accomplish your tasks.

That’s why you should always consider whether you are able to finish the task when you are about to fulfill it.

Keep in mind that people always respect strong personalities who are not afraid of difficulties and always keep their promises.

Learn how to accept the criticism, and you’ll surely become a better person

Trust me, no matter how hard you try to become perfect, there will always be people unsatisfied by your actions.

Somebody will criticize you because of envy, somebody will be angry to hear about your success, and there will also be people who don’t have anything else to do, and thus are criticizing others.

That’s why you should accept the criticism properly and ignore angry remarks.

If you encounter with a situation, when somebody’s reproach really hurts you, try to reconsider your actions/behavior and avoid the repetition of that situation in the future.

After all, I’d like to remind you that becoming a better person is not easy and will certainly take a lot of effort!

Keep in mind that the way to self-perfection is impossible without failures. You can spend all your life trying to reach the peak of perfection, and then just give it up in a moment.

Try to avoid such situations!

Take a step by step to success, work on your flaws, improve your advantages and become better, won’t you?

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