How to Make a Man Miss You?

Do you want to know to make a man miss you? Here are few interesting tricks for girls and boys, who value their second halves.


Sometimes it’s really important to know that your beloved and dear man, even being far away, thinks about you.

Surely, it’s almost impossible to make a guy or a girl miss you.

However, there are several ways how to make a man miss you.

How to make a man miss you:

  1. Before you make somebody miss you, disappear from his life for some time.

    If you are always near him, it’s quite possible he is not going to miss you at all.Undoubtedly, it’s very hard to leave the beloved man willingly.

    Nevertheless, it’s the only way he’ll have enough time and space to realize your absence and how much he cares about you.

    This way he is sure to understand how much he needs you.

  2. In order to make a man miss you and think about you, keep yourself always busy or create the image that you are always occupied with something, if it is actually not like this.

    Talking to your partner next time, do not say directly what you are busy with.

    Simply make a joke of it or tell him a funny story, which has recently happened to you.This way you’ll kill two birds with one stone: show how easy-going and funny you are and demonstrate how bright and eventful your life is.

    Your chosen one will have nothing else but to admit you as an interesting personality and want to be with you more often.

  3. If you want to make a man miss you, you should ask him questions on a date, which concern some pleasant memories that tight you together.

    For example, you may ask him: “do you remember how we went on the beach last time and you built that wonderful sandcastle?”Nevertheless, you should not devote the whole evening to your memories.

    You’d better only remind him every now and then about those pleasant moments.

    This technique will make him think a lot about how much unites you.

  4. If you live apart, “forget” a trifle at his place: an earring, a comb or a CD.

    This is sure to serve as a way to make him think of you more often.Every time he comes across this thing at home, he’ll involuntarily think about you.

    The main thing is that the item you strategically left behind does not require to be urgently returned. It should not be your purse, keys or mobile phone.

  5. The most effective way how can make a man miss you is, probably, to be the soul of the company.

    People must always enjoy themselves and feel at ease in your company.

    If your partner and you do not quarrel because of some trifles, but spend hours enjoying each other’s company, he’ll definitely miss you when you are away.

How to make a girl miss you?

  • Limit the time you spend together.

    If you want to make a girl miss you, do not spend all your free hours with her.

    Devote such amount of time, which is sure to be enough to show a girl how interesting and funny you are.

    If you spend too much time with her, she is likely to take it for granted.

  • Limit the number of your phone calls.

    Let it be relatively short talks, lest the girl though you have nothing else to do.

    You can discuss over the phone your common plans and learn how she is.

    All these things must not take you more than few minutes.

  • Do not drop other things in order to talk to a girl; otherwise she’ll think you are at her beck and call.

    If she sends you a text (SMS) and you are busy, do not answer it at that very moment (respond at once only if she needs urgent help). You may text back few hours later.

    The same concerns her phone calls.

    If a girl realizes she can contact you whenever she needs you, she’ll probably never miss you.

    On the contrary, if you are difficult to get in touch with, she’ll appreciate the moments you spend together.

  • Do not forget your friends.

    Spend some time with them as well, even if you have quite serious relationships with your girlfriend.

    Do not devote all your leisure hours to your second half, meet your friends.

    Find a golden mean between the time you devote to your friends and your girlfriend.

    You do not need neither your girlfriend nor your friends lose interest in you, only because you spare more time for one of them.

  • Contact your girlfriend every now and then.

    If you want to make a girl miss you, remind her of you.

    Send her a text, a short e-mail or call only to find out how she is.

    Get in touch not too often, lest she forgot you, but do not go too far with your texts and calls.

    If you know she is getting ready for an important event (e.g. a job interview or a final game), call her and wish good luck.

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  • Make everything possible she went to bed thinking about it.

    To do it you can send her a romantic text before going to bed or call her in the evening.

    She’ll probably even wake up thinking about your night talk and will definitely miss you even more.

  • Present her with something that will remind your girlfriend of you.

    For example, on the birthday party you can present her with a necklace, a book or a CD, which she was looking for.

    Physical objects are sure to remind your girlfriend of you and she is likely to miss you, when you are not together.

  • Always finish the conversations on a good note.

    After you spend enough time with your girlfriend, tell her it’s time to go. It would not offend a girl, if you did not agree beforehand to spend together more time.

    Saying something pleasant before you leave, your girlfriend will definitely think about you even after your departure.

  • Do not meet for too long.

    If you leave only after you are out of topics, which you can discuss, the girl will not think about you.

    That’s why leave when you still have something to talk about – this way your girlfriend is sure to think about you and wait for another meeting to continue the conversation.

How to make a man miss you?

  • You must have a definite scent, with which your beloved man associates only you.

    It does not matter, which scent it is – your favorite perfume or a child’s soap.

    The most important here is that he likes it.

    Men are rather sentimental, though they never admit it.

    That’s why make somehow that this scent accompanied him all around the flat, when you are not with him.

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  • One more efficient way may be to leave something at his place, accidentally of course.

    It’ll catch his eyes and remind him of you.

    You should mind that if you forgot something, the thing must be returned immediately; otherwise the whole plan will be ruined.

    Nevertheless, you may not leave things, which you constantly use, in order to make a man miss you.

    You can write a romantic note ad hide it somewhere.

    Be certain, the effect will not be worse.

  • You should mark your private space in his apartment.

    For example, a tub of cream on a shelf in the bathroom will always remind a man that you applied it to your face and, surely, will make him miss you.

  • Try to share with your beloved man something interesting and exciting as often as possible.

    When he faces something alike, he’ll definitely remember you.

  • You can invent many small holidays for you, or give unusual names to the streets.

    Then your boyfriend will remember you as soon as he finds himself in this or that street alone.

  • During your dates try to remind your beloved person of some common events you had.

    Reviving in memory some happy moments, your man will know how much you have in common.

  • However, the most efficient way to make somebody miss you is to be an easy-going person and never to quarrel about trifles.

    If you have a good time communicating with each other, he is sure to miss you anyway.

We’ve told you how to make a man miss you.

Now we hope that our pieces of advice will help you strengthen your relationships with your partner during the forced separation.

Mind that love is the strongest stimulus to miss somebody during his absence.

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