Where to Go On a First Date with a Guy?

The list of options where you can go on the first date with a guy any season. Pick out a perfect one!


First of all, you shouldn’t consider a guy, who suggests a girl to choose a place where to go on the first date, to be uncertain or uninterested in her. It’s quite possible he just wants to please or believes that the last word belongs to the girlfriend.

There is nothing dreadful concerning it. Many potential brides want to see a complaisant and obedient man in the future husband.

If you are puzzled where to go on a first date with a boyfriend, never hurry to tell him choose the location he wants.

Take the initiative and suggest a place you find the most suitable for the meeting with this very person.

We also provide you with some options where to go.

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  1. Stroll in a park.

    It’s better you choose big parks. If your meeting takes longer than planned, area of the park should allow long walks, or you can sit there, too.

    Before you go, make a list of questions – a perfect way to start the conversation rolling.

    Beware of asking too personal questions or those which will make a guy believe you’ve been following him.

    You’ll see – a talk promises to be nice as soon as you start it.

  2. Make merry in an amusement park.

    Yes, amusement parks are designed for kids, but who said adults can’t take part in some childish occupations?

    Ferris wheel or outdoor carting is sure to bring plenty of emotions to both of you.

  3. The Zoo.

    Most people (especially lonely ones) haven’t been to the zoo for many years, that’s why you’ll have plenty of topics to discuss.

    Many families with children visit zoo, and that might also help you get the right mood. If a man gladly admired animals and wanted to treat them, there is a huge possibility he would express care and warmth towards you.

  4. Make a tour of your city.

    Here you are independent in your choice.

    Many people living in big cities know only their neighborhood and city center.

    What about visiting other parts of the city?

    Find on the Internet some attractive locations and become a guide for your partner. The advantage of this method is the constant change of scenery. Each meeting is dynamic, eventful and memorable.

  5. Picturesque places.

    Almost every city has some nice spots with picturesque views and beautiful nature.

    Having climbed some small mountain or slope, you can sit and enjoy a wonderful view.

    It’s affluence for the talk.

  6. Horseback riding.

    Horses are amazing animals and usually bring people many positive emotions.

    At the same time you must realize that not everyone will agree with this way of spending the first date.

    When communicating you found out that a guy wants it as well as you do, both of you can make the dream come to life.

  7. A trip on a balloon.

    There is nothing better than watching people from bird’s-eye view, flying above the city and feeling the knees tremble because of such height.

  8. A picnic.

    It may be a quiet spot which inspires to talk. This is also a nice opportunity to show how good you are at making sandwiches and light snacks.

    Nevertheless, you mustn’t go too far and take a full basket of food. One or two dishes are enough and your guy should take care of the rest, for example drinks.

    Uninhibited atmosphere may help to find common language and the absence of other distracting and limiting things will definitely help to concentrate on each other.

  9. A bitch or an aquapark.

    Only those girls, who are completely confident in their figure and keep fit, ask guys out on a date on the bitch or aquapark.

    In this case be ready to find yourself under a guy’s stare and do not be surprised if he starts to demonstrate his sexual attraction.

  10. A lunch on a roof.

    Transferring your date to the highest point of the city will not leave any of you indifferent.

    Some hotels, restaurants and other buildings have terraces on roofs to entertain people, especially in the evening.

  11. Sporting event.

    During a match you’ll have plenty of time to communicate and the game you are watching will give you short respites. Remember to pay more attention to your partner and less to the score.

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  1. A restaurant, a café or a sushi-bar.

    Choose not an expensive but a cosy one.

    A tiny, full of tables and people café is not the best place where you go on the first date.

    It’s extremely important to create your private space where only you and your partner will be.

    You may also feel awkward sitting in the VIP restaurant, especially if you recall a complaisant waiter perpetually coming to ask about your feelings and wishes.

    Choosing a place with an unusual theme, you’ll bring some creativity to your date.

  2. A café with music.

    Go not only to communicate over a cup of coffee, but to listen to jazz, for example. It’ll amend your communication.

  3. A night club.

    There are many beautiful and uninhibited girls and you are able to secretly watch the guy’s reaction and decide if came here to enjoy himself or to spend time with you.

    You shouldn’t invite a guy to a night club if you have a supposition he is not fond of such places and prefers calm atmosphere.

  4. A music concert.

    A concert, which was chosen according to the tastes and likes of both of you, is a nice option where to go on the first date.

    Don’t forget that loud music or too official settings might interfere with your communication.

  5. Go to the cinema.

    It’s significant to remember here that a film must have something on top, because there is no good communication while watching a film.

    To avoid lack of communication you may go for a walk before going to the cinema or after it.

  6. A theatre.

    Choose a light comedy or a musical. Even if he doesn’t like it, you’ll prove to be a cultured person.

    Bowling corresponds to all criteria of the first date: it’s interesting, unusual and everybody can do it.

    Even if one of you (or even both of you) is terrible at it, who cares?

    You’d like to show how interesting and cheerful you are and you need to know if he can behave like this towards you.

    On a date you may bet. For example, the one who loses a game is cooking dinner for the winner.

    It’s a sure fire way to have the second date.

  7. Skates or roller skates.

    97% of all romantic comedies prove it to be the classics of the first date.

    If you can’t skate, it’s high time you learnt it.

    On the one hand, you’ll amuse the person you go with, and on the other one, you’ll get lots of impressions.

    If you can skate, show how good you are at it.

  8. Home environment.

    Sometimes a simple date with deliciously cooked dinner and drinks is an excellent variant. Produce an impression on a date by the cuisine you cook.

Pick out a perfect location where you may go on a first date with a guy.

Follow the tastes and preferences of your new mate and you’ll have a memorable time together.

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