How to Tell a Man You Like Him?

There are 12 recommendations how to tell a man you like him. You should behave self-confidently and not to be upset in case of failure.


So you like a man and it’s great!

Admitting it you took a step towards telling this man what you feel.

However it’s not simple to dare and do it.

Here we’ll advise you how to flirt with a man and find out more about him.

Be brave!

How to Tell a Man You Like Him? – Mental State

  1. See into your feelings.

    Romantic feelings may be very complicated that’s why you should take a couple of days to realize what’s happening before following the recommendations of this very article.

    You shouldn’t hurry up as your feelings might turn out not so strong.

    Are you sure you are indeed interested in him?

    Why do you like this man?

    What’s your goal?

    If you can’t answer these questions then try first to know this person better.

  2. Don’t make the situation even more complicated.

    However nice this man was he’s just a human and he also must be unsure of which girl he likes.

    Besides that he’s certain to have some drawbacks, but you just don’t know about them.

    You shouldn’t waste too much moral forces on relationship which hasn’t begun yet.

  3. Observe his behavior with great attention.

    Does he often look stealthily at you?

    Does he smile to you?

    Is he trying to tease you?

    Does he pretend in joke to be unacquainted with you?

    All this may be marks of his personal interest in you.

    As soon as you manage to understand his hints, it’ll be easier for you to tell him about your feelings as you have a quite good idea of what to expect now.

  4. Understand that his negative reaction isn’t a disaster.

    Even if you prepare yourself at best, he may say you do not interest him in romantic plan.

    Consider such possibility but try not to be upset too much about it.

    The reason he thumbs you down, is it not because he hates you, but because he simply doesn’t want to date you in this very moment.

    He may have plenty of excuses for it.

  5. Abandon the thought that only a man can make the first step.

    Previously women weren’t tolerated to date up a man but nowadays it’s just a stereotype.

    Act! Learn how to become smarter!

    You’ll have more opportunities to go out on a date with a man, if you personally suggest going out with him.

How to Tell a Man That You Like Him? – Proceed to Action

  1. Try to clear up if he likes you.

    • Seek information about him asking his acquaintances.

      If you are sure that he likes you, maybe you’ll become braver.

    • Notice some short hints.

      If the man likes you, he’ll demonstrate his desire to be with you.

      He’ll invent some pretexts to sit next to you, ways to be present at all events you intend to visit, or even make up his mind to spend more time in the company of your friends.

      Observe him.

    • If you caught him at admiring you look straight in his eyes and don’t break off the eye contact for a couple of seconds.

      If he doesn’t shift glance, it’s a definite sign that he likes you too.

  2. Aim to strike up a conversation with him.

    Before telling a man that you like him or date him, you should first become his best interlocutor.

    To come closer you should first become good friends and get to know each other better.

    It is also likely to make you understand whether you indeed like him, because while talking to him you may get to know some facts you won’t like.

  3. Start to touch him.

    The touching must be accidental and tidy.

    Put your head or hand on his shoulder.

    Imitate that you are tired. If he looks at you, smile in return.

    How Do You Know if He Really Loves You?

  4. Use the body language.

    Remember the female brushup gestures – sensational throwing of hair lying on your face back, hair smoothing, wrings demonstration, hunker shaking while walking.

    Smile to the man on meeting him even if you’re embarrassed or subconsciously want to conceal your sympathy.

    Try to smile even with your eyes.

    He’ll feel for sure your positive energy.

  5. Work up the courage and confess your feelings.

    You should begin with a simple, routine conversation, wait for a pause and then tell him everything.

    You should seem self-confident.

  6. If you worry about what he may answer then just suggest going out on a date.

    This is a nice way to receive an answer to the point of interest without asking it directly.

    You just suggest him going somewhere together with you.

    If he reacts positively to your flirting and conversations, then he has no ground for refusal.

  7. Whatever his reaction was don’t lose your self-confidence.

    If he answers “yes” you may be sure he likes you such as you are.

    Don’t be surprised at the positive reaction!

    You have every reason to love yourself.

    If he doesn’t return your love back just try to finish the conversation and forget what happened.

    Remember the refusal doesn’t mean you are a bad person.

    Don’t forget you needn’t to conform to anybody and there are a lot of men who will be lucky, if you notice them and pay some attention.

12 Pieces of Advice How to Tell a Man of Your Love to Him


  1. Ask yourself whether you indeed desire this relationship before everything ran too far.

  2. If after all you made a decision to tell that you like him do it gently and carefully.

    Start with something he’s interested in and then try to hint him at your feelings.

  3. Try to be more open-minded.

    Games and circumambulation won’t result in something good.

    It’s like to tear off a plaster of your skin: if he doesn’t like you then you’d better get to know it as soon as possible.

    And if he likes you then everyone just will be a winner.

  4. You should behave self-confidently (better even feel self-confidence).

    Then you won’t seem uptight to him and the communication will go more freely.

  5. Tell him about your feelings only face to face.

  6. If he rejects you don’t be offended and don’t try to clear up why he did.

    But don’t pretend not to notice him anymore as well.

    Live as before.

    At least he will know that you’re interested in him and will remember you more often.

  7. Don’t say it was a joke if he keeps silence in response to your confession.

    You’d better shrug in this case than look silly.

  8. You’d better not confess by e-mail or post.

    He’ll be glad if you tell you like him just face to face.

  9. Remember if you spend time together, you give an eye to him and be have politely then there’ll be no need for words as everything will be evident.

  10. Be ready for his surprise at your confession.

    He may even have no idea that you like him.

  11. The majority of men will support you for your courage and even if the man has no feelings to you he’s sure to respect you.

  12. It’s hard to tell a man you like him.

    But to confess it to yourself is also not easy.

    If you are in love you should clear up what he feels to you.

We hope our recommendations helped you to puzzle out how to tell a man you like him.

Be braver and you’ll manage everything!

Love and be loved!

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