How to cheer up: 10 ways

Get rid of negative emotions and switch on to positive ones. We can offer you 10 ways how to cheer up!


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Probably, all of you have experienced such days when nothing goes right and everybody drives you crazy.

Sometimes we may even lose our temper and yell at our relatives or friends, what makes us feel very ashamed afterwards.

However, in most cases all we have to do is to change our thoughts and attitude in order to avoid getting into trouble.

How to cheer up?

I’m sure that you have been repeatedly asking yourself the same question!

Can you believe that you can be the master of your own mood? Actually, you can do it wherever you want: at home, at work or even in the street. 

As soon as you’re starting to lose your spirits and feeling the upcoming spleen, fatigue or depression, all you have to do is to recollect the following “switches” of mood.

10 ways how to cheer up

«After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.»
William R. Alger

  1. Favorite music.

    Everybody knows the powerful influence of music on human brain.

    That’s why I’d recommend you to carry your cell phone or mp3 player with headphones always with you. Your favorite songs will help you to relax and you won’t even notice how your thoughts will change their direction.

    What is very important here: music doesn’t have to be sad; otherwise your mood will only worsen!

    You’d better compile a playlist of songs which will raise your spirits for sure.

    Choose optimistic, light and lounge music, and it will inspire you!

  2. How to cheer up? Watch a comedy!

    This is also a very easy way to improve your mood.

    We all know that laugh prolongs life and increases our health.

    That’s why I’d recommend you to spend an evening watching funny movies.

    You can even devote the whole day to this therapy, if you have such a possibility.

    Besides, if you want to raise your spirits in the middle of an intensive working week, just watch a few funny videos on the Internet.

    These videos may be about animals or anything else that is funny and can distract you from your problems.

  3. How to cheer up? Treat yourself to something nice.

    I’m not talking about buying a new car or setting on the round-the-world tour.

    I’m sure that you have some simple wishes which you have never had time to fulfill.
    Find time for them right now!

    Go on a ride in the park, buy yourself a bar of chocolate or even a whole cake (girls, try to stop counting calories at least for one day), return into your childhood and don’t be ashamed of giving a treat to yourself!

  4. How to cheer up? Make somebody else happy!

    Forget about yourself and your problems!

    Forget about your bad mood and think about a person you love!

    Think about how you can make this person happy and improve his/her mood, and then realize your fantasy.

    Surprise a beloved person and you’ll notice that his/her joy and thankfulness will raise your spirits as well!

  5. How to cheer up? Enjoy the nature!

    It’s nice if you have an opportunity to go to the forest or lake, but if there is nothing like that around, just go for a walk in the park, have a picnic under the trees, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature!

    If there is winter outside, and the view from your window makes you sad, you can look through photos or videos with beautiful landscapes.

    Find something inspiring, which will fill you with pleasant thoughts and emotions. Some people like to watch sunrise, some people like trees and mountains, and the others may enjoy the sight of blooming trees.

    All you have to do is to find something for your soul!

  6. How to cheer up? Do something interesting!

    If you have a hobby, that’s perfect for you!

    Creative work always improves a person’s mood.

    However, if you don’t consider yourself to be very creative, do whatever you like doing.

    This can include even house cleaning if it really brings you joy! Or you may go shopping.

    Think about what you’d like to do at this very moment and just do it!

  7. How to cheer up? Have a nap!

    Sometimes you just have to get some sleep in order to raise your spirits.

    In most cases our irritation is caused by fatigue and overwork; thus, a few hours of healthy sleep can help you to take another look at your problems and see them from a different angle.

  8. Photos of dear people.

    If you don’t have a chance to communicate with people you love, look at their photos.

    I think that most of us have a cell phone or a digital camera with photos of our relatives and friends, whose smiles can raise our spirits.

    If you’re at home, look through your family photo albums or pictures on your computer.

    These moments of joy of people whom you treasure will make you smile and help you to release tension.

  9. How to cheer up? Get together with your friends.

    Invite your friends for a cup of tea and cook something tasty.

    By the way, joint cooking also raises spirits!

    Recollect funny episodes of your life and share your memories with your friends!

  10. How to cheer up? Think about everything that makes you happy.

    This way is very simple because all you need for it is your own imagination.

    You can use it whenever you want, even while using public transport or waiting in a long queue.

    Don’t think about your daily routine; just start recollecting your favorite things in life!

    Think about your hobby, your favorite books, animals, musical styles and fashion trends.

    In a nutshell, concentrate on everything which brings you joy!

    This will help you to develop positive attitude towards things.

Choose those recommendations which you like the most and you’ll be able to manage your mood at any time in any possible circumstances.

You may use several ways at a time if you are feeling really bad.

Today you may make use of one of these tips, while tomorrow you may need another.

Choose, try, make up your own ways of cheering up and very soon you’ll become the master of your own feelings and thoughts, and all negative emotions will fade away forever!

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