How Do You Know if You Have Pinworms?

How do you know if you have pinworms studying 8 symptoms of infection +how to diagnose children + treatment + 9 preventative measures?


Pinworm infection is the illness which can strike anyone.

The biggest possibility to be infected is to neglect the norms of hygiene.

Besides, pinworms are also transmitted to a healthy person directly from a sick man.

Regardless of how the virus got in the organism, its proper treatment in time is sure to cope with the vermin.

How do you know if you have pinworms?

Let’s discuss it in the article below.

What pinworms are?

They are said to be a kind of helminths.

Pinworms start to develop very fast as soon as they reach the organism creating every day new generation.

The helminths’ eggs may occur on the person’s body or on his personal belongings.

It’s quite possible to remove all eggs if you stick to the rules of hygiene, regularly clean the rooms and iron all your clothes.

Just like the rest of vermin, they look rather unattractive.

These are the worms of white color; the males grow to 4 mm while females can be two or three times bigger.

The pinworms can be distinguished by their oblong shape.

In most cases, a sick person can find the eggs around the anus.

In order to diagnose pinworms, one has to undergo a test – scraping from the anal region.

Ways how to be infected by pinworms

  1. Oral
  2. Household
  3. Direct contact

Household way occurs when people neglect the personal hygiene.

For example, a person does not wash the hands before meals.

Besides, one may be infected when he does not clean fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition, a child might be infected playing with toys which carry the pinworms’ eggs.

In this case, he does not only become sick but he spreads the disease among the adults and other young friends.

The oral way to get the disease implies that pinworms and their eggs get in the organism through the mouth.

If a person scratches his fundament, he gets those eggs under his nails.

From the hands, the microbes go to the mouth and nasal cavities.

Moreover, the food is also infected with them.

Everyone can avoid it simply practicing proper hygiene.

When a person touches the sick people or animals we observe the contact infection.

Animals carry pinworms on their fur that’s why you should wash the hands thoroughly after the contacts with such pets as cats and dogs, and other animals.

How do you know if you have pinworms: 8 symptoms

There are several sure-fire ways to define whether the organism is ill.

How do you know if you have pinworms?

How do you recognize the symptoms of being ill?

The steady itching in the anus area is definitely one of the symptoms.

These pinworms have a rather monotonous life cycle: living in the small intestine they destroy the microflora of human organism.

After conceiving, males die and females move to the straight intestine in order to lay eggs.

Usually, they leave the organism at night, that’s why the most severe fits of itching happen when a person is sleeping.

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The observed symptoms of being infected:

  1. An upset stomach which is accompanied by frequent diarrhea and severe pains.
  2. At the helminths’ invasion, a sick person can get irritations and rashes on the body.
  3. Just like children, some adults, who suffer from helminths, might grind the teeth when they sleep.
  4. In most cases, sick people may find pinworms in feces – small while oblong “sticks” often turn out to be helminths.
  5. Sometimes, sick people have the inflamed genitals (when helminths go outside).
  6. In case a person has plenty of pinworms, he will have pain in the stomach, nausea, and vomit.
  7. Sometimes sick people have incontinence of urine (enuresis) and the girls have an overflow from the sheath because of pinworms in their genitals.
  8. Such infection might be also accompanied by eczema or dermatitis.

How do you know if you have pinworms by diagnosing the illness?

In order to define whether you have the eggs of pinworms, you must have the scraping for enterobiasis or the stamp of the tape from the skin around the anus.

The analysis for enterobiasis must be done in the morning before dejection and before the hygienic procedures.

Pinworms do not lay eggs every day, that’s why you should repeat the analysis three days in a row (assuming the interval is one day) to receive the reliable results.

The general blood test is likely to show the increased amount of eosinophil.

In addition, the examination of the anal region (in case a sick person complains about itching) allows discovering the traces of scratching and sometimes even a pinworm.

How to know if children have pinworms?

  1. You should definitely take a child to the hospital to undergo the tests if you have a suspicion that he has pinworms.

    There he’ll have the scraping from the anal region, a test defining the presence of the eggs, and the examination of the child’s feces.

  2. Then parents also tell the specialist whether they found pinworms or helminths that looked alike in the child’s pot.

    Pinworms might get on the clothes, especially on the underwear.

    The parents must also examine it in case they are suspicious of pinworms.

  3. It has to be noted that feces’ test gives an unreliable result.

    Only scraping is said to be an effective method. In the lab, specialists use special tape on the child’s anus in order to gather the eggs which are left on the skin.

  4. During the anamnesis, parents must tell the specialist whether a kid had salivation, pains around the belly button (he could have rubbed the belly with his hands), a pale face, the loss of weight, nausea, pains in GI tract, the increased appetite or its loss and itching in the anus.
  5. In addition, enuresis may be a sign that girls have pinworms – incontinence of urine happens because the urethra is irritated. It was also mentioned that girls might have the overflow from the genitals which was not observed before.
  6. The long-term invasion causes the low level of hemoglobin and the increased level of eosinophil.

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How to treat pinworms?

  1. Albendazole.

    It is the most widespread method of treatment because one pill is quite enough to kill the vermin.

    There are various doses for children over 2 and adults.

    That’s why you should study the instruction and follow it.

    Eggs can survive within several weeks, that’s why a patient must take the second dose two weeks later in order to decrease the possibility of the reinfection.

  2. Mebendazole.

    A sick person also has to drink it once and repeat the procedure two weeks later.

    In addition, the whole family is advised to undergo the course of treatment.

    A doctor might suggest trying water enema as a way how to eliminate the pinworms and decrease the symptoms.

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How to take the preventative measures?

Such measures are required to prevent the reinfection by the pinworms.

It’s much easier to take precautions than to cure them once again.

The preventative measures include:

  1. The parents must watch whether their offspring regularly washes his hands with soap.

    It concerns everyone in the family because anyone can also be the carriers of this disease.

  2. People must wash their hands after toilet, before the meal and after it, returning home from the walks or any other kind of going out, after the contacts with pets and other animals.
  3. A child must be washed every day.
  4. Never give a child the unprocessed, raw fish and meat which is not well done.
  5. Do not forget to buy repellents in the warm season – these are the products to scare away the insects.

    Mosquitos and other insects often carry various vermin.

  6. If you have pets, you must learn how to take the preventative measures to eliminate all helminths and watch whether they are always clean.
  7. Regularly clean the house with the wet cloth because the eggs can be at rest for a very long period, for instance in the dust.
  8. Changing the child’s underwear, you should iron all pants, undershirts, and T-shirts.
  9. Cut the child’s nails short, lest any dirt and vermin’s eggs gather there.

In order to cure enterobiasis, you must consult a specialist first.

Otherwise, self-treatment can cause a great damage to the organism.

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