How to Deal with Stress: 3 Tips that Will Help You

These are 3 tips how to deal with stress. Keep them in mind!


Stress, stress, stress!

How often we hear this word and how little we know about it! Stress is the inherent part of human life, and it accompanies us from diapers to our last breath.

However, if you ask where stress comes from, not everybody will give you a satisfactory answer. 

I can prove you that the answer can be found.

Stress is the burst of accumulated negative emotions.

For example, yesterday you received a reprimand from your boss, and developed a syndrome of chronic exhaustion from work, today you pricked the wheel of your car, tomorrow you’ll discover that your spouse is cheating on you and all this tears you to pieces!

Problems seem unsolvable to you, and your life becomes dull and depressing!

If stress is a usual situation for you, you might want to start thinking how to deal with stress?

Some people think that if you do some exercises in order to develop stress tolerance, you are already a pro in this area! In real life it is more complicated, so let’s analyze WHY.

Depending on the level of their stress tolerance, all people can be divided into 4 groups:

  1. Stress-resistant
  2. Stress-nonresistant
  3. Stress-trained
  4. Stress-slow

People of the first type can easily adapt to any situation. They are not afraid of changes, they always have solutions to any problems, and in stress situations their brain works even better than usual.

Totally different are people from the second group. Such people usually are scaremongers, and in case of any slight change of events they start panicking and get hysterical.

In order to have a better understanding of the situation, let’s imagine the following: the middle of winter, there is a severe cold outside and 2 cars are standing at the entrance of the building.

The owners of the cars are both trying to start up the engines of their cars, but the engines got frozen so much that they can be started only by the specialists.

One of the owners easily leaves his car and goes on business by public transport, while the other owner swears, curses everything on his way, calls specialists and so on, and so forth.

Let’s analyze two other groups.

People of the third type can actually adapt to changes, but they need some time to accept them.

Finally, people from the fourth group are very sluggish. They have their own life principles, which they are not ready to neglect even under the influence of environment.

In other words, they are as stubborn as mules, and no matter what, they will stick to their point of view (Don’t they remind you of somebody? J)

3 Ways to Deal with Stress

If you belong to the first group, you don’t need my advice how to deal with stress. You already know how to act in difficult situations; you don’t fall into depression or panic.

If you recognize yourself as a member of the second or the fourth group, my advice will not help you. In first case you will forget about all recommendations and will only worsen your stress situation.

In second case you will be so stubborn that you will not want to listen to somebody’s command.

However, if you belong to the third type of people, my recommendations how to deal with stress will help you to overcome the difficulties and find the way out of any situation!

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Tip 1. How to Deal with Stress – Change Your Attitude to the Situation

I will not surprise you if I say that stresses arouse from the wrong attitude towards the situation.

This is not your fault, this happens usually due to the position of the environment.

For example, your daughter likes to play with tin soldiers instead of dolls.

Your compassionate friends and neighbors start persuading you that this can lead to horrible consequences.

As a result, you also start thinking too much about it, paying too much attention to this fact and driving yourself into stress.

Here is another example.

A few years ago I happened to be in Italy during the eruption of the volcano.

When it was time to leave, all flights were delayed for 12 hours.

More than 90% of passengers started arguing, demanding to put them on the plane, but have these quarrels helped to solve the situation? Of course, not!

Instead of solving the situation these people suffered a burst of negative emotions, put on several years, and lost a huge amount of nerve cells.

I decided to enjoy a spare day in the beautiful country and visit those sights that I didn’t have time to visit earlier.

Wise people have always been saying: “If you can’t change the situation itself, you should change your attitude towards it!”

Is there a point to worry about the situation which you are unable to change?

This is why you should immediately learn to see things from a different angle, to accept your own and somebody else’s problems and to develop positive thinking! You’d better take up yoga, as it can help a person to be in full harmony with himself!

Tip 2. If You Can Change the Situation, then Do it! It Will Help You to Deal with Stress

Low salary, mean boss and shrewish colleagues are the most common reasons for stress.

In such situations we complain, cry, but still work at the same place. Why?

My dear readers, explain me why you don’t quit the job you hate?

Are you afraid that nobody else will hire you? Are you afraid of the lower salary?

Then what are you so afraid of?

To my mind, most of such fears are unreasonable and ridiculous!

Are you afraid of not finding another job?

In this case, who prevents you from finding a new job before quitting the old one?

If you are afraid of receiving a lower salary on a new place, just don’t apply for the job with a low salary!

Stress tolerance doesn’t consist in the readiness to deal with a despotic boss, but in the ability to find the way out of the stressful situation. 

In case with an unsatisfying job the best solution for you will be to quit it.

Tip 3. If You Want to Deal with Stress – Release Your Emotions!

You will not be able to relieve stress if you will keep your emotions to yourself!

At some point they will burst out and the situation will get worse!

Knowing about this peculiarity of human organism, many western companies equipped special rooms for their employees to help them release negative emotions.

The workers beat the punching bag with the picture of their boss; throw darts in the photos of mean clients etc.

Such rooms are not popular in our country nowadays, but it doesn’t forbid you to buy darts game and put the picture of your vicious colleague on it.

Or you can make a voodoo doll and pierce it with a needle, imagining your boss.

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