What to Do if You Feel Nauseous: 15 Effective Pieces

What to do if you feel nauseous discovering 9 reasons of feeling nauseous + 5 relaxing techniques + 7 homemade remedies + 15 quick tips?


Nausea is a burdensome feeling in the pit of the stomach and/or in the throat which usually leads to vomiting.

Nausea belongs to the group of symptoms but not the disease because it does not appear on its own.

It indicates some deviations in the normal functioning of the organism.

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What kind of feeling nausea is?

As a rule, nausea implies the feeling of the wish to vomit and very often people feel it either in the throat or in the pit of the stomach.

Pretty often the nauseous feeling precedes vomit or accompanies it.

Very often it is connected to the low stomach function or the changes in the movement function in the duodenum or narrow intestine.

It’s significant to single out that when vomit is accompanied by severe nausea, it may be a sign of the changes in the work of the vegetative nervous system: pale skin, increased sweat, excessive saliva manufacturing and sometimes the interconnection with hypotension and bradycardia.

9 reasons why you feel nauseous

  1. Poisoning slowly makes you feel nauseous.

    It may begin 2-3 hours after eating and usually ends with vomit.

    The body temperature is increased to 38 degrees and after vomit people have diarrhea.

  2. Concussion may happen after bad bruise of the head and it also causes dizziness.
  3. Pregnancy is the reason why women feel nauseous every morning.

    More often than not, such symptom disappears by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

    After it, women seldom feel nauseous and not so severe comparing to the beginning of pregnancy.

  4. Menstruation can cause nausea because the hormones are not in balance.

    However, it still occurs more often between the menstruation and ovulation.

    In addition, the increased level of water in the organism during menstruation can make you feel nauseous.

  5. Medicine (almost all of it) has side effects and feeling nauseous is one of them, especially among antibiotics, anti-influenza agents, and some vitamins.
  6. Vestibular apparatus can cause the fits of nausea and dizziness when you change your position suddenly from sitting on your hunkers to standing still.

    This makes you lose your balance, causes dark stains which you see in front of your eyes and the noise you hear in the ears.

  7. Diets often lead to nausea and people who stick to various diets often feel it.

    It happens if the diet is not properly composed because different micro- and macro elements from this or that product used in the wrong proportion can disturb your metabolism.

  8. Heat or sun strokes.
  9. Sea sickness.

What to do if you feel nauseous: 5 learn the relaxing techniques

  1. Lie down.

    What to do if you feel nauseous?

    If you have dizziness, you must move less even if some bizarre things are happening in your stomach.

    In this case, the most significant thing is to avoid moving your head.

    When you rest a little, get up slowly to avoid the sudden dizziness.

    If you accidentally bend the rule, you must not be disappointed because this dizziness will go away fast.

  2. Put on your forehead the cloth which was wet in cold water.

    Though such technique won’t help you get rid of feeling nauseous, there is a belief that cool compress will definitely ease your sufferings.

    You may conduct experiments and put the compress on various parts of the body to find out other ways to improve your condition – try to put it on your cheeks, neck, shoulders, arms, and belly.

  3. Relax.

    It is known that worries and anxieties only increase the feeling of nauseous, that’s why you should try to think how this condition ruined your intentions.

    Take a nap and restore your energy.

    In case you’ve got an upset stomach, you must breathe deeply because it influences the stomach and changes the rhythm of work.

    Sit in a quiet calm room and slowly inhale through the nose, widening your chest and the upper part of the belly as your lungs are filled with the air.

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  4. Have only pleasant aromas around you.

    Some researchers state that breathing in the fumes of essential oils such as mint or ginger is able to ease the feeling of nauseous.

    However, nowadays, these conclusions are not final and require the further check.

    Do not stay in the stuffy rooms.

    Feel the blow of fresh air opening the windows or turning your face or body to the fan blower.

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  5. Chill out.

    Very often it’s quite enough to walk in the fresh air to get rid of the nauseous feeling.

    When you feel nauseous, you should try to chill out and find some light and exciting things to do.

Homemade remedies to use if you feel nauseous

  1. Cut the lemon in halves and actively inhale its smell within 1- 2 minutes.

    You won’t feel nauseous anymore but you must put the lemon near to the nose and breathe it in with slow, deep inhales.

  2. Pour a teaspoon of fennel seeds with 150 ml of boiling water and let them draw for 10 minutes.

    Then add honey or sugar to the infusion together with several drops of lemon juice.

    Take it in slowly any time you wish.

    It is especially effective for pregnant women.

  3. Take several ice cubes from the fridge, wrap them in a towel and put to the back of your neck or forehead.
  4. Apply to the cotton fabric a couple of drops of peppermint oil and breathe this aroma.

    You are able to eliminate nausea within a couple of minutes.

  5. In case you are nauseous every morning (for instance, because of lack of sleep or pregnancy), you should cook tea with peppermint in the evening (1 teaspoon of the herb for 150 ml of boiling water).

    Draw it in the night and drink in sips in the morning.

  6. Use can use ginger to cope with nauseous feelings – mill some of the roots in the glass and pour with boiling water.

    Let it draw and blend with a teaspoon of honey.

    You may drink it warm but do not have more than 3 cups a day.

  7. Clove can set you free if you feel nauseous – chew a little of clove or drink tea with this spice.

    Besides, you might use clove essential oil – apply 2-3 drops of oil on the cloth and make a couple of deep inhales.

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15 effective pieces of advice on what to do if you feel nauseous

  1. If you really think you are going to vomit, do not refrain yourself.

    There is a huge possibility you’ll feel much better after it.

  2. If you are trying to fall asleep but you cannot do it because of this bad symptom, lie down on the left side with the bent knees – fetal position.
  3. Refuse alcohol and cigarettes.
  4. Take the capsules of dry ginger to prevent travel sickness and possible nausea.
  5. If you feel nauseous because of such medical factors as chemotherapy, some countries allow taking medicinal marijuana.

    However, you must definitely check the local laws before doing it.

  6. Put a hot-water bottle to your belly.
  7. Take a warm shower.
  8. Try to cool down because sometimes people feel nauseous because of the overheating.

    Drink cool water and set the fan blower on you.

  9. Chew a mint chewing gum or mint leaves.
  10. Take an ice cube, put it in the lemon juice and then suck it because sometimes it helps.
  11. Completely avoid the thoughts about nausea.

    Just focus on something else and you are sure to feel much better!

  12. Do not eat spicy and fatty food and eat in small portions – sometimes overeating may serve as a reason why you feel nauseous.
  13. Sit down, throw back your head and put your feet up.
    Perhaps, this pose will stop nausea until you get up again.

  14. Avoid loud sounds and bright light.

    Rest in a dark and quiet room with fresh air (if possible).

  15. Use the toilet.

What to do if you feel nauseous?

If the fits are regular and do not leave you, visit a doctor, who is sure to discover the reasons why you feel this way and prescribe you a complex treatment to cure this unpleasant condition.

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