How not to be boring?

You don’t want to become a boring person? 5 guidelines how not to be boring.


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Tell me, please, would you like to be a bore?

I don’t think that your answer will be positive, am I right?

However, no matter how hard we try to avoid being boring, sooner or later we hear these horrible words: “Stop being so tedious and boring!” When you hear such phrase once or twice a month, there is no need to worry. On the contrary, if you are often called a bore by different people, you have to learn how not to be boring!

Who can be called boring?

Boring person is, first of all, a tedious person. He/she always tries to find logical explanation and reason for every single event. This person doesn’t have a clue what is fantasy and imagination. A bore always irritates other people and rarely can be seen in a good mood. Besides, a boring person tends to linger over the same topic for a long time, regardless of the fact whether his/her interlocutor likes it or not.

I think it’s about time to confess that all of you have been bores at least once in a lifetime.

Am I right?

Every person encounters with such situations when he/she is obsessed with something and can help talking about it all the time!

Real life example: “Petia hasn’t called in a while; he must have left me for Sveta! Katia has seen him recently accompanied by some other girl! Where is Petia, he must have left me for Sveta?!” And so on, and so forth…

If you recognized yourself in this situation, you have to take measures right now!

It is always better not to be boring than to drive everybody else crazy! If you don’t stop being boring, you may end up being left by all your friends and acquaintances!

If you don’t want to be boring, start changing yourself

Horror is the future. And you cannot be afraid. You must push everything to the absolute limit, or else life will be boring. People will be boring. Horror is like a serpent: always shedding its skin, always changing. And it will always come back. It can’t be hidden away like the guilty secrets we try to keep in our subconscious.
Dario Argento

Guideline 1. Ruin the whole concept of “boring”

If you don’t want to make a habit of being tedious, you’ll have to make a lot of effort for that! Start with keeping most of your problems to yourself instead of sharing them with everybody around!

Obviously, you may share your biggest problems with your close friends, but don’t expose all your feelings and worries to others.

Imagine that somebody is telling you too many details from his/her personal life. You wouldn’t like it either, would you?

Guideline 2. Make your life a bit more joyous

Keep positive attitude despite all circumstances. Stop taking your life so seriously; remember that you have only one life to live! There may come a moment when you will regret being too serious and pedantic about everything.

Never lose your sense of humor, learn how to make jokes of yourself and take everything easy!

Guideline 3. How not to be boring? Stop correcting others!

I may reveal you a new truth, but nobody likes being corrected by others, especially in huge companies! Remember this rule once and forever and stop arguing with other people! If somebody tells a joke, you should laugh with the rest of the listeners instead of reproaching the teller for the twisting of facts.

By the way, tedium is more typical for the philological department alumni. Maybe, it is being taught as a subject there…

Note: Learn how to get rid of complexes

For example, I’ve got an acquaintance, who has also graduated from the philological department. To say that she is boring is to say nothing. She likes to correct speech mistakes of other people, including even strangers. She could say out loud just in the street: “Yulia, shame on you! You’ve mispronounced the word “agreement”! That’s OK, I’ll teach you how to do it correctly!”

I think that there is no need to tell you that she ended up losing all her friends and moving to another place.

Guideline 4. Don’t impose yourself on your interlocutor!

This is actually a very good recommendation, but only few people follow it. Don’t even try to reach contact with a person who is not in a mood for that. He/she will either give you the go-by politely or will tell you to get lost with the help of curse words.

Learn how to determine the mood of your interlocutor and finish conversation before you become too tedious and tiresome.

Important fact: How to become smarter?

Guideline 5. Don’t teach other people life lessons

Nobody likes the know-alls. Keep this in mind and stop intruding into your friends’ and colleagues’ lives with your recommendations.

You should remember that everybody has a right to make his/her own decisions or mistakes. Besides, are you sure that your opinion is always correct? Keep it to yourself, as you may only worsen the situation with such interference.

Guideline 6. In order not to be boring, widen your outlook!

Don’t estimate the situation objectively, try to wear somebody else’s shoes and consider it from his/her point of view.

After all, I’d like to recommend you stop criticizing habits of your communication circle. Forget about such phrases as: “There were times, when we would…” Obviously, such phrases may also occur in your conversation, but don’t abuse them.

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