How to Become Enlightened: the Best Methods

Are you looking for the answer to the question of how to become enlightened? In our article you are going to find description of direct and indirect methods.


Enlightenment is the highest point (result) of self-understanding.

That’s why many spiritual seekers wish to gain it.

In addition, more often than not, they have the false image of it.

The process of becoming enlightened may be long and hard, but it’s still more difficult to stop the condition of enlightenment.

It leads to the conclusion that the way to become enlightened is the whole path of life.

How to become enlightened?

Let’s try to learn together everything about enlightenment.

Who may be considered to be enlightened?

  • An enlightened person is the one, who lives in harmony with the world around, preserving balance and spiritual cleanness in any situation.

    Many people believe that such people are odd or even insane, though it’s far from it.

  • Such people can be found everywhere from the metropolises to small provincial towns.

    They are not easily recognized at first, because they are quiet, modest and do not drive everybody’s attention to themselves.

    However, in the changed scenery, when the person’s true self is revealed unintentionally, the enlightened person won’t stay unnoticed.

  • If at the place where he is a bitter dispute has aroused, and the emotions are intense, such person will still remain calm.

    He will neither participate in the dispute, nor become an arbiter deciding who is right and who is wrong.

    If it’s absolutely necessary, he’ll try to call the opponents to the common sense and ask them to respect each other.

  • In case, all people around are scared or irritated by something, an enlightened person will preserve his calmness.

    He is not interested in the fierce competitions and fights, because he does not aim to become successful at all cost.

  • An enlightened person does not take part in gossiping, never speaks ill of other people behind their backs, and he is sure to reject politely but rigidly any attempts to get him into similar conversations.
  • An enlightened man likes the quiet and spiritual peace, that’s why he never expresses his emotions very loudly.

    He can appraise a good joke or a comic program, but he won’t loudly laugh or acclaim.

  • Enlightened people are indifferent to financial wealth or riches.

    Their needs are very modest and they know how to feel quite comfortable with what they’ve got.

  • Such people are never angry with others; they never get revenge for the caused offence.

    That’s why they are mistakenly taken as weak, boneless people.

    However, it’s an extremely false belief.

How to become enlightened using direct methods of achieving it?

These are the best, simplest and quickest methods.

Direct techniques eliminate the buffer of the mental understanding, thinking and theorizing.

Direct methods of how to become enlightened have no connection to studying in schools, cults, at the seminars, from guru, teacher, mentor and so on.

All of it is just a game with your mind.

Direct ways are suitable for those, who are 100% honest with themselves.

  • Realization of the present – implies the direct perception of life here and now.

    When getting to know this method of how to become enlightened a layman starts realizing what he is doing and what he has just done.

    Realization of the present is the constant and natural vision of what is happening at the current moment.

    Theoretically, the object of realization is the very moment between the past and the future.

    We can conditionally say that being in the present moment, being the present itself is the quality of our Higher Self.

    If it is constantly happening, the life is going in itself, we will see how in the gravity-free eternity the limitless presence occurs, where something is going on beyond the future and the past.

  • Accepting the present – is generally the same as realization, but with the help of the light side of “intake” into your condition of the things there are now.

    A person is constantly closing himself from the life, from various feelings, which eventually complete his subconscious.

    Accepting the present is learning how to open completely to everything you have here and now.

    Your own mind feels like a clean vessel and the transmitter of all events.

    In a perfect world, you should perceive everything as one unit, inseparable event, and if there is an opposition somewhere, it dissolves and everything just happens.

  • Relaxation in the natural presence is very much alike with realizing and accepting the present.

    On the other hand, it’s another thin side of becoming enlightened.

    If you do not accept the present, you are closed from realizing it.

    There appears this resentment because of the tension at all levels of person’s life. Actually, in order to eliminate the tension you need to relax.

    Relaxation in the present implies total life’s relaxation in itself.

    It’s important to learn how to relax from the very source of the tension.

  • Defocusing of the mind – is another significant side of the enlightenment process.

    Person’s mind is focused in the tense bundles of energy.

    They are almost felt physically like some tense and restless contractions.

    The most sophisticated focusing is connected to our self-identification and is the ground of our authentication.

    It’s out little self – the ego.

    Defocusing leads to the process when the tense bundles of energy start dissolving.

    Then, you observe how the painful tension and harmful restlessness of mind are finally eliminated.

    At first, you feel how the feeling of space appears in the presence of the old “you” and at the background some tensions are crawling.

    Then in the course of defocusing, your old ego, which seemed something unbreakable and solid, starts to have some holes though which the sophisticated energy of mind is flowing.

  • Exposure of the choice is one more side of enlightenment.

    Human’s personality is the set of choices, which come through the mind in the present.

    The choice is born when you do not accept the present.

    One of the main illusions is triggered by the fact that here and now a man is tense and he chooses the future, which does not exist.

    At the present moment, present or future are just illusional grains of the illusion energy, which are made by the choice.

    The illusion of a choice is one of the center stands of ignorance, which cause the illusion of existence of a separate small personality.

  • Commitment is also a way how to become enlightened.

    You give everything you have, however, not in the material sense, but in the essential.

    Commitment happens not actively, without efforts and attempts, and when a person is completely relaxed.

    One may say this method of how to become enlightened is the side of relaxation, where you relax your hold of the events, which are going on at the current moment.

  • Contemplation of what happens now, as a rule, starts from focusing your attention at any object.

    The difference from the method of “realizing the life’s by-stander” is that here the emphasis is made directly on the contemplation itself.

    The essence of this method is to make the process of contemplation the main and constant one.

    Then the focus of self-consciousness shifts to the Higher Self.

    Perception is the peculiarity of the Higher Self.

    When you contemplate, your Higher Self becomes active and reveals itself.

    Enlightenment is the manifestation of the contemplating beginning of life.

    Actually, it’s the true meditation.

All the methods described above are just the sides of the one thing.

Depending on the person’s experience people can be more or less understand and differentiate certain sides, which become their ways to become enlightened.

How to become enlightened using the indirect methods?

These methods, as a rule, are connected to the changes in the energy, cleanness of the mind, preparation of the body and psychic to the clear cognition.

The separation of the methods on direct and indirect is conventional.

Sometimes direct methods become indirect and visa verse, depending on the mind.

  • Rise of energy means experiencing the awakening of the stagnant energy.

    It may be caused by the energetic exercises, and in the luckiest cases it removes the mental blocks, cleans the mind and enlightens the cognition.

    Here one may include the practices of Kriya-yoga, kundalini-yoga, exercises with energy and other esoteric practices.

  • Shactipat or diksa – spiritual enlightenment.

    As a rule, it is provided by a mentor, a guru or a master.

    In the luckiest cases it gives the immediate widening and enlightens the mind.

    It usually gives the experience of a stroke of insight, which sows the seed of enlightenment.

    If an initiated nurtures this seed, saves his energy and leads the right lifestyle, the seed grows and with the lapse of time the lotus of mind opens and blooms.

  • Middle Way is the intuitive, relaxed acquisition of the balance in every new moment of life.
    You neither become tense nor sleepy, but you let things happen.

    Besides, no matter how paradoxical it seems, you acquire the ability to take efforts of which the earthly, tense mind is not capable.

  • Sufferings develop your soul.

    Everybody knows that suffering is one of the main stimuli for the true detachment.

    Detachment from the happening events brings the truth and enlightenment.

    Many saints consciously experienced suffering in order to grow the spiritual qualities.

    By no means we encourage you to suffer.

    However, the realization of the fact that the overcome sufferings were not in vain brings us wisdom, calmness and the ability to move on.

The shortest and the most correct answer to the question of how to become enlightened is there is no one and nothing to achieve.

When the understanding completely comes to you, the question is removed as well as the rest of life illusions.

However, this question is now rather topical and there will be the search, the practice, and the results (or lack of them).

Remember that everything said by words is just the concept.

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