5 recommendations how to control your emotions

TOP best recommendations that will teach you how to control your emotions with the snap of your fingers.


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Every single day we go through a bunch of different feelings: joy, sadness, anger, tenderness, distrust, admiration, envy and many others.

While positive feelings may be enjoyed as long as possible, the negative ones should be eliminated immediately.

Moreover, try to avoid letting yourself feel them in first place.

This article will teach you how to control your emotions.

Trust me: the process of controlling your feelings and emotions in order to prevent them from controlling you is quite easy.

Is it necessary to control emotions?

You may already know the fact that all people can be divided into psychotypes.

For example, extroverts immediately burst out their emotions, offending both his/her own feelings and other people.

On the contrary, introverts remain very reserved and secretive and keep their emotions to themselves.

Many people don’t even think about learning how to deal with anger, suppress envy, control their irritation or damp their worries.

They explain such behavior by such words: “Take it easy! That’s what my character is like, there’s nothing I can do about that!”

Obviously, it is much easier to blame your inborn qualities than to attend the training “How to control your emotions?” and make some efforts in order to change your character.

You shouldn’t underestimate the destroying power of negative feelings.

Psychologists have already discovered their dangerous influence on human:

  1. The state of excitement can turn into the state of affect much easier and quicker than you would ever think.

    For example, you get mad at your husband who throws his dirty socks under the bed instead of the laundry basket.

    You get steamed up and start arguing with your husband about that.

    However, instead of apologizing to you, he growls out something like: “Do it yourself, I don’t care where they should be”.

    Good thing is if you end up only quarreling, because sometimes quarrels turn into crimes.

    Keep in mind, that many domestic crimes are caused by some insignificant trifles.

  2. The inability to control emotions leads to the problems with people around you.

    Even if you are truly blessed to have loving parents, friends, spouse and colleagues, they will sooner or later get tired of your unbalanced and freaky behavior and you may end up being alone.

  3. If you don’t manage to deal with negative emotion and cherish it for a long time, it will not disappear without leaving a trace.

    This trace will increase with every new negative emotion you feel, and you’ll become seized with negative energy which, obviously, doesn’t have any positive influence.

  4. The inability to control emotions is one of the symptoms of human mental disorders.

    And it really is as scary as it sounds.

    Don’t worry if you fire up once, but if every single trifle provokes the outburst of negative emotions in you, start changing your attitude!

    First of all, consult the professional for a qualified advice.

  5. Bosses tend to avoid people who are too emotional (this refers both to negative and positive emotions).

    Nobody will trust a mentally-unbalanced person to run a company or to sign an important contract, thus, the successful career becomes an impossible dream for such people.

How to control emotions?

“When you feel bad, you forget about everything in the world, all the more when you feel good… Indeed, we all have become surprisingly blunt somehow. Unemotional. Our feelings may be aroused only by a tragedy, a disaster, and this is not even always the case. When everything is OK, we simply don’t notice anything, we don’t value what we’ve got… We just don’t have time for noticing…”
Oleg Roy “Mothers and Daughters, or Holidays in Atiashevo”.

How to control your emotions: 5 recommendations

  1. If somebody steps on your foot in public transport, you are rudely treated at the store or humiliated by your colleague, you’d better suppress your initial intention to attack your offender.

    Slowly count up to 10, and you’ll see that when you reach “10”, you will not want to insult or quarrel anymore.

  2. Stay away from negative feelings and emotions.

    You feel irritated every time when you go shopping to the market because you have quarreled with a seller once?

    Do shopping online, buy food at the supermarket or ask your mother/spouse to do that unpleasant chore for you.

  3. Visualize your aroused emotion.

    Imagine the incipient anger as a flame, and then visualize how it is being extinguished by a huge wave and turned into a pile of ashes.

    Repeat this exercise more often and you’ll have no difficulties with “extinguishing” of negative emotions whatsoever!

  4. Sympathize with a person who arouses negative emotions in you.

    Just look at your boss who regularly drives you crazy.

    An old sick lady, who has neither friends nor family, clings to this job because nobody waits for her at home, except for her cats. Her only joy is to provoke anger in you.  Why don’t you let her feel that joy?

  5. Solve conflicts.

    You get punched by a woman on a bus, who instead of apologizing says something rude to you?

    Forget it!

    You’ll get off on the next bus stop and will never see this shrew, and she’ll remain a fat uneducated woman with a sh*tty character.

If you want to control emotions properly, give way to your feelings!

Even if you manage to control your emotions, you won’t be able to avoid all unpleasant situations on your way. Especially if somebody has seriously hurt your feelings. Such offence is often difficult to forgive and forget.

You can get rid of the most insolent emotions in such ways:

  1. Smashing the dishes.

    Buy a cheap dinner set and smash it all to pieces in your friend’s backyard.

    P.S. And don’t forget to clean everything up afterwards.

  2. Playing bowling or darts.
  3. Dancing.

    Call a few friends and go to the club. Dance until your feet start aching!

  4. Shouting.

    Keep in mind, that if you are going to use this type of therapy, you’d better warn your neighbors beforehand, otherwise they may call the police.

  5. Going in for sports.

    You should make a habit of doing physical exercises either at home or at the gym. It’s useful for health and figure, and it also helps to deal with stress.

  6. Long walk in the fresh air.
  7. Burning of your offence.

    It is an old and well-known way to fight with negative emotions.

    You should make a list of your offences and negative feelings and burn them.

  8. Change of the scene.

    Go to another city either with your friends or alone at least for the weekend.

    I can assure you that you will return home in a completely different mood.

Obviously, it is much harder to control your emotions than to burst them out, because in this way you can always make a scandal instead of trying to remain calm and reserved.

However, in case that in five years you’ll be locked in a pretty cell with wonderful bars and no friends or family, don’t tell me that I haven’t warned you about that!

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