4 Steps How to Attract Good Luck

In this article we are going to share with you how to attract good luck. Stop thinking you are a loser and let good luck with the help of our pieces of advice.


Our surrounding includes not only lucky people, though there are some of them.

It’s pretty hard to cope with envy towards those, who easily wend their ways through life and do not stumble over the obstacles.

Do you want to learn how to attract good luck to your life?

You are sure to know the answer already – it’s “you”.

The secret consists of the faith in the future, and you must believe in yourself and think positively.

We won’t discuss how to earn much money, but we’ll learn how to see all the good, which is already around us.

The following article is going to teach you how to attract good luck.

 4 steps how to attract good luck

  1. Step one: make a deep analysis of the situation.

    Try to estimate on your own whether everything is really so bad and there are no bright moments in your memory (only misfortunes).

    It’s just when you actually think about it, you may sometimes understand that your life is rather various.

    Surely, there may be a chain of bad luck, but there are some problems, which are not worth your attention, not to mention worries.

    Besides, you should compare the number of misfortunes and happy moments, because most of us do not even notice happiness, which is always nearby, treating it as granted.

    However, if your misfortunes exceed the number of happy moments, you’ll fall into even bigger depression. In this case you should find the reason for your constant bad luck.

    The thing is that in our world nothing happens without a reason.

    Perhaps, you might have offended somebody very much, or you may have done a disgraceful act.

    Life is a succession of events, which has a tendency to come back: you were rude to someone, offended a person or did something unworthy – wait for the pay-off.

    Yes, the so-called “revenge” may come not so quickly, but it is sure to come, believe us.

  2. Second step: you must realize that there are no obstacles!

    Now, let’s come to the more particular actions and start with the axiom, which says: “Do not put obstacles before luck!”

    Let’s see what obstacles we can set:

    • We have absolutely no faith in the fortunate events’ outcome.

      It is one of the most serious mistakes of most people.

      Good luck cannot break through your barrier of thoughts, which do not allow changing your destiny.

      Moreover, there are two types of people: one can always say he will not probably succeed, but actually believe in miracle a lot.

      Not all is lost for such person and good luck may jump over the empty, though unpleasant for luck words.

      The second type of people includes absolute pessimists, who have such powerful negative energy, that it attracts bad things, which will often happen and mostly very complicated ones.

    • We listen to the relatives and friends, who say nothing will work out.

      You do not even imagine how much influence the words of relatives and close people have on you.

      They influence on your destiny very much, besides not only in the usual sense, in the spiritual one as well.

      Try not to listen to those people, who say you or your business is destined to fail.

      Skip these phrases “by the ears”, learn how to change the subject of the conversation or simply ask to stop speaking.

    • We fear to act.

      Fear is a powerful weapon, which is like a mirror for good luck, i.e. it completely reflects it but not attract it.

      Besides, fear may attract some thoughts saying you won’t succeed in the desired and, as a result, it leads us to the first point.

      It’s quite easy to stop being afraid – you should simply get distracted. Watch an interesting film, have a good sleep or get yourself busy with the work, which is sure to distract you from what’s going on.

      These time windows will be enough to attract good luck to you.

    • Complaints on good luck.

      Just another mistake!

      Remember for the rest of your life – good luck does not stand complaints towards itself! It is really difficult for it to fight your thought that it always comes in the wrong time or there is no sense in it at all.

    • We do not help good luck to happen!

      One more important thing, which you must know how to do in order to attract good luck – is to help it to come to you.

      We are going to share with you further in the article how you can do it.

  3. Third step: law of attraction.

    The essence of law of attraction explains everything in your life is attracted and all things attract one another as well: the objects fall down because of Earth’s attraction; the waves appear because of Moon’s attraction and so on and so forth.

    Nevertheless, not many people think our thoughts also have the power to attract.

    It works this way: if you believe in your great financial possibilities, soon you are going to get them.

    If you are focused on bad luck, you’ll always attract losses and problems.

    Everything is so simple.

    I believe everybody heard the phrase that thoughts are things, and it’s really true!

    They make our universe change, so that we got what we wanted.

    However, there are some nuances:

    • You must never stop believing in the intended.
    • Moreover, you should mind everything has its time windows and it means you should provide yourself with patience.
    • Your faith must be so strong that you will seriously behave yourself as if the intended things are not just dreams, but a really workable scheme.
    • The intended things may acquire a bit different forms.
      For example, your wish to buy a car may turn into a possibility to get a well-paid job with high enough salary to afford a car.

    Besides, the law of attraction has one more important detail – you must know everything about your dream in the smallest details.

    Your faith must be unshakable, i.e. you should not only mind this piece of advice, but actually believe in good luck so much that you won’t even imagine a different course of your life.

    In other words, you must experience exactly powerful emotions from your imagination.

    Simply thoughts and fantasies, without emotional component, attract less than you wished they had.

  4. Fourth step: right attitude of mind.

    It runs: resetting your emotions you may change not only your day, but the whole life.

    In order to do it, learn how to start your morning in good mood, do not pay any attention to the unpleasant circumstances, smile more often to the people around and to your reflection in the mirror, think about positive things and you won’t even notice how everything in your life will start to work out and you’ll start to enjoy it.

    Your attitude of mind directly depends on the feeling a person experiences.

    The more positive they are the better.

    You actually create your lifestyle with your thoughts and your feelings, that’s why, you must learn how to control them, and how to avoid panic and worries.

    Be the last optimist in this life and everything will definitely be alright.

    Moreover, you should treat difficulties not as obstacles, but as possibilities to get new experience and as ways how you can change some things in your life for the better.

Tips on how to attract good luck


  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket, have grit!

    Mind that good luck will choose the one, who wishes for the victory, but to the extent, the one, who is not ready to get it at all costs, the one, who will respect himself regardless of the result of the plan.

    Simply said, reasonable motivation brings the best results.

  • Forget about the stereotypes and remember the statistics.

    The number of fortunate and unfortunate events in our life has almost the same proportion.

    If you was very lucky once, you’d better stop right there.

    You cannot attract good luck all the time.

  • Good luck comes to those, who do something, and not just rest on the couch, sit twiddling their thumbs and dream that something will eventually change for the better.

    It’s significantly important to dream in order to attract good luck, but it’s not enough.

    Set goals in your life, strongly believe that they will come to life and start achieving them.

    Good luck is sure to accompany you.

  • You must organize your life so that you were surrounded only by beautiful and needed things.

    Throw away from your house all trash and leave only the most beautiful and necessary things.

    House’s energy will become clean and you’ll free some space for the new and good things!

  • Learn that success also has its price.

    You can’t simply look gorgeous, if you cannot get up early and do a hairdo.

    Define the wanted success, count your expanses and start your way to the successful life!

So, here are all secrets of  how to attract good luck to your life.

Never forget them, because it’s the only way how you can build your life and make it interesting, cheerful, and what’s more important, without problems in it.

Be optimistic and good luck!

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