How to Believe in Yourself?

Do you feel not confident enough? We suggest you 3 ways how to start believing in yourself!


You may have noticed that most people can be divided in two groups: those, who believe in themselves and their power, and those, who have no such beliefs.

Some people achieve success, and others just give up and drift, hoping the destiny will bring them to the right path.

Confident people aren’t afraid to communicate and don’t avoid others.

They accomplish their purposes and never give up if they face some problems on the way.

Moreover, they respect themselves and others, don’t look around and never assert themselves at the expense of others. Such people know that if they don’t have something desired yet, they are sure to get it later.

If you don’t want to spend most of your life like a person shrinked into a corner, but wish to make serious actions, solve important problems and know how to achieve great results in life, we suggest you, first of all, believe in yourself and learn how to do it.

The first way to believe in yourself is to develop the positive way of thinking

  1. Make up a list of your achievements.

    It’s likely to help you on the first step.

    Sit down and write everything you succeeded in life.

    Include even such trifles as the knowledge how to put together furniture or how to throw a party for a friend or a relative.

    • Then try to notice the patterns in the list.
      Think which things were great. It’ll help you to figure out which skills you possess.
    • As soon as you realize, what skills helped you in the achievements, write them out on a separate column.
  2. Talk to the close people who love you.

    If you find it difficult to discover something wonderful in you, you can talk to the close people any moment.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to see the good in yourself, but close people always see it.

  3. Find the things you actually believe in.

    You may have difficulties believing in yourself, if you are constantly trying to please others.

    Look for some things you like and you actually believe in.

    Having enthusiasm while doing something will help you work more and in a certain moment you’ll understand what are you capable of.

  4. Set the goals, which can be reached.

    It will allow you believe in yourself and your ability to reach the desired.

    Goals must correspond to your skills and be achievable.

    • Be ready to leave your comfort zone from time to time.
      Even if the goal is achievable, you will have to do things, which you don’t usually do.
    • After you set a goal, work at accomplishing it until it’s achieved.
    • Don’t give up on the half way, if it gets difficult.
      If the goal is too complicated, try to divide it on few small ones and do them one by one.
  5. Sum up the results at the end of every day.

    Reflection is an essential part of the work on the new you. Reflection may help you understand what you are good at and which things are better to be improved.

    Think about your progress at the end of each day.

    If you fail to do something planned one day, make the conclusions about such experience and don’t repeat the mistakes in the future.

  6. Be persistent.

    Sometimes we want to give up, because we are afraid of a failure, but there is nothing weird about facing difficulties in the new business.

    Don’t blame yourself for doing something wrong, you’d better let yourself try something new and don’t worry about the consequences.

    Many inventors, who achieved success, came to the conclusions that the right mood is much more important for the success than the fixation on the goal.

The second way how to believe in yourself – acquire the useful habits

  1. Communicate with people.

    The research in the sphere of neurology claims about the importance of strengthening and reviewing the relationships with others – it helps the brains to work.

    This is the reason why the person will never get rid of some habits.

    Firstly, he must figure out how much these habits are conditioned by the society.

    If people often come to you for a piece of advice, but you have no one to talk to, when you need some advice, there is a possibility the surrounding people consider you to be a source of energy, which feeds them.

    There is nothing bad in helping others, but it’s significant to remember about you either.

  2. Raise the self-esteem.

    Try to think about yourself and your behavior in a good manner.

    Fight the desire to depreciate yourself and promise yourself to find every day at least two new good traits of character.

    It’s important to drive away all non-productive thoughts, which come to you.

    If you catch yourself on the thoughts like “I’m the looser”, “Nobody likes me”, “I cannot do anything right”, stop and analyze them.

    Change them on the productive thoughts and think up two positive things about you.

  3. Find the way to move on all the time.

    Sometimes it may seem to you that you are stuck and don’t know how to behave next.

    People often focus on the negative things and stop noticing the good ones.

    Sometimes it’s enough to switch the scenery and the usual timetable.

    Find the way to change your usual lifestyle or your behavior.

  4. Act.

    If you postpone things, because they seem to you too complicated, you are destined to fail.

    If you have little time to accomplish the mission, you will hurry and make mistakes.

    It’s better to do everything in time in order to have enough time to demonstrate all your knowledge.

    When you achieve success in small things, it will teach you how to believe in yourself and how to cope with even more complicated missions.

  5. Think about the good.

    The psychologists discovered that when a person is focused on the negative aspects, he stops noticing the positive ones.

    Try to remind yourself that you are to think only about good things, but not the bad ones.

    If someone from the surroundings always criticizes you or you do it to yourself, think how you can change it.

  6. Take the complicated tasks.

    If you always choose the easy way, you may simply start thinking that you are not able to cope with the difficult tasks.

    Prove to yourself it is not true and take something complicated.

    Make things, which bring pleasure to you, even if you have to work hard on them.

    You can do it!

    Mind that you can always split the complicated task on a few simple tasks.

  7. Learn how to express your opinion.

    If in a certain situation you have your own opinion and you know how to go it more effectively, don’t keep silence!

    Do not put up with the current order of things.

    Take active part in it.

    It will make others understand that you can control the situation and express your concerns.

    If you worry how other people will take your words and it prevents you from expressing your opinion, try to eliminate this habit.

    Practice expressing the thoughts and feelings without wondering how people accept them.

    However, you may face some misunderstandings along the way.

  8. Help others.

    Helping others a person starts to understand better what he is capable of and becomes more self-confident.

    You can help by volunteering or making good things, and it will definitely bring you the sense of self-contentment.

The third way to believe in yourself is to take good care of yourself.

  1. Watch your appearance and hygiene.

    It is much easier to believe in yourself, if you are confident in your In order to look and feel good, watch your hygiene every day and set yourself to rights.

  2. Eat healthy food.

    The foods you eat every day influence your physical and emotional well-being.

    If you start cooking instead of having dinner, which consists of chips and cola, you are sure to feel much better.

    Try to maintain your well-being by the useful food.

  3. Go in for sports every day.

    Sport allows us coping with stress and sets us in a better mood. Besides, the research has shown that going in for sports improves self-esteem.

    Try to do exercises at least 30 minutes every day and you’ll feel all advantages of sport for the health and emotional state.

  4. Have enough sleep.

    The lack of sleep may cause lack of self-confidence and other negative emotions, that’s why you must have a good sleep every night.

    Negative emotions will simply prevent you from believing in yourself. Try to sleep not less than 8 hours per night in order to avoid it.

  5. Relax every day.

    Devote some time to it every single day.

    Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, aromatherapy and other relaxation techniques will help you to avoid undesirable negative thoughts and you’ll find it easier to believe in yourself.

    Pick up something that is going to suit you and start doing it regularly.

  6. Create a nice atmosphere around you.

    The place, where you are, may also influence your feelings.

    That’s why it’s extremely important to keep the house clean.

    Make sure everything is in order in the house (or at least in your room, if you live with someone) – let it be cosy.

    Arrange all your things around and they will raise your mood.

One may say that learning how to believe in yourself is going to become the basis, that fertile ground, where the tree of your success grows (of both professional and personal lives).

On the way to becoming self-confident there are easier and more difficult stages.

Give yourself enough time and have much patience – the luck will definitely be on your side.

Knowing how to believe in yourself it becomes possible, even if you are already a mature person.

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