How to achieve goals: 12 tips

Follow these 12 tips and you will 100% get this done and become a happy person!


Have you ever heard the phrase: “He/she can move the mountains!”? Usually people who are described by these words have a well-developed will-power, inner strength and surely know how to achieve goals!

Those who waste their time working at low-paid jobs, or women, who suffer from living with a drinking husband, usually envy such persistent people and say: “What a lucky person! He’s got everything without making an effort!”

However, they don’t even guess that luck has nothing to do with it.

People, who have succeeded in their careers and become famous, worked very hard and made a lot of efforts to become who they are now.

How to get this done in the sphere of career?

My godmother’s name is Lida. She is my mother’s best friend, and that’s why she visits us very often (not only on my birthday!).

She had no luck with her first husband; he left her and their little son after 2 years of marriage, visiting them only on special occasions. Besides, the alimony that he paid wasn’t enough for a living.

When the Soviet Union split into independent countries, people experienced many difficulties. This happened not because of the past “prosperity” of communistic society, but due to the fear of uncertainty and changes.

However, while some people were constantly complaining about their lives and trying to return to the past, working for nothing at research institutes, others tried to accept the challenge of fate.

The whole generation of engineers, researchers, scholars and representatives of other professions decided to change their occupation and start their own business.

In the dull times of 1990s my godmother worked as a bookkeeper at one of the local plants.

When the authorities were about to close it down, she became one of the few employees who didn’t want to wait for the closure of the plant, but decided to quit herself.

She began searching for a new job right away, and soon she got a place at a private enterprise.

Lida encountered with some difficulties at the beginning.

She had to learn the aspects of new legislation that appeared with the formation of a new country, to establish good relations with tax administration (which hadn’t been one of her responsibilities before) and to learn how to work with the computer.

Obviously, my godmother hadn’t completely realized how to get this done and survive in this crazy world.

I saw how difficult her life had become. Sometimes she complained to my mom about her exhausting job.

Also, she didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time with her 8-year-old son Sergei and to check his homework.

In addition to that, her boss was a horrible impolite man, the classical representative of the 90s, who liked to quarrel with his employees when he was in a bad mood.

What is the purpose of life?

12 tips how to achieve goals

Set goal. Make plan. Get to work. Stick to it. Reach goal.

I think you’ve read enough to visualize the situation. I’m happy to say that my godmother had overcome all difficulties at work. Later she found a better job, and her new boss turned out to be an intelligent man, with an academic degree in economics.

The enterprise was working successfully, and my godmother became a wealthy woman.

She stopped counting coins, thinking how to save up for food. Besides, her boss had driven the loneliness out of her having become her second husband.

I asked my godmother to formulate a few recommendations that had helped her to get this done.

This is what she has said:

  1. Never give in to difficulties.

    As soon as you surrender to one problem, you will encounter 10 more.

    On the contrary, the successful solution of one problem will help you to gain confidence in your further actions.

  2. Believe in yourself.

    I told myself every day: “My efforts will be repaid! I will be happy!

    I will achieve my goal and become successful!” Remember, you shouldn’t doubt the goals you set for yourself!

  3. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, if you consider it necessary.

    Nobody has a right to make decisions for you or to take responsibilities for your actions.

    When I decided to quit my first job, I heard a lot of critical remarks, such as: “What the heck are you thinking?”, “You don’t care about your son!”, “Do you think you’re the smartest one?” etc.

    Thank God, I ignored all these criticism because I knew that I had to make my own decisions.

  4. Behave decently in any situation.

    Don’t put on airs; don’t stop communicating with people, who haven’t succeeded in life much, especially if they can be helpful to you.

    You shouldn’t choose friends according to the amount of their money.

    Don’t offend or humiliate other people! What if a new courier becomes your boss in 5 years and avenges you?! Think about that!

  5. Work on your self-improvement!

    You have to be the best in your sphere of interest, at least within your office!

    Even if you have already got the promotion or wage increase, you shouldn’t relax! Improve your skills, read useful literature etc.

    If you become an irreplaceable worker, you will not be fired.

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  6. Don’t envy!

    You should stop envying once and forever!

    This feeling destroys a person completely and prevents him/her from achieving goals!

    There’s no such thing as “somebody’s better than me”.

    Somebody is just different from you, that’s all!

  7. Learn how to set goals!

    Don’t ever use half measures!

    Even if you are not sure that you can reach your destination, you will definitely surmount at least half of the way!

  8. Visualize your goals!

    I often imagined myself in different situations: either I’m driving the nice silver Nissan, or walking on the beach in

    Thailand, or wearing a mink fur coat.

    By the way, my dreams seemed so real to me that I could feel the softness of sand, the silkiness of fur and even the sound of the car engine!

  9. Develop your own strategy: estimate what you already have and what else you can do for your victory.

    You can always take up new courses, read something useful from books, articles etc.

  10. Stop whining!

    The only person I could complain to, was your mom.

    I knew that she would never criticize me and that she could find words to cheer me up.

    Nobody else had ever seen me whining or complaining.

    If somebody asked me: “How are you doing?” I always answered: “I’m fine”.

  11. Don’t look back!

    When I encountered some difficulties on my way, I always remembered my previous way of life: working hours from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., one-hour lunch break, strictly scheduled vacation and a huge amount of responsibilities.

    I tried to get rid of these memories as I had got rid of my past.
    Life is a sequence of changes.

    As soon as you stop moving forward, you will lose!

  12. Be thankful to God and people that have helped you to become who you are now.

It’s not very difficult to understand how to achieve goals.

People just got used to blame somebody else for their own mistakes. Not everybody can take responsibility for his life and actions, but you should learn to do that!

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